In this category of the store we have collected mounting and finishing accessories for decorative products available in our offer. Such a comprehensive listing allows you to purchase in one place all the necessary products, with the help of which you will bring a unique and impressive atmosphere to your interior.
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We offer the highest quality mounting adhesives, which are dedicated to convenient and fast fixing of wall stucco, baseboards, ceiling and wall moldings, but also all kinds of decorative elements. So you can intuitively and effectively attach them to the substrate, without using professional tools or mounting screws. Gathered in the store, the products are completely safe for residents – you do not have to worry about their harmful effects, and they allow you to effectively and permanently fix them. In the category of accessories you will also find binders designed for the installation of lamellar panels and the creation with their participation of effective decorative finishes for walls or separation of spaces.

The accessories we provide also include top-quality bevel boxes – helpful and functional accessories used for very precise cutting of elements at the right angle of 45 or 90 degrees. They are ideal for the process of shortening stucco and all kinds of decorative components, which are located in our store. These types of boxes have appropriate recesses, which, with the help of a handsaw, allow you to precisely cut the decors.

We also invite you to get acquainted with a wide assortment of putties – dedicated to filling cavities resulting from imprecise trimming or cavities resulting from the use of the product – such as holes.

Complementing the range of installation accessories are also joint varnishes. Collected in this category, the products correspond in their structure and colors to the offered decorative strips. Thus, with their use you can mask the joints of skirting profiles or other combinations of individual products, forming a decorative system.

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