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The Vivid collection is our most designer wall panels. The expressive triangle pattern is perfect for bold and characterful arrangements. The collection includes wall panels and a decorative element in the form of a dedicated strip that allows you to add even more three-dimensionality. The Vivid collection is perfect for creating interior space.
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Vivid wall panels are a modern decorative element, inspired by the collection of stucco strips, created in cooperation with Tomek Rygalik. Vivid in its form resembles several convex triangles mounted next to each other. The same effect can be created with single strips, but the innovative form of the wall panel allows for much easier and trouble-free installation in less time.

Vivid is perfect for modern arrangements, emphasizing the contemporary character of the room. The convex, triangular pattern not only looks designer, but also allows you to hide household cables and wires protruding everywhere – it is a great choice for a TV wall. The high-density PolyForce material from which the panels are made ensures high resistance to mechanical damage during everyday use and resistance to water and sunlight. The material does not discolor or deform even many years after installation, maintaining its original shape and high quality details. Vivid wall panels have the proprietary ScratchShield® technology, which involves strengthening the surface by hardening it with a special mixture of refiners. Thanks to this, it is resistant to kicks, hits by furniture legs and claws of our four-legged pets.

Vivid decorative panels can be purchased in two different lengths – 270 and 200 cm. There are different offenses available – Premium and Standard version. The premium version is covered with SupremeSatin® satin varnish. These are white wall panels in RAL 9003, ready for immediate installation. There is no need to additionally protect them with paint, the high-quality coating provides excellent protection against dirt and moisture. The standard variant is stucco covered with matte primer paint, which evens the surface and prepares it for painting. Thanks to this, the wall panels can be easily painted in any color using water-based paint and adapted to the user’s individual preferences.

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