Wall decors are stucco details with the help of which you will create original forms of interior decoration. In this category you will find not only impressive rosettes mounted on ceilings, but also independent design elements that will allow you to emphasize the character of the room arrangement and create casings for example for doors, windows, fireplaces, alcoves or libraries. With their use you will decorate lamps, but also using the other components available in our offer, you will create original wall compositions. Decors are also a striking method for masking unsightly interior elements - wall cavities, mounting systems or wiring
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Decors – will they work in your interior?

The decors available in our offer are stucco proposals that combine high-class design and advanced production technologies. Here you will find innovative products that are based on the use of solid materials with extraordinary properties. Made largely of polymer derivatives, they are very resistant to external factors, such as UV radiation, moisture and minor mechanical damage. Thanks to this, you can install them not only in the living room or dining room – when installed in hotels, restaurants, service premises or offices, they retain their impeccable appearance for many seasons.

Mardom Decor decors – high-quality material and precise decorations

The decors are made of ProFoam polyurethane, which is characterized by a perfect combination of high technical parameters with resistance and low product weight. ProFoam material is extremely plastic, which allowed us to create impressive decorative elements with precise decorations and impressive details. The high level of detail delights, transforming simple interior arrangements into elegant and refined spaces. You can install such decorative elements on the wall, ceiling and furniture, creating unique compositions. They will work well at home and in public spaces.

How to install decors correctly?

Attaching this type of decor is very intuitive – just use high-quality glue. The ProFoam material from which the products are made is light, so you can easily attach even large stucco elements to the wall, ceiling or furniture. This allows for great independence in assembly and saves time and money – there is no need to hire specialists for installation, you can easily do it yourself!

Customization of decors and combination with other stucco elements

The components have been prepared for painting using solvent-free paints, which will allow you to personalize them to suit the entire arrangement. An additional layer of matte primer smoothes the surface and increases the adhesion of the dye to the surface. Thanks to this, you can easily paint the product in any color. To achieve the best results, we recommend painting twice.

By combining decors with other stucco products available in our offer, you can create original design elements that will emphasize the character of the interior and its style. The decors will be an effective decoration for residential interiors, service rooms, as well as hotels and restaurants.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer – you will find here both decors in a classic and multi-season style, as well as those representing current interior design trends or specific design trends. In the Mardom Decor store you can also purchase all necessary assembly accessories.

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