Joining varnishes

Joining varnishes available in the assortment of our store are products designed to mask the joints of skirting boards from the Premium collection, covered with an exclusive satin coating SupremeSatin® . With their help, you can aesthetically cover the places where individual pieces of skirting boards meet, which will allow you to create a striking and extremely elegant composition. It is worth getting this kind of finishing product to be able to aesthetically and durably finish the places of connection of individual profiles with satin coating.

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In our offer we have collected the highest quality joint varnishes, which not only offer the highest quality parameters, long-term durability of the surface made of them, but also are fully compatible with the models of stucco available in the store. This means that the varnishes have a structure that perfectly matches the base material of the profiles – satin, and the surfaces filled with them become practically invisible. This allows you to achieve the effect of a continuous and very elegant space.

Varnishes for joints are best purchased before the installation of decorative moldings – the process of filling with them the junction of individual pieces of stucco is so intuitive and convenient that you will not have a problem with performing it. In addition, it will not affect the time of the installation of the stucco itself, and you will carry it out yourself without much difficulty, reducing the cost of hiring a professional or waiting time for his visit. In the case of the proposals for joint varnishes collected in our offer, you are assured of their visual, perfect match to the stucco.  Joining varnishes are characterized by high efficiency, so you can be sure that one package of plastic will be enough for a large number of surfaces. On our platform you will also purchase the highest quality stucco components and other accessories for quick personalization of decors and their convenient fixing.

If you have doubts about the selection of the right product and the number of packages, feel free to contact the staff of our store.

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