3 ways to install a skirting board

20.03.2023 5 min

Skirting boards are the last, but definitely important stage of proper floor installation. Thanks to them, the interior of our house not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also the floor gains additional protection from flooding and impurities. It is this protection that makes the correct installation of skirting boards so important for the interior finish. In today’s article we will present as many as three methods of installing skirting boards.

Listwy przypodłogowe MD095 w aranżacji w salonie Mardom Decor
MD095 skirting boards

Skirting boards – installation methods

Skirting boards come in many different models, finishes and materials. Each requires a different installation method, adapted to the material we are working with, but also to our capabilities and knowledge of installation.

Listwy przypodłogowe MD095
Mardom Decor skirting boards in the arrangement of the hallway and living room

Mounting with glue

The first, and by far the easiest option, is to install the skirting board with glue, directly to the wall. Gluing is a very quick method, but it is worth knowing a few things before installing skirting boards. First, the method of applying the glue – we recommend applying the product along the entire length of the profile in a wavy motion. This will ensure that the skirting board will stick well to the wall and will not fall off after time.


Apply glue along the length of the strip, on a flat surface.

A very important element is also the adhesive used. There are many variants on the market with different setting times. The longer this time is, the longer we can work with a given molding and correct its positioning on the wall, but this affects the extended installation time of the moldings. We also have a choice of adhesives with instant bonding time and strength. Their indisputable advantage is their incredible durability, but it should be remembered that such glue will instantly fix the molding to the wall, not giving us much time for possible corrections to the alignment.

When choosing an adhesive, you should also check what material and task it is dedicated to. Adhesives are divided into mounting adhesives and adhesives for bonding:

Mardom Fix Pro is a multifunctional adhesive that will work well both as a mounting adhesive (for PolyForce and ProFoam) and as a joint adhesive (for PolyForce). Its standard setting time allows for some adjustments in the positioning of the molding on the wall. Thus, it will be perfect for less skilled installers.

Mardom Max is a mounting adhesive with extreme bonding strength and an instant grab time of just 8 seconds. Such glue will be perfect for difficult substrates or heavy moldings, mounted at great heights. The durability of the bond between the molding and the substrate gives 100% confidence that the profile will not fall off the wall. When installing a molding on Mardom Max glue, you need to keep in mind that the speed of the grip does not give too much opportunity in possible corrections of the alignment. Such glue will therefore work well for experienced installers.

Mardom Fix Extra is an adhesive used on joints for products made of ProFoam. Its composition allows for precise sanding, so that the joints between profiles can be permanently and invisibly finished.

Glue Mardom Fix Pro
Glue Mardom Max
Glue Mardom Fix Extra


The screw method requires drilling special holes in the wall, where the dowels will be installed along with the screws. It is with their help that we will fix the skirting boards to the surface. Along the entire length, we should drill holes every 40-50 cm. The holes must also be in the skirting board. We should pay special attention to ensure that the distances between the holes on the molding perfectly coincide with those on the wall. After that, all you need to do is to apply the moldings to the surface, insert the dowels into the holes and fix the elements to the dowels with screws or nails. This is a method that will work well for wooden moldings, but you can also use it to install dedicated PVC skirting boards and MDF skirting boards.

Białek, klasyczne listwy podłogowe MD094 Mardom Decor
Classic skirting boards MD094

Mounting clamps (clips)

Special elements called brackets or clips should be attached to the wall at a distance of 40 – 50 cm each. Then it is enough to put the skirting boards on them. There is no need to drill holes in the slats. This is a quick method that will work for both MDF and PVC skirting boards.

Skirting board – installation tips

  1. Before installing the profiles, make sure that the space is clean, vacuumed and degreased.
  2. When choosing the method of installation, you should be guided by the material from which the molding is made. However, it is worth checking first whether the manufacturer has provided information on the application and installation method. If there is one, it should be strictly followed, otherwise a possible product claim may not be accepted.
  3. It is worth ensuring that the substrate is of the highest possible quality. A dry, primed, painted, straight and stable wall will increase the durability of the molding.

What to consider when choosing floor moldings?

Nowadays on the market we can find skirting boards of various shapes, textures and finishes for any type of interior. So how do we choose skirting boards to suit our needs?


Skirting boards are made of different materials, which affects how they are installed, cared for, as well as the need for any refreshing treatments. Budget models, known from markets, are PVC skirting boards. Generally available and made of plastic, they show resistance to water and dirt. They do not require additional maintenance and are easy to maintain, but they shine artificially and are easily deformed under pressure from, for example, furniture. Another type is MDF skirting boards, that is, created from wood-based tiles, covered on the outside with a special veneer – from smooth and glossy to matte and subtly textured. They perfectly match wooden floors, as a cheaper equivalent of real wood. They do not require maintenance. Wooden moldings are durable and strong decorative elements, but they require periodic maintenance to keep them looking impeccable. The last option is polyurethane skirting boards. These from Mardom Decor are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, thanks to the patented ScratchShield® technology, water and sunlight. They can be installed in any room in the house, and these will not fade or change color under UV exposure.


When choosing skirting boards, keep in mind that their main task is to protect the floor panels and cover the gap created during installation. Expansion gaps most often have a standard width of 5-10 mm, but everything depends on the type of floors laid, the method of installation and the installer himself. The panel strips we choose should be wide enough to cover an unsightly-looking gap in the floor. Skirting boards of sufficient width will effectively mask the gap between the panels and the wall. Another aspect is also the height of the moldings and their shape. Some moldings are designed to hide cables and any household wires behind them. Thanks to this, skirting boards are not only an aesthetically pleasing element of the room’s finish, but also mask expansion gaps, perform a very important function of protecting floor panels from moisture and dust, and hide any household wiring.

Color matching

White skirting boards are the most frequently chosen stucco element. They are an excellent neutral addition that will work well for any type of interior, regardless of its style or purpose. However, what if we dreamed of skirting boards in our rooms that match the color of the wall or even in a contrasting shade? Mardom Decor moldings are covered with a special primer, which allows you to cover them with any color without any problems. The primer makes it easier to spread the pigment and increases its durability. All you need to do is paint the skirting boards with water-based paint and you’re done. However, if you dream of white floor moldings of high quality, resistant to impacts, water and sunlight in our offer you can find lacquered skirting boards, which after purchase are immediately ready for installation.

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