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In this category you will find flexible decorative moldings that combine the highest quality advanced manufacturing technologies, base material, functionality and design standards. Such components, also known as FLEX trim, are made from high-density polymers juxtaposed with rubber, which makes them flexible and gives them the ability to be attached to curved surfaces.
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Flexible skirting board

Flex skirting board is the perfect solution for all problematic surfaces and rooms. Thanks to the high-quality, bendable material, Flex skirting boards will easily fit into any arranged space – irregular buildings with modern curves or curved walls in rooms with soul.

Flex floor skirting boards can be bent in any way you like, and later installed in spaces with large horizontal differences or an obtuse design – for example, on columns, half-columns or arched walls. You don’t have to worry about flexible skirting boards breaking or getting damaged – they are made of innovative materials, adapted to modern construction as well as utility standards.

Do you need skirting boards?

Skirting boards play an important role in interior design, both visually, practically and functionally.

  • Aesthetics of the room – skirting boards are used to protect the panels, they effectively mask the expansion gap between the floor and the wall, which is caused by the natural expansion and contraction of the panels. Skirting boards also give the interior design a consistent and elegant appearance, and the use of a model with appropriate decorations allows you to quickly and easily emphasize the character of the interior.
  • Practical function – skirting boards protect the wall from mechanical damage, such as scratches and impacts.
  • Functional element – skirting boards can be used to hide electrical cables or wires. Using the appropriate profiles with dedicated space, we can also install LED lighting from them, which will make it easier to move around the apartment at night.

No apartment can do without them – not only do they provide an aesthetically pleasing and consistent finish to a room, but they also have practical, protective and decorative functions. They are an important element that contributes to the complete and professional appearance of the interior design. For non-standard spaces with many round walls or uneven surfaces, a flexible skirting board is the perfect solution. The price of labor and effort spent on installing rigid stucco in such spaces is incomparable – instead, just use flexible skirting boards and you’re done. Quick, simple and aesthetically pleasing!

For installation we recommend high-quality, ultra-strong glue with a short bonding time Mardom Max.

Flexible skirting board

In interior design, every detail matters, and special attention should be paid to elements that not only add aesthetics, but also offer practical solutions. Flexible skirting boards, is an innovative solution that not only emphasizes the uniqueness of the room, but also revolutionizes the installation process in difficult conditions. Flexible skirting board allows you to perfectly fit irregular, curved walls, allowing you to achieve a perfect effect even in the most demanding spaces.

How to choose the height of skirting boards?

When choosing the height of skirting boards, whether it’s a flexible skirting board or a traditional skirting board with a rigid structure, you should take into account the height of the room as well as the available square footage.

  • For apartments and houses with a standard height of 250-270 cm, the recommended skirting board size is within 6-10 cm.
  • For single-family homes, within 270-290 cm, a flexible skirting board of 8-12 cm will work well.
  • Townhouses and high loft interiors, exceeding 300 cm in height, can use flexible skirting boards of 13-20 cm.

What should be the thickness of skirting boards?

The thickness of the floor stucco depends on the width of the expansion joint. The flexible skirting board should be slightly larger than the expansion joint in the panels, in order to fully cover it and perform its protective function of the floor.

Mardom Decor flexible moldings

Flexible Flex Mardom Decor moldings are manufactured from high-quality polymer. Thanks to this, in addition to maximum flexibility, they offer complete resistance to moisture and UV radiation. Even after direct contact with water, they will not swell or delaminate, and exposure to strong sunlight will not discolor the surface. Thanks to their unique properties, they can be successfully used in any room – including bathrooms or kitchens.

Mardom Decor flexible strip is covered during the production process with a special white primer with smoothing properties and facilitating painting, so you can repaint the stucco at your own discretion in any shade.

Mardom Decor flexible skirting board for your interior

In the offer of Mardom Decor you will find numerous proposals – both flexible wall, ceiling and Flex skirting boards with the help of which you will finish aesthetically and impressively any architectural curve. Mounting of this type of stucco is based on glue, which allows you to quickly and permanently install any stucco element.

Flex Flex Mardom Decor moldings provide a wide range of personalization possibilities – through quick and intuitive cutting to the appropriate size, the possibility of painting in the color of your choice and a wide selection of patterns and models, allowing you to combine with other products available in our offer, creating complete interior arrangements in the desired style.

Our offer also includes all kinds of products that allow you to quickly and conveniently install components, such as Flex strips, so you can get all the installation products you need in our store. For cutting, it’s worth using a handsaw along with a bevel box (alternatively, miters or an electric saw, with a sharp blade with a large number of teeth at slow speed), and for painting, water-based paint.

What kind of moldings to choose?

Mardom Decor’s flexible moldings include a wide range of models, patterns and shapes. You will find proposals for all kinds of spaces – we offer you both up-to-date, rounded models with impressive curves and decorative grooves, minimalist profiles, geometric shapes as well as classic, decorated flexible moldings, which you can fit into many arrangements. In the store you will also find models representing specific trends, with the use of which you will complete the character of interiors in selected styles.

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