Curtain rod accessories

The accessories located in this category allow you to conveniently, quickly and permanently fix curtain rods available in the offer of our store. With their help you will mount single curtain rods, allowing you to hang one window curtain, and double curtain rods, dedicated to hanging sets of curtains and drapes. The curtain rod accessories we offer are products of exceptional durability, made of high quality materials that ensure many years of durability of the mounting structure.

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Among the accessories you will find, among others, ceiling brackets dedicated to single and double curtain rails, which will allow you to properly suspend the rails. They are complemented by dowels with a screw, which are necessary for the installation. The whole composition is finished with ceiling bracket plugs, which allow you to aesthetically build up the mounting system. Interesting accessories for curtain rods are also curtain bows, which are used to connect rails of any length at an angle of 90 degrees, which allows you to compose curtain rods for corner windows. This allows you to aesthetically and effectively obscure windows located on two walls, which is not allowed by classic solutions, available on the market. In the category of curtain rod accessories we also offer curtain rail connectors, allowing you to create your own compositions consisting of several curtain rails, as well as rail locks, which prevent the accidental movement of the fabric of curtains or drapes. The offer is supplemented by frogs and safety pins for hanging window curtains. The latter, dedicated to the attachment of curtains and drapes, are characterized by high strength and allow you to hang even heavy fabrics.

Collected in our store accessories for fixing curtain rods are the highest quality products, characterized by many years of durability, but also give the possibility of quick and convenient installation. Comprehensive offer allows you to get all the necessary accessories for fixing, but also to personalize and construct your own curtain rod compositions. You can be sure that the components will be compatible with the rail and ensure the durability of the created structure.

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