Ceiling moldings

Ceiling moldings are an interior finishing element that introduces not only great style, but also functionality. It can be said that ceiling facets (as this is also the term for this group of products) these days are almost as important a point when it comes to finishing as, for example, skirting boards. The juxtaposition of these two decors with each other brings harmony to the room and gives it a completely different, more elegant character. In the following description we will present the full characteristics of Mardom Decor skirting boards, their advantages, types and tell you how to install them.

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Ceiling moldings

Ceiling moldings are a decorative finishing element, mounted on the line of the wall and ceiling, which provides a smooth connection between the two planes. It is an important element of interior design, which not only affects aesthetics, but also has a very practical use. A ceiling molding makes our room look neat, clean and consistent. By choosing the right shape, pattern, multiplicity and color, you can emphasize the chosen interior style, but also with its help we can visually change the proportions of our interior. Ceiling moldings are an ideal choice for rooms with a large area, but also for interiors with a small area, which need to “give” them more space. With the help of ceiling moldings you will create a beautiful and practical decoration in single-family homes, townhouses, office buildings and even public buildings.

This is a versatile and appreciated finishing element, so it is worth decorating the interior with it and enjoying its individual and above-average character.

Ceiling moldings Mardom Decor

Ceiling moldings, also known as cornice moldings, are widely used in interior design. They are an arrangement element that, when properly selected, can effectively highlight the selected style of our interior. Mardom Decor offers many models, from minimalist, geometric profiles to decorative ones with ornamental patterns. A ceiling molding with the right pattern will become a perfect extension of the wall arrangement, finishing our room in an impressive way.

Ceiling facets are also a subtle finishing element of the interior, which significantly affects the aesthetics of the room. A ceiling strip will not only make the connection between the wall and the ceiling very smooth, giving our apartment a smoothness, but also cover up any installation slip-ups. Repair work on the ceiling can prove problematic due to work at height. That is why there is often a problem with crookedly glued wallpaper or unevenly painted ceiling line on the ceiling line. Ceiling moldings will effectively mask these irregularities, making the room look neat.

In rooms with low ceilings we can also successfully use stucco. Choosing the right height and color will then be key to achieving balance. Ceiling molding up to 8 cm will be perfect for small rooms with low ceilings. We should also choose simple models that will not weigh down our room. In addition, painting the molding in the color with which the wall was covered, we will visually lengthen the room, making it look taller and more spacious. For rooms with standard dimensions of 230 cm – 270 cm, skirting boards of up to 10 cm will work well, and for interiors with a large area, such as office rooms, open space and tall buildings such as townhouses, you can successfully use ceiling skirting boards with dimensions exceeding 10 cm, which have rich, ornamental decorations.

A ceiling strip will also be perfect for masking unsightly cables or any electrical installations. Protruding wires look unsightly, but can also be dangerous during the daily use of the room. So it is worth taking care of their proper protection, for which a ceiling strip will serve perfectly.

LED ceiling strip will also be perfect for covering all wiring in the house, plus it will be a striking light decoration of our room. However, the ceiling light strip, in order to fully serve its purpose and additionally look aesthetically pleasing, must have high technical parameters.

Mardom Decor LED ceiling strip

LED ceiling moldings, as the name suggests, are dedicated for use with LED strips. The use of lighting in this form makes ordinary ceiling moldings transform into a striking and modern decorative element, which can act as additional lamps in our home or just be an atmospheric addition – it all depends on us.

Mardom Decor LED ceiling light strip has innovative LightGuard® technology, thanks to which the LEDs on the LED strip do not pierce through the material. A traditional ceiling light strip without this technology would require an additional layer of aluminum tape during installation to prevent the LEDs from pointing through. This significantly affects the complexity of the installation and the time we have to spend on the installation.

Mardom Decor LED ceiling strips are easy and quick to install, and what’s more, they look extremely aesthetically pleasing. They diffuse light around the strip in a subtle way, guaranteeing an excellent visual effect. They can be used both as a lighting element for the entire room (a ceiling molding installed around the entire room), but also as a decorative element that will illuminate selected areas of the house, e.g. ceiling light moldings installed in the dining area over the table or dressing table.

Modern ceiling moldings

The use of ceiling moldings is not only a practical solution, but also a way to give our rooms a unique character. The variety of designs and applications makes them a versatile and aesthetic decorative element that can transform the look of any room.

Mardom Decor ceiling moldings are manufactured from high-quality polymer. This material, just like polystyrene moldings, is resistant to weather conditions. It is characterized by total resistance to moisture, and UV radiation. Thanks to this, the ceiling moldings will be perfect for problematic rooms, such as kitchens, laundry rooms and social areas. Even after many years after installation, they will look perfect – they will not deform, and the surface will not yellow. The polymeric material from which Mardom Decor stuccowork is produced is much harder than cheap polystyrene. It provides high resistance to mechanical damage and pressure, so it has a much wider application in room design. Mardom Decor ceiling moldings are made of two proprietary materials: PolyForce and ProFoam.

