Lighting strips

LED light strips are one of the most striking elements of modern stucco. These are specially constructed trims, which have a place to put LED strips, which are characterized by low electricity consumption.

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Lighting strip

LED lighting strip is one of the most popular types of lighting used in modern interior design. It is an aesthetically pleasing, but also functional stucco accessory. Thanks to its versatility and ability to be used in various rooms, the ceiling lighting strip is a great way to add style and elegance to an interior.

LED lighting using high-quality, dedicated lighting strips will be perfect for any type of room, regardless of the chosen style. LED strips can be an additional source of light in the room, an atmospheric design addition, and can also be used to illuminate problematic, small areas such as hallways or closets. LED light strips are an interesting alternative to traditional lamps.

LED lighting strip

Lighting strip is a thoughtful combination of classic stucco with the most modern lighting solutions available on the market.

Ceiling moldings in combination with LED strips create a perfect set, thanks to which you can easily create effective lighting on the line of the wall and ceiling. Ceiling strip is a product that combines stylistic qualities and functionality. It will work well in any room and will help with impressive interior design. All Mardom Decor LED ceiling moldings have a special space where you can hide wires as well as LED strips, which not only facilitates installation, but also provides an excellent appearance of the arrangement. Such a solution gives the interior a unique charm and builds an interesting atmosphere in the room.

In Mardom Decor you will find led wall strips of various shapes and finishes. The led strips available in our offer are dozens of unique and designer designs, varying in style and size. Different variants of moldings allow you to match the stucco to any architectural style – minimalist LED ceiling moldings will be perfect for modern style, subtly grooved in glamour, ornamental, rich ornamentation will love the classical style, and futuristic, geometric shapes will perfectly complement eclectic interiors or those in retro style. Properly selected LED ceiling light strips are a simple yet effective way to highlight your interior. We are confident that thanks to us, you will be able to create your dream interior with an energy-efficient LED light source.

Mardom Decor ceiling light strips

Mardom Decor ceiling light strips are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality raw materials. The stucco is made of proprietary PolyForce and ProFoam plastic. This material is resistant to atmospheric conditions, it is characterized by total resistance to water and UV radiation, which allows installation both in rooms exposed to constant contact with water such as kitchens and bathrooms, but also in interiors exposed to intense sunlight such as the living room. The material does not deform or discolor, making the LED ceiling moldings a durable and aesthetically pleasing interior decorative element.

Mardom Decor LED light strips also feature the innovative LightGuard® technology. LED ceiling molding without this technology is exposed to LEDs piercing through the material. Clearly visible, points of light can spoil even the best arrangement, so in the case of traditional stucco it is necessary to additionally use aluminum tape, which significantly extends the installation. Dedicated Mardom Decor LED strip with LightGuard® technology eliminates this problem and makes the light perfectly diffused along its entire length.

The multifunctional LED ceiling strip is also enhanced with proprietary ScratchShield® technology. Thanks to the addition of special refiners, the plastic is hardened to the maximum, becoming resistant to mechanical damage. Studies show up to 40% more durability compared to standard models. LED light strip with ScratchShield® technology is the perfect solution for demanding users who expect excellent appearance combined with the highest durability.

LED light strips – variants

In our store you will find LED ceiling light bars fully adapted to any type of interior. Standard, with a rigid design (suitable for installation on an even, flat wall), as well as the Flex variant (for installation on uneven or semicircular surfaces).

Mardom Decor ceiling light strip has a standard length of 200 cm. The selected parameters allow you to connect successive elements without any problems, as well as to cut them, according to the need and size of the room. Mardom Decor lighting stucco comes in various configurations in terms of height as well as width. LED ceiling moldings are available from as low as 4 cm in height (perfect for small apartments with low ceilings), up to 15 cm. Among the wide range of products on the site, you will also find the most popular combinations, such as:

  • 6,5 x 200 cm
  • 8,5 x 200 cm
  • 9 x 200 cm
  • 10 x 200 cm
  • 12 x 200 cm

Mardom Decor LED ceiling strip is factory-coated with a special primer with smoothing properties. It allows the dye to spread seamlessly on the surface and obtain an intense color, regardless of the selected shade. For the best painting effect, the LED ceiling molding should be covered with two coats of water-based paint.

How to install lighting strips?

Good installation is the basis for a durable and stable stucco decoration of our interior. Mardom Decor LED light strip is not complicated to install, and all you need for proper installation is a high-quality adhesive with a short drying time.

