Curtain slats

Curtain rail trim is a product that is even desired by all lovers of elegant and aesthetically pleasing properties. This décor is increasingly used not only in single-family houses, apartments and condos, but also in places with public or service purposes.
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Curtain rail cover

The ceiling curtain rod and the wall curtain rod are useful elements of interior finishing, thanks to which we can use decorative fabrics – curtains and curtains. However, it often happens that the design of a ceiling or classic curtain rod does not match the rest of the interior and disturbs its aesthetics. In such a situation, a curtain rail masking strip comes in handy. This product completely masks both types of curtain rods and allows you to fully enhance the charm of the hanging fabric, which, in addition to great style and an aura of coziness in the interior, also provides privacy and security.

The curtain rail is a subtle but effective finishing element used indoors. Mounted on the ceiling line near the window, it allows you to quickly and easily mask the rail or bar and add effortless elegance to your interior. In this way, the hidden curtain rod not only does not distract attention from the interior unnecessarily, but can also be an important element of the arrangement, emphasizing the selected style of the room. Offered in a wide range of patterns and colors, curtain rails allow for individual adaptation to any interior style, from classic, through vintage, to modern minimalism.

The curtain rail masking strip is an important finishing element in any interior, fulfilling both practical and aesthetic functions. Skilfully used curtain rail also allows unevenness on the walls, assembly shortcomings as well as cables and other installation elements, while adding elegance and character to the interior. The curtain rail can also be combined with LED lighting, which allows you to add unique lighting effects to the interior.

Mardom Decor curtain rail masking strip

When choosing a ceiling curtain rod with a cover, we should pay attention not only to its appearance, but above all to its quality. Mardom Decor ceiling curtain rods are products made entirely in Poland – from design through prototypes, production and customer service. Thanks to this, we have full control over the quality of our products. Our grilles are made of proprietary PolyForce material. It is a special mix of polymers with additives, thanks to which the material is dense, and thus resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your curtain rail will retain its perfect appearance even after many years of use. The Mardom Decor curtain rail can be safely installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and even in sanitary or public spaces.

Our offer includes a wide selection of stucco designed to mask rails and curtain rods, including special, multifunctional variants. Curtain rail construction made with them will be characterized by additional durability, due to the additional reinforcement of the material and the possibility of their installation both in the form of wall and skirting boards.

In addition, our products are characterized by excellent resistance to water and moisture as well as solar radiation. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the curtain rail masking strip will look like new for many years after installation – it will not deform and will not change its color or discolor as a result of the sun. Changeable weather conditions outside the window will not affect the condition of the skirting board in the long run.

Variants of the Mardom Decor ceiling curtain rod cover:

  • Curtain rail with a traditional, rigid structure – masking the curtain rail using only the rail, without an additional light source.
  • LED curtain rail masking strip – a strip for building the curtain rail combined with energy-saving LED lighting in the form of a LED strip with diodes in a selected color and color of light.

A wide range of sizes of curtain rod masking moulding

Our offer includes several sizes of skirting boards, including 8 x 200 cm, 10 x 200 cm, 11 x 200 cm and varieties with a length of x 240 cm. Thanks to this product, you can significantly improve the style of the entire room.

Covering mouldings for curtain rod installation

A curtain rod built with Mardom Decor stucco is a simple way to create an interesting composition in the upper part of the interior. The available variants of the curtain rail can be used only as an accent near the window, used for installation around the entire oval of the room or can be combined with ceiling moldings, thanks to which we will create an even more interesting and diverse composition on the ceiling.

Curtain rails can be freely adapted to your needs and interior design. They can be a subtle element in the room, the only function of which is to cover the bar or rail. Such a cover for the ceiling curtain rod should be of a simple, minimalist form, devoid of any decorations or decorative accents, becoming a neutral base that will not unnecessarily attract the eye. On the other hand, for those who want to emphasize the individual character of their apartment, curtain rods can become a distinctive, characteristic decorative element. Then it is enough to choose decorative profiles with expressive grooves in the material. To further emphasize their role in the interior, they can be repainted in any color. Mardom Decor stucco is covered with a special coating that smoothes the material and prepares it for painting. The primer increases the adhesion of the dye to the surface, thanks to which we can get exactly the effect we want. It is enough to use a water-based product that does not contain solvents in its composition.

The built-in curtain rod is completely invisible, thanks to which its appearance does not affect the visual effect of our arrangement. The curtain rails fulfill their function, but they are fully hidden, while we can admire stylish fabrics in the form of curtains and curtains or a combination of these two elements in the window arrangement – depending on the choice of the curtain rod (single-track or double-track).

Which cover should be used to install a curtain rod?

Curtain rail constructions enjoy their unusual design and the possibility of many years of operation. They provide an elegant interior and fulfill a number of important functions for its aesthetics. No wonder that curtain rod masking strips are so often used by interior designers in their projects prepared for clients. The use of stucco in the project increases its aesthetic value and positively affects the perception of the whole. This decorative element can be used in both modern and more classic interiors, which is possible thanks to the various variants available in our offer. A curtain rod covered with stucco with a simple, geometric form will be perfect for minimalist, Scandinavian interiors, in the style of a New York loft, and more decorative models will be loved by lovers of classics, Provence, glamor or boho style.

