This type of accessory turns out to be indispensable when during fastening or in use there is damage to the product and a break in the continuity of its surface – such as holes, splintering and many others. It is worth getting it already at the stage of installation – in case of any structural defect, resulting, for example, from improper cutting or mounting, you will solve the problem quickly, permanently and, above all, aesthetically.

The presented product will be ideal for masking the joints between the finishing strips.

With the help of joint compound you will complete the indentations in the surface, which were formed, for example, as a result of imprecise shortening of the decor. In addition, you can also use it on numerous surfaces such as gypsum, cement, concrete, brick, drywall, stone and many others. Remember, however, that joint compound changes the color of the surface masked with it, so if you have previously painted the profile, you will need to re-color the profile after touching it up.

The application of joint compound itself is very fast and intuitive – just use a putty that fits the size of the surface you want to replenish to spread the material. This way you will mask all kinds of wall cavities or those in decorative components.

The putty masses collected in our offer are made of the highest quality agents – so they are safe for the inhabitants of the house, but also provide adequate binding force of the material on the surface and fast drying of the mass. With the help of the masses we offer, you will aesthetically complete the defects of the components – ensuring the highest visual qualities, and thus avoiding the need to replace the entire stucco.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer – the accessories collected in it, including jointing compounds, are compatible with the models of stuccowork available in the store, and will allow for their fast fixing and many years of perfect appearance of the decors.

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