The first step is to properly prepare the surface – it must be even, dry and clean. It should be properly cleaned and greased, as well as renewed and protected, for example, in case of peeling paint or falling off plaster. Next, the bonding area should be marked out (using a pencil or a marking string). At this stage, you can proceed to the installation proper.

The LED ceiling strip should be fixed with quick-drying glue. For this purpose, we recommend Mardom Max with a very short setting time (only 8 seconds), which will work well for both Flex strips and standard rigid models. The glue should be applied in a wavy motion to the top edge, and then applied to the ceiling and held for a few seconds. The LED ceiling strip fixed in this way will be durable and stable until removed.

Lighting strip

Mardom Decor LED lighting strip is designed for indoor installation. However, many years of experience have shown that our ceiling lighting strips perfectly withstand changing weather conditions and external factors. Resistance to moisture, UV radiation and mechanical damage prove that our products are very durable, and therefore perfectly suitable for installation not only in domestic use, but also can be easily installed in commercial premises. Mardom Decor ceiling light strip is an investment for years.

Particularly noteworthy is the design of our products, which is supervised by the best specialists in this field on the market. Impressive finishing and the latest trends are issues that our partners understand even perfectly. That’s why Mardom Decor lighting strips are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are some of the most important advantages of lighting strips:

  • Versatility: Lighting moldings can be installed as LED wall moldings, LED ceiling lighting moldings and even LED floor moldings,
  • Easy installation and maintenance: Lighting strips are easy to install and maintain – all you need is correct installation and a protective coat of paint to keep them looking perfect for years,
  • Wide range of options: There are many different types of light strips to choose from, with a variety of designs and sizes that can be easily matched to your interior,
  • Energy saving: Lighting strips with LED – are characterized by low electricity consumption – they use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

If you are looking for a way to add unforced style and elegance to your interior, lighting strips are the perfect solution.

How to choose LED lighting for skirting boards?

The light we choose should suit our needs. So if we choose a moody and alternative source of light for the living room, LED strips with a warm white color are ideal. On the other hand, if we want to choose led lighting for the bathroom, LED strips with a high IP rating, which ensure the water resistance of the product, will be a better choice. Because of needs like painting or shaving, the appropriate color will be cold white. On the other hand, if we dream of an extravagant solution for the bedroom, multicolored RGB LEDs will be the perfect choice.

LED light strips – provide an interesting atmosphere in your home

We encourage you to take advantage of our wide range of lighting strips. Juxtaposing them with energy-saving LED sets is, on the one hand, to provide an uncommon climate in the interior, and on the other hand, a chance for great financial savings. In addition, LEDs emit strong light, which will be a worthy replacement or alternative to traditional lighting. So it is worth enriching the interior in such a sophisticated way!

Wall lighting strip

LED strips are also perfect mounted on the wall. This is an excellent decorative element for interiors, with which we can quickly and easily highlight the most important areas in our home. Wall light strips will look great mounted at a height of 1/3 of the wall behind the headrest of the bed as a subtle lighting element, as additional lighting, for example, the dining room table or as a detail that gives the arrangement character, for example, in the form of additional lighting at the dressing table.

LED strips are available in many different colors and shapes, so you can easily match them to any interior.

LED under-cabinet strip

One popular use of LED strips is for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. The light strip provides even illumination so you can easily find the items you need. LED strips can also be used to illuminate shelves, dressers and even paintings. Depending on our needs or ideas, the lighting strip will always find a use in our interiors.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of Mardom Decor lighting strips. In our online store you will find different variants, lighting strips of minimalist design and richly decorated, ornamental profiles. If you are not convinced which option will work best in your interior, order free samples. Add lighting strips to your cart, order and test in your interior!

LED skirting boards

LED skirting board is a product that takes care of interesting style, but also the safety of users. It’s a great way to combine functionality with impeccable styling and a good solution for particularly large interiors – primarily we mean single-family housing.

LED skirting board will be perfect installed on the stairs, in small rooms like corridors or lobbies, but also as additional lighting for stairs. This is a practical solution, especially in cold weather or during evening walks around the house. A led floor strip will be ideal in such a situation, as it will illuminate the way, and will not require awakening all residents with the main source of light. Led floor skirting boards can also be installed as LED corner skirting boards, thus increasing the safety of the household members.

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