Mardom Decor is one of the leading manufacturers of stucco in Europe

Such a system of activity gives us the opportunity to independently coordinate all stages of slats production, and as a result, to provide our customers with products of the highest quality. The production of slats and lamellas takes place on 8 production lines and is continuous – 6 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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In addition, we have machines for giving additional features and functions to the products – painting, varnishing or extrusion plants. We use the most advanced technological solutions available for the production of stucco. This involves many challenges, but at the same time gives us a wide range of possibilities in creating products that will fully realize the needs of our customers.

Designing patterns is one of the initial but key stages of production

Our design department develops the shapes of the moldings, which must always combine two basic functions: functional and aesthetic. The ability to hide cables, the creation of gaps for the insertion of glue and specially shaped edges for the placement of an LED strip – these are just some of the features that Mardom Decor moldings must have. Equally important is the external appearance of the molding, which is often developed in collaboration with architects and top industrial designers.

Our quality department controls the process of slats at all stages – from the production of prototypes and preliminary tests, to the extrusion and painting stages, to the launch of the final product. Multi-stage quality control helps minimize possible manufacturing defects.

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We make sure that environmentally friendly solutions prevail in our production processes. The photovoltaic installation allows us to reduce the consumption of energy from coal-fired power plants.

We protect the uniqueness of Mardom Decor products

That’s why many of our designs are proprietary. In order for our customers to be one hundred percent sure that they have original Mardom Decor moldings made in Poland, we place factory marking on the back of the products containing the company name, product symbol and country of manufacture.

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