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13.02.2023 3 min

When choosing stucco, we face a difficult challenge. What skirting boards should we choose to fully meet our expectations both visually and in terms of quality? We realize that there are many options on the market, which makes choosing the perfect skirting boards even more difficult.

listwy przypodlogowe mardom decor
Mardom Decor skirting boards as an element of wall arrangements

Which skirting boards to choose?

Let’s focus on technical parameters. When choosing stucco moldings for our home, we should first of all be guided by quality. Good skirting boards should be durable, not deforming with time of use, but should also have a great appearance. A good example is pvc skirting boards – cheap and widely available. With their colors they often resemble wooden skirting boards. However, plastic skirting boards always look artificial, shining unsightly, and what’s more – they easily deform and bend under pressure. Unfortunately, after just a few years of use, they already show noticeable wear. What types of skirting boards should we pay attention to in this case? They should definitely be skirting boards resistant to mechanical damage, with increased hardness.

Mardom Decor skirting boards were created with the most demanding users in mind. The patented ScratchShield® technology has made it possible to extremely harden the material so that the skirting boards do not scratch. ScratchShield® was created by increasing the impact strength and impact resistance of both the inner and outer layers. Thanks to the use of polymer hardeners, the outer layer, the hardness increased by a minimum of 40% compared to traditional profiles without this technology. The numbers are impressive, and what’s more, the difference is visible to the naked eye – Mardom Decor floor moldings are not damaged when you try to scratch them with a sharp tool. The moldings get the best results on the market when measured with a hardness meter.

What sets Mardom Decor apart?

The moldings are made of a special PolyForce material, which is characterized by high density and thus extraordinary durability of the material, resistant to impact with a vacuum cleaner or accidental scratches. In addition, our moldings are fully waterproof. Unlike MDF moldings, they do not delaminate, and are resistant to swelling under the influence of changes in temperature or ambient humidity. Thanks to this, they are perfect for rooms exposed to constant contact with water such as kitchens, bathrooms and even swimming pools.

MD8300 floor strip
MD016 floor strip
QL019 floor strip

Especially with our most demanding customers in mind, we have created a special line of products from the Premium category. These are floor moldings that have been covered with an exclusive coating that guarantees a beautiful satin finish. These types of moldings do not require painting, they can be immediately attached directly to the wall. On the other hand, traditional matte white moldings can be covered with water-based paint on their own and match the interior design.

What’s more, Mardom Decor skirting boards are UV resistant. This means that they can be installed in sunny places without worrying about yellowing of the material.
In addition, our moldings are created with the environment in mind. PolyForce is a fully recyclable material.

How to choose skirting boards?

In Mardom Decor you will find a wide selection of skirting boards, providing an aesthetic look to any room regardless of the chosen style. Skirting boards will be perfect for modern, classic, but also Scandinavian or vintage interiors. How to correctly select skirting boards for our interior?

listwy podlogowe toaletka w klasycznym stylu
Room arrangement with dressing table in modern classic style

First of all, make sure that the moldings are wide enough. In addition to aesthetic aspects, skirting boards also perform a very important function – they cover the expansion gap created during the installation of panels and hide cables. You can easily find the right type of skirting boards on our website in the Skirting boards tab. Remember to pay special attention to the specified width.

These are just a few universal tips that will work in any room

For more on this topic, see the post: How to choose the right skirting boards?

Traditional white moldings can be easily covered with an additional layer of paint, so you can easily match their color to the surroundings, even after painting the walls beforehand. You can opt for a shade that corresponds to the walls or, on the contrary, bet on a sharp contrast.

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