Bedroom in glamour style

The bedroom designed by is luxury and elegance in every sense. The beautiful use of stucco, combined with high-quality accessories, makes the glamour interior shine. What is the secret, this charming arrangement?

As the main decorative element, slats were chosen, which are characterized by decorative milling. This is a simple, but elegant, pattern that gives the interior a feminine expression.

The slats were mounted in a classic wall frame pattern. The screens were created from two slats – MD002, on the outside, and MD003 on the inside. The stucco decorates not only the wall. It was incorporated into the lutra, so characteristic of the glamour style. When designing the shape of the strips, symmetry was maintained, so the arrangement looks harmonious and extremely elegant.

The decision was made to use QL026 curtain rod slats with LightGuard® technology. The stucco was fixed not only as a curtain rail cover, but also around the entire room. This solution made it easy to cover unsightly rails, but also made it possible to install LED lighting around the room. The LightGuard® technology in Mardom Decor products prevents the light from shining spotlight through the trim, so the light is gently diffused around the room, emphasizing the atmosphere of the bedroom.

The interior is maintained in a consistent, neutral color scheme. The bedroom is dominated by gray and a shade of broken white. The slats have been color-matched to the wall, making them a consistent and elegant addition to the whole arrangement. The arrangement was broken by striking accessories – an ornate chandelier, lamps in a shade of gold and beautiful heavy curtains. The combination of all these elements makes the glamour-style interior look very luxurious.

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