As an industry leader in decorative moldings, we are aware that we cannot stand still for a moment

Therefore, we are constantly expanding the range of stucco and creating new solutions for interior decoration. Most of the technologies that we have introduced are a response to the needs and suggestions of our customers and architects cooperating with us.

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PolyForce® material

Most Mardom Decor moldings are made from the innovative PolyForce® duropolymer material.The material contains special enhancers that increase the density and durability of the molding.

It is a fully waterproof plastic – thanks to this, the moldings can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, beauty salons, restaurants and all rooms exposed to moisture, direct contact with water and frequent cleaning.The problem of moldings made of other materials (such as MDF) is that the molding delaminates under the influence of moisture. Then the top layer unsightly peels away from the core. Mardom Decor moldings are not subject to swelling and deformation, maintaining a beautiful appearance for many years. Accidental flooding or cleaning the floor with a mop will also not affect the aesthetics of the molding.

Top quality painted coating

Mardom Decor moldings come in a matte finish as standard. We factory-coat them with the highest quality primer paint, which smooths the surface of the molding and protects it from yellowing or dirt penetration. Primer is also a primer for the application of subsequent layers of paint.

We recommend painting the molding with any water-based paint, which will further protect the surface and give the molding a color that will perfectly match your interior design.For those who are looking for a molding dedicated to direct installation, without the need for paint, we have developed an exclusive line of Mardom Decor Premium.

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Mardom Decor Premium

Mardom Decor Premium

For customers who appreciate comprehensive solutions, we have prepared a line of satin skirting boards Mardom Decor Premium. The skirting boards are covered with exclusive SupremeSatin® coating, which gives the boards a perfect finish, ideal smoothness and snowy white color.

Such an effect is achieved in the process of spray coating the moldings in a special paint chamber. SupremeSatin® coating is characterized by excellent mechanical resistance, surface elasticity and creates an effective barrier to moisture and dirt.Mardom Decor Premium moldings are dedicated for immediate installation, without the need to paint them. Such a solution is extremely practical, as it reduces the installation time to the necessary minimum.

For a flawless appearance, after gluing the moldings, you can cover the joints with a special SupremeSatin® finishing varnish. Simply apply a minimal amount of varnish with a sponge roller or sponge directly to the joints. Mardom Decor Premium includes all skirting board designs. The fact that you are ordering a skirting board with satin coating is indicated by the symbol of the skirting board, e.g. MD234P (an analogous standard, matte skirting board has the symbol MD234).

LightGuard® Technology

LightGuard® technology is an example of our response to real customer needs. In recent seasons it has become extremely fashionable to use moldings with LED lighting. LED tape glued directly to the molding gave the effect of pointing LEDs through the surface of the molding.

A partial solution to this problem was to tape the moldings with aluminum tape on the inside, but this made the installation process, which according to our philosophy must be quick and easy, much more difficult and prolonged. Aiming to completely eliminate the effect of light penetration, we developed LightGuard® technology, which is the best slat backlighting system on the market.We used specialized enhancers in both the exterior and interior coating of the profile. We have thickened the structure of the molding, excluding all clearances and surface imperfections. We optimized the shape of the inner side of the moldings, creating specially shaped edges for sticking LED tape. As a result, the angle of incidence of light gives the maximum favorable visual effect.

Choosing a product with LightGuard® technology, you can be sure that the light is beautifully diffused around the strip, giving a subtle glow without the effect of spot piercing the LEDs.


ScratchShield® Technology

Skirting boards are the most popular stucco product.No interior where laminate, vinyl or wood panels have been used can do without them, as they mask the expansion joints required for all types of flooring.

Skirting boards, however, are exposed to various challenges of everyday life. The biggest threats to the many years of good looks of skirting boards are mechanical damage, which happens during cleaning or normal operation.To eliminate this problem, we have developed innovative ScratchShield® technology, which involves maximizing the hardening of the surface of the molding and protecting it from damage.By using specialized polymer hardeners and increasing impact strength and impact resistance, the hardness of the skirting board has increased by 40% compared to profiles without the technology.

In this way, Mardom Decor skirting boards with ScratchShield® technology have become the toughest polymer skirting boards on the market.When you try to scratch the skirting board with a sharp tool, the coating is not damaged as much as it is with profiles without technology.As a result, accidental dings with a vacuum cleaner, mop or children’s toys will not cause chips or cavities on the surface of the molding.

Flex slats

Many designs of decorative Mardom Decor moldings have their counterparts in a flexible version.This allows you to use them in rooms where a straight wall is combined with a semi-circular surface.Standard moldings are perfectly matched with flexible moldings, so you will create a smooth transition between them.

Mardom Decor flexible moldings are made of a special, flexible material that you can bend at any angle.The flexible molding needs to be painted with any water-based paint.It is important to paint the molding only after gluing it to the wall – this will help you avoid unsightly cracking of the paint coating.Flexible moldings are also an excellent solution for rooms with uneven walls.Their adhesion to the surface will then be much more precise and easy to achieve than in the case of a rigid standard molding.For installation of flexible moldings, we recommend the same adhesives as for standard moldings.

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