Curtain rods

Ceiling curtain rods are an excellent alternative to classic wall curtain rods. Great design, low weight, reliability and high durability are the features that this product combines. This is an extremely practical solution that will serve you for many years. So if you are wondering whether it is worth it to use this product in your "four walls", the following text should clearly convince you to buy our curtain rods.

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Curtain rods for years

Mardom Decor single and double curtain rods are rail curtain rods recommended for installation on ceilings. They are made of the highest quality aluminum material, which is characterized by a combination of high material durability, moisture resistance and lightness, which guarantees their long-lasting and impeccable appearance. High quality materials ensure durability and aesthetics that will stand the test of time.

Functionality and universality of installation in single curtain rods

Single curtain rods from our offer are characterized by exceptional functionality. These are systems that enable installation in places where traditional solutions may not work. Mounted on the ceiling along the room, they will allow you to create a coherent and modern window arrangement.

Mardom Decor’s offer includes various accessories that allow you to tailor the product to your needs. Frogs work well for light and airy materials, while safety pins work for heavier fabrics. Using rail connectors, you can connect subsequent rails to create the curtain rod length you need. You can also mount the curtain rod on a 90-degree arc between two walls, creating a modern and coherent composition.

Due to the fact that single curtain rods are designed to attach one layer of window covering, such as a curtain or drape, they are ideal for any interior, both classic and modern.

Double rail curtain rod sets – easy to install and excellent visual effect

Double curtain rods are two rails mounted next to each other at a distance of approximately 43 mm. They are available with both frogs and safety pins, so you can easily match the type of fabric to your arrangement. Dedicated to use on the ceiling, they allow for trouble-free installation on virtually any surface using a universal dowel with screw included in the set. A special ceiling holder allows the rails to be mounted at the appropriate distance from each other, making the installation of curtain rods easier and significantly faster.

Double curtain rods are used to install two types of fabrics. You can hang curtains and curtains on them, or any other combination of fabrics and materials that best suits your interior. Thanks to this, you can adjust the window arrangement to your needs and the selected architectural style. Many layers of decorative fabrics will work perfectly, including: for classic, French, New York or glamorous interiors.

Curtain rod sets – subtle and modern design

Unlike traditional wall curtain rods, our double and single curtain rods are distinguished by their modern and subtle structure. They are less visible in the room, which allows them to be elegantly incorporated into the space without attracting excessive attention. They ensure an effective highlight of the style of the curtains hung on them, without dominating the room.

Alternatively, to create a coherent interior arrangement, the curtain rails can be covered with dedicated masking curtain rod strips, available from Mardom Decor. The small design of the rail allows it and additional mounting elements to be easily masked using the selected curtain rod stucco.

Quick and intuitive installation of Mardom Decor curtain rods

Mardom Decor’s offer also includes all the necessary assembly accessories that enable quick and intuitive installation of our single and double curtain rods. The installation process is simple, which allows you to easily and quickly place the curtain rod in the selected place. Entire sets containing all the necessary elements are also available on the website. Thanks to this, you will be sure that your curtain rod will be complete during installation and that the installation process will run smoothly.

What is included in the curtain rod set?

The curtain rod set is a set of necessary elements that will allow for quick and easy installation of a curtain rod in your home.
• 2 pieces of ceiling mount that enable durable and stable mounting to the surface
• 2 for a single set or 4 for a double set, pieces of handle plugs that will cover the handles in an aesthetic way
• 2 for a single set or 4 for a double set, pieces of rail caps that will mask the open sides of the two rails on both sides
• 13 for a single set or 26 for a double set, clips or safety pins for mounting fabrics on the rail
• 2 for a single set or 4 for a double set, pieces of dowel with screw that allow you to attach the rails to the ceiling
• 1 for a single set or 2 for a double set, rail lock pieces that allow you to set the range of fabric movement

The use of curtain rod sets in various interior styles

Single curtain rods are a perfect solution that fits perfectly into a variety of interior styles, adding functionality and a stylish finish to each window. In loft arrangements, where the rawness of materials such as brick and metal dominates, single curtain rods allow you to hang simple, heavy curtains that complement the industrial character of the interior. In the Scandinavian style, where light colors, natural materials and simplicity are key, single curtain rods enable the installation of light, white curtains or drapes in pastel colors, adding warmth and coziness to the interior. In modern, minimalist arrangements, single curtain rods fit perfectly with clean lines and simple forms, allowing you to hang curtains in neutral colors that emphasize the elegance and harmony of the space. Boho-style interiors, full of colors, patterns and natural materials, gain character thanks to single curtain rods, which allow the installation of light, patterned curtains or curtains, adding an artistic and casual expression to the interior. Thanks to their design, single curtain rods are ideal for interiors where both functionality and aesthetics are important, emphasizing the unique character of each room.

The double curtain rods in our offer are characterized by exceptional functionality and versatility, ideal for more complex window arrangements. They allow for the installation of two layers of window coverings, such as curtains and drapes, allowing for greater flexibility in controlling light and privacy. Double curtain rods mounted on the ceiling along the room create a coherent and elegant window arrangement. In more traditional, classic arrangements, double curtain rods allow you to create rich, layered compositions of heavy curtains and decorative curtains, emphasizing the elegance of the interior and adding a luxurious character to it. Glamorous interiors, full of shine and elegance, gain character thanks to the possibility of hanging shiny, decorative curtains and delicate curtains, creating a luxurious and sophisticated look. In New York arrangements that combine modernity with a classic style, double curtain rods enable the installation of curtains in neutral colors and elegant curtains, adding chic and sophistication to the interior. However, in spaces inspired by the French style, characterized by subtlety and elegance, double curtain rods match perfectly with light, airy curtains and rich drapes, emphasizing the romantic character of the interior.

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