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White Lumio wall panels are a perfect arrangement solution that will work well both for quickly refreshing the appearance of the interior and for designing your dream arrangement from scratch. The concave, semi-circular shape of the slats looks extremely designer, and the expressive three-dimensional form adds spaciousness to the interior. It is not only an elegant decoration, but also a practical decorative solution - wall panels reduce noise and reverberation in the room, significantly improving acoustic comfort.
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Wall panels from the Lumio collection have an extremely fashionable, organic shape of concave, semi-circles. Thanks to the low weight of the product, Lumio can be easily mounted on the wall, ceiling, furniture, kitchen counter, and even in the space between the countertop and kitchen cabinets. High-quality extruded polystyrene ensures the product is completely waterproof and resistant to sunlight. Thanks to this, the wall panels will not swell or turn yellow when installed even in difficult, humid or intensely sunny rooms.

White Lumio panels are made of high-quality PolyForce material using ScratchShield® technology – this is the same technology we use for our most durable skirting boards. Thanks to this, the material is additionally strengthened, making it resistant to mechanical damage such as kicks, impacts and scratches, including those caused by sharp tools or animal claws.

Lumio is a three-dimensional wall panel that can act as an impressive decoration, but also as a functional addition to the room. By mounting it along the entire height of the wall, you can easily mask any installation errors – from an unevenly painted ceiling to a crooked wall wallpaper. The surface of the standard panels can also be covered with water-based paint in any color – from powder pink to neon orange. A special, matte coating smoothes the surface and increases the adhesion of the pigment to the surface. Mardom Decor also offers a premium version. This variant was covered with high-quality varnish with a satin finish. Premium wall panels are a finished product – immediately ready for installation. The white RAL 9003 varnish gives the stucco an exclusive finish that emphasizes the elegant character of the arrangement.

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