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Not sure how our product will look in your home? Go to our visualizer, which will help you get rid of any doubts.

Mardom Decor visualizer – interior design has never been so easy

Have you ever thought that interior design planning, like a real architect, is at your fingertips. You can now check out modern solutions without leaving home.

With the help of our Visualizer you will prepare a visualization of your living room, bedroom or commercial space. Extremely easy to use, intuitive and effective tool will allow you check how our wall panels and laths will change the design of your interiors.

How to use the visualizer?
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The magical power of visualization – find out the advantages of our Visualizer

Visualizer is an easy-to-use tool that allows us to design the interior of a house or premises. Thanks to it we can be sure that the decision made is the best possible one, and the interior we will get will be exactly as we want.

A visualizer is a fantastic tool because:

  • allows you to design one space in multiple ways
  • allows you to test and visualize on finished designs and your own photos
  • allows you to save your designs and share them
  • is modern, responsive and easy to use
  • you turn yourself into an interior decorator wherever you want
  • you can change the type of panels and fins in one photo as many times as you want, compare designs and give yourself time to decide
Quick visualizations of the space at your fingertips

Post a photo of your interior or choose from available arrangements. Test how our panels and laths will transform your space! You will choose the color and type according to your preferences. Interior visualization has never been so easy, fast and pleasant.

Become a decorator over morning coffee

Interior visualization tool in a simple and intuitive way, changes the design process. Plan the interior of your own apartment and see the results on your computer or phone. With aromatic coffee in hand, you become an interior architect. You can compare the results, reflect and be sure that you have visualized all the options that pop into your head, which will guarantee a successful renovation.

Test, modify, choose!

Visualization of a bedroom or living room is an extremely convenient way to make choices and decide on changes in the arrangement of the space. Upload your photo or insert laths and wall panels into our ready-made arrangements. You get products from all our collections to choose from.

Interior design at the highest level

What can you design with Visualizer? The answer is simple – any interior of your choice. All you have to do is upload the space you want to change with our panels and fins.

So, phone in hand, take a picture of your living room, bedroom, hallway or dining room. The visualizer will work also for designing the space of a restaurant, hotel suites or lobbies. After all, wall panels and laths work well in any space, whether home or commercial. Transform your room or boutique with the help of our Visualizer. Perfect effect guaranteed.

Freedom of visualization – use the Mardom Decor tool to arrange any room!

You want to see your living room in a new look. You’re planning a bedroom renovation. You are bored with your classic kitchen. Are you having a hard time deciding on the color or texture of your panels? In all these cases, you should use our Visualizer.


If you need practical design tips or want to take a look at completed projects, use our Blog or go to the Inspirations category.

How to use the visualizer?

The visualizer allows you to download and share designs, so you can share your interior design idea with loved ones in seconds.

How to use the Visualizer?

  1. Take a picture of your dining room, bedroom or living room. You choose where you will use it.
  2. Upload to the Visualizer.
  3. Choose panels that perfectly fit your arrangement and see how your space, will change after applying specific elements.
  4. Share your designs with your loved ones or save them for later.
  5. Enjoy the perfect results of a successful renovation.
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