ProFoam skirting boards

ProFoam is a material characterized by maximum lightness, which allows you to create deep grooves and very precise patterns in the material. As a result, any decoration is refined in every detail, becoming a small work of art. ProFoam plastic, thanks to its light weight, allows for easy and stable installation to the surface. This is crucial for stucco with larger dimensions, exceeding 10 cm in height.

PolyForce ceiling moldings

A ceiling molding made of innovative PolyForce material is characterized by high durability and resistance to impacts and scratches. In the production process we used our proprietary ScratchShiled® technology, which with the help of special refiners additionally thickened the material, making it much more resistant to mechanical damage. Tests have shown up to 40% greater resistance (even to surface scratches with a sharp tool) compared to traditional ceiling stucco without this technology. Polyurethane ceiling moldings are our most durable and long-lasting variety of “ceiling tiles”. They are perfect for demanding rooms such as offices or children’s rooms.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the technical sheets, hygienic certificates and fire resistance certificate on our website.

Mardom Decor ceiling molding – unique style in a modern edition

Both available variants of Mardom Decor ceiling moldings are covered with a high-quality white primer, which smooths the surface and properly protects it. An additional layer of primer increases the adhesion of the pigment to the material, so that the ceiling molding absorbs the paint well, ensuring intense color, and its distribution and absorption is greatly facilitated. This makes it possible to paint any color without problems. However, it is necessary to follow the rule to use only solvent-free, that is, water-based paints.

Plain and ornamental ceiling moldings

LED ceiling moldings by Mardom Decor are great for modern styles, but in some cases they will also be a perfect complement to rooms with a more classic character. In our offer you will find a wide selection of ceiling moldings of various shapes and ornaments.

Stucco with a simple profile will perfectly fit in modern interiors, decorated in a minimalist style. Thanks to them you will also emphasize hamptons or Scandinavian rooms. The simple form will not attract unnecessary attention, becoming a perfect background for your arrangement.

Decorative variants of ceiling moldings will work well in classic arrangements, as well as in glamorous rooms. Elegant decorations will complement the sophisticated style of the interior, acting as a striking decoration. To further emphasize the character of the interior, we recommend combining decorative ceiling moldings together with other stucco elements, such as wall moldings, arranged in the shape of timeless frames.

A wide selection of ceiling moldings also allows you to match the shape and pattern of stuccowork to the interiors in retro style, art deco or eclectic arrangements. Futuristic profiles will be a perfect complement to the interior, which will make the room look truly designer.

Mardom Decor ceiling moldings are therefore an ideal choice if you prefer a modern style, but in our company you will also find molding designs that match traditional design. Mouldings of this type will connect the walls to the ceiling in a smooth and elegant way. The right elements can improve the perception of the whole in any interior.

What kind of ceiling moldings to choose?

A ceiling molding is a product that will guarantee a striking finish to the ceiling and improve the interior design. It is also an excellent option for rounded or uneven surfaces, in which case it is enough to choose a flexible model. Mardom Decor offers two variants of ceiling moldings: the standard variant (a molding with a classic structure, rigid) and the Flex model (a molding with flexible properties, flexible). It adapts well to uneven or round planes. It is then sufficient to use a high-quality mounting adhesive, such as Mardom Max, available in our offer.

Flexible ceiling moldings in our offer are available in a minimalist design and in the form of elegant decors in the classic style.


Mardom Decor modern ceiling moldings are not only high quality workmanship, beautiful design, but also a well-thought-out projket, which allows trouble-free installation for everyone. It has been simplified to the maximum and should not cause any problems to anyone. Both specialists and amateurs of beautiful interiors will cope with it.

Mardom Decor ceiling molding is installed with glue only. There is no need to buy additional mounting elements, such as screws, dowels or rails. All you need is high-quality glue, which will ensure a solid and stable fixing with the plane. In our offer we have a dedicated product Mardom Max, which will ensure a permanent installation in only 8 seconds. For PolyForce trim joints, we recommend using Mardom Fix Pro, and for ProFoam Fix Extra. These adhesives will perfectly fill all gaps, making any joints invisible. To be sure, after the product has dried, the ceiling moldings can be additionally sanded with fine-grained sandpaper to make the surface as smooth as possible.

At what angle to cut the ceiling moldings?

The ceiling molding should be cut at 45 degrees in the corners. This will ensure easy connection of subsequent elements and an aesthetic visual effect.

How to cut moldings in interior corners without a box?

To cut Mardom Decor moldings, we recommend using a handsaw and a bevel box. However, nothing prevents you from replacing it with a faster and more modern option – a mitre or electric saw. In this case, however, it is necessary to ensure that the blade is sharp (preferably replaced with a new one), with a large number of teeth. To ensure that the plastic is not damaged, the cut should be made at slow speed.

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