Curtain rod cover with LED lighting – a way to create a unique interior

A curtain rod covered with stucco can itself be an interesting decorative element of the interior, but this effect can be even more emphasized by adding LED lighting during assembly. Mardom Decor LED curtain rails have a special space at the back, behind which you can hide the lighting strip. This procedure will create an additional source of light in the room. Thanks to this, our interior will be brighter, better lit, but also more atmospheric.

LED curtain rod enclosures are an excellent choice, thanks to which we can easily and quickly create an effective interior arrangement. The LED curtain rail will work not only in home conditions, but also in all service premises or places related to broadly understood entertainment.

LED curtain rail masking strip

In Mardom Decor you will find variants dedicated to use with LED lighting. A curtain rod covered with stucco with the innovative LightGuard® technology will ensure perfect diffusion of light around the skirting board and an aesthetic visual effect.

The LightGuard® technology is an innovative solution, perfect for all lovers of modern arrangement solutions and a beautiful visual effect. In the case of traditional stucco, LED lighting combined with slats often led to the undesirable effect of point piercing diodes. Initially, this problem was partially solved by wrapping the slats with aluminum tape, which, however, significantly affected the time and complexity of the assembly. That is why, in response to the problems of modern interior design, based on the know-how of our company, we have developed the LightGuard® technology, which eliminates all imperfections and clearances on the surface through the use of specialized refiners and structure compaction. The Mardom Decor curtain rail using the LightGuard® technology guarantees a perfect lighting effect, eliminating the problem of puncturing the diodes through the material.

Curtain rod covers – installation

Contrary to appearances, the curtain rod cover is not a difficult product to assemble. It does not require the use of dowels, drilling the ceiling or other works associated with strong interference with the ground. Just stick the product to the ceiling using a dedicated, strong Mardom Max stucco adhesive. Hidden curtain rods in the interior have never been so easy to implement.

The curtain rail must be attached to a properly prepared surface – there must be no flaking paint or peeling plaster on the ceiling, any irregularities and holes must be filled beforehand. The surface must not be dusty, greasy or damp.

Then we recommend marking the gluing area with a pencil or (a much easier option) a chalk line on the ceiling. The marked dimensions should be applied to the slats and cut accordingly. The strip covering the curtain rod in the corners should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

Proper assembly is applying the glue with wavy movements to the upper edge of the skirting board and pressing it to the ceiling, holding the stucco for a few seconds so that the glue has time to bind. When the strip for building the curtain rod is dry, you can sand down any imperfections and proceed to painting the surface.

What is the distance between the curtain rod and the cover?

Curtain rails should be installed at a distance of a few to several centimeters from the window. However, the exact distance depends on individual room conditions. To get the best effect, we recommend measuring the width of the selected window decoration (e.g. curtains) in the position in which its volume is greatest (after sliding, taking into account the volume of the material and possible wrinkles) and adding about 2 cm to this dimension. This will allow for effective and aesthetic masking of the curtain rod.

It is equally important that the slats for the curtain rod are at least 1 cm longer than the curtain rod mechanism itself. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the window arrangement will look aesthetically pleasing, and the curtain rod cover will fulfill its function, hiding the mechanism and adding elegance to the interior.

Where to buy curtain rod masks?

The answer is simple: on the Mardom Decor website and with our commercial partners located throughout Poland. In our online store you will find a wide range of products, including various variants tailored to different architectural styles. A curtain rod hidden with a decorative strip with impressive, floristic decorations? Or maybe an elegant curtain rail with a horizontal cutter, or a minimalist profile with a simple form? Check out our online store and choose your favorite shape.

If you are not sure which model to choose, you can order free samples in our online store. Thanks to this, you can test selected products in home conditions, which will help you make the final choice.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and experience the exceptional quality and aesthetics offered by Mardom Decor products. Regardless of whether you are looking for curtain rod covers or other finishing elements, our website is the perfect place to find what you need.

Professional help and service in choosing the perfect curtain rod masking strip

It should be emphasized that you can count on professional advice from our employees on decorating your interior with Mardom Decor stucco. We will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right curtain rail and how to match it with a stylish cover. We are waiting for your e-mails and phone calls. Our team has extensive knowledge in the field of modern stucco and interior design. We have helped the client more than once in creating an interesting and functional interior arrangement.

Choose Mardom Decor!

We encourage you to take advantage of the rich offer of our online store! The multitude of designs available with us means that everyone will surely find in Mardom Decor a product that perfectly meets their needs and aesthetic senses.

Ceiling curtain rod cover is a simple way to introduce a breath of aesthetic freshness into the room. And if we additionally decide to combine this product with LED lighting, we will get a unique arrangement of space, based not only on decors, but also on an alternative source of gently diffused light. What is also worth emphasizing, LED strips will ensure additional exposure of the arrangement of the window space. We cordially invite you to shop!

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