Wall Panels

Wall panels play a very important role in the contemporary art of interior design, affecting the aesthetics, comfort and functionality of space. Choosing the right wall panels can completely change the look of a room, adding character, warmth and style. Regardless of whether you are planning a renovation or building a house from scratch, wall panels are an excellent choice - subtle, with delicate ovals, or distinctive with a distinctive shape - thanks to them you will create a space that will be not only beautiful, but also functional and cozy.
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Wall panels

Wall panel is a modern decoration that is increasingly appearing in contemporary architecture, displacing other design solutions. It will be perfect for finishing interiors, replacing traditional wallpaper, structural paint or masking wall imperfections, including installation errors or painting mistakes. Mardard wall panels are very popular because of the wide selection of shapes and patterns, which can be easily matched to any interior.

Mardom Decor wall panels

The modern 3D decorative panels by Mardom Decor allow for a wide range of design possibilities and fit into all rooms. The wall panels are made from a special blend of polymer compounds with high-quality enhancers. This resulted in our proprietary PolyForce® material, which is characterized by high density and therefore resistant to mechanical damage.

We know very well that wall panels in modern interiors must not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also be highly functional. Mardom Decor 3D panels have the innovative ScratchShield® technology, which allowed to harden the surface as much as possible, increasing impact strength and impact resistance. As a result, our wall panel is 40% harder compared to traditional polymer models without this solution.

Panels made of PolyForce® are products that are also classified as plastics, and their most important advantage is total water resistance. Mardom Decor panel can be installed in rooms with a higher level of humidity. Water molecules are not absorbed by the material, so the wall panels retain their perfect appearance even after many years of use.

The wall panels are resistant to water, but also to UV radiation. Thus, exposed even to long contact with sunlight, they will not yellow or deform. The decorative panel can be installed in the living room, playroom and all rooms with the highest level of sunlight, but also in public places (beauty salons or restaurants).

Mardom Decor 3D wall panels

Mardom Decor wall panels offer a very wide range of design possibilities. They perfectly replace MDF wall panels, which for some are still associated with old-fashioned wooden paneling. Modern decorative panel looks fashionable and stylish, and the wide choice of designs and shapes is not limited to vertical boards. It’s an inconspicuous addition that will give your apartment a designer look.

Decorative Mardom Decor wall panels, just like PVC wall panels, are characterized by lightness and simplicity of installation. However, PVC panels have a visible, glossy finish, which can look artificial and may not suit all interior designs. The Mardom Decor wall panel has a satin-matte finish. Decorative wall panels are covered with a special primer, thanks to which the surface is perfectly smoothed and prepared for painting. White wall panels should be painted with water-based (solvent-free) products. The white base is the perfect background for all colors – baby blue, neon yellow and even black. Want to create a masculine loft-style look on your walls? Go for it! Nothing stands in the way.

3D wall panels, thanks to the possibility of customization, are also a great design addition that works well with other materials. Vinyl panels, architectural concrete or natural wood will look phenomenal in juxtaposition with panels of spatial pattern, providing an original look in modern as well as classic rooms. Test the juxtaposition of different materials together with panels for the wall in your home.

Mardom Decor lightweight wall panels are also easy to install, and thus the same great freedom in interior design. The 3D panel has an optimal weight, so you can fix it not only on the wall, but also on any flat surface. Modern design allows for simple installation in only a few steps. You can successfully install it yourself, without having to hire a specialist. Thanks to the innovative form of the wall plate with an already finished pattern, you can install it quickly and easily in one piece. We offer dedicated adhesives that will allow a stable and permanent fixing with the surface. Fix Pro will work well for standard wall mounting, and Mardom Max for problematic surfaces.

Decorative panel – application of Mardom Decor wall panels

Mardom Decor 3D wall panels are very popular in modern interior designs. They are lightweight, so they are also perfect as ceiling panels in the bathroom, furniture decoration in the bedroom or as an element of the living room wall design. Great freedom of installation allows you to install them in any interior with a variety of styles. This allows you to create unique and very interesting arrangements that you design yourself, specifically for your interior. Here are some inspirations on how to use a decorative wall panel in a room:

  • 3D wall panels are perfect for decorating furniture. The light weight of the product allows installation on both large built-in furniture and small suspended cabinets. Modern wall panels quickly and easily change the look of your interior, without the need for time-consuming renovation.
  • Decorative wall panels will also work well as modern cabinet fronts or a veneer for a kitchen island. You no longer need to look for furniture that will perfectly fit your kitchen. You can make them yourself!
  • A wall panel will also work perfectly as a background for shelves, hangers or other wall decorations. 3D wall will add uniqueness and character to the interior, perfectly harmonizing with other decorative elements of the interior. Modern wall panels, thanks to their high durability, will work well in a hallway, living room or kitchen.
  • 3D wall panel is an excellent substitute for traditional wallpaper. Unique patterns and unusual shapes will make your interior more spacious, and echo and reverberation will be reduced. Thoughtful design means that our decorative wall panels do not take up much space, so they will work well even in small rooms.

Wall panels for kitchens

Mardom Decor wall panels can be successfully installed in the kitchen. The PolyForce material is distinguished by its complete water resistance, so you can be sure that the decorative panels for the wall will not fade or delaminate after time, maintaining a perfect appearance. The wall panels are also easy to keep clean. They can be easily cleaned by wiping them dry or with a damp cloth, so they also work well installed over a worktop. Decorative panel for the wall is an excellent protection against dirt. Mardom Decor kitchen wall panels will not only look extremely effective in your room, but also protect the walls from damage and ensure easy cleaning of the surface in case of stains.

Waterproof wall panels for the bathroom

The water-resistant, high-quality material of our wall panels also makes it a great bathroom decoration. Resistant to moisture and UV radiation, it will provide a great look even after many years of use. Bathroom panels can be installed both in a domestic room and public use. What’s more! The white 3D wall panel will also work well installed in the shower. Protected with an additional layer of protective preparation, it will retain its ideal shape even after hundreds of showers. Bathroom wall panels will become a striking wall decoration that will change your room beyond recognition in just a few steps. Check out the available patterns and design your own unique arrangement!

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