In this store category, we have collected assembly and finishing accessories for decorative products available in our offer. This type of comprehensive list allows you to purchase all the necessary products in one place, which will help you create a unique and impressive atmosphere in your interior.
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Mardom Decor joint varnish and assembly adhesives

We offer the highest quality assembly adhesives that are intended for convenient and quick mounting of wall stucco, skirting boards, ceiling strips, as well as all kinds of decorative elements in the form of rosettes or pilasters. In the accessories category you will also find adhesives for mounting wall panels and slats. Thanks to the appropriate assembly products, you can use our stucco to create eye-catching decorations, wall, ceiling and furniture finishes!

Thanks to dedicated adhesives, you can intuitively and effectively attach them to the surface without using professional tools or mounting screws. Just apply the appropriate amount of the product to the inside of the stucco, apply it to the wall and leave to dry (from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on the type of glue).

  • Mardom Fix Pro – designed for fixing products made of PolyForce and ProFoam. Particularly recommended for mounting floor strips, stucco and decorative elements mounted on walls, including wall panels and lamellas, as well as ceiling strips. It is also perfect for connecting elements made of PolyForce and masking small installation irregularities along the wall line. Drying time up to several hours.
  • Mardom Max – very strong glue with a short setting time. It ensures high installation stability even in problematic spaces. Perfect for attaching stucco and decorative elements to surfaces. Can be used with both PolyForce and ProFoam materials. The drying time is only a few seconds, so it is perfect for attaching curtain rods and stucco elements to furniture.
  • Mardom Fix Extra – transparent adhesive dedicated to use with ProFoam material. Perfect for joining strips or decorative corners.

The products collected in the store are completely safe for residents – you do not have to worry about their harmful effects. They do not contain solvents. After drying, you can paint them, matching the color of the strips to the rest of the arrangement.

The offer of assembly accessories also includes joint varnishes. The products collected in this category correspond in structure and color to the dedicated decorative strips from the Premium collection (covered with a SupremeSatin® satin coating). Thanks to this, you can use them to mask the joints of floor profiles, wall panels or lamellas.


With the help of putty, you can mask problematic joints between the strips, as well as any gaps or assembly imperfections. Simply apply a thin layer of the product to the stucco and then remove the excess. Once dry, simply sand the surface with fine-grit wall paper and then paint. The putty will also be useful for filling cavities resulting from imprecise cutting or defects resulting from the use of the product.

Mounting accessories

The accessories we supply also include the highest quality miter boxes – helpful and functional accessories used for very precise cutting of elements at the appropriate angle of 45 or 90 degrees. They are ideal for shortening stucco and all types of decorative components that are available in our store. These types of boxes have appropriate recesses that allow for precise cutting of decors using a hand saw.

Accessories for mounting LED lighting

Mardom Decor’s offer also includes all the necessary accessories enabling the installation of LED strips with our lighting stucco. In this category you will find linear COB and point SMD LED strips, as well as dedicated connectors and power supplies. All elements fit together perfectly, so you can quickly and easily complement all the necessary elements needed to create your dream interior design.

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