Decorative semi-columns are a great option for property owners who appreciate classic interior design with prominent antique influences. If full columns cannot be used in your interior, consider using decorative half columns.
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Mardom Decor semi-columns for interiors are characterized by excellent quality and the possibility of many years of use without the need for systematic renovation of the product. This is a great solution for those who like a combination of functionality and beautiful design, referring to the old days.

Half-columns for interiors – decors in a classic style

Each of our semi-columns has bases and caps dedicated to it, which the customer can complete according to his own idea and sense of aesthetics. The complementary element harmonizes with the proper part of the semi-column, so the customer is free to create his own composition.

We have mentioned that semi-columns are primarily suitable for classical interiors, but in fact as a decorative element they will find their way into different styles.

Installation of stucco in the form of decorative columns

Mardom Decor semi-columns, thanks to their light weight and high strength, are a great material for installation.

The use of a sufficient amount of mounting glue will allow you to efficiently apply the product in the interior, without the need for dowels, screws or specialized tools.

Thus, even inexperienced interior finishers can cope with the whole process, and the work will be completed in a short time. What is worth noting, our products can be installed in rooms with higher humidity and places where stucco is exposed to water.

Stylish interior stuccowork

Mardom Decor half-columns are an interesting solution for the arrangement of any interior. A room tweaked with such a style will arouse curiosity and cause a positive visual effect. Its decor based on our semi-columns will certainly attract the attention of many people.

An alternative to our products are polystyrene semi-columns, but they do not have such a high strength and interesting design. So we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. In our company you will find the best quality modern decorative semi-columns on the market. Buying this product, is an investment for many years.

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