Wall 3D wall panels are a group of products that can decisively help with elegant interior design. Their fashionable design will make your property gain prestige and gain a touch of exclusivity.

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Wall Slats

Decorative wall laths are an excellent addition to interior decoration in all architectural styles. They accentuate a room in a striking way, giving it unforced chic and uniqueness. Some people may wrongly associate wall laths with old-fashioned wainscoting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern wooden wall laths are distinguished by fashionable design and high quality, which makes them a beautiful addition for years, which can easily change the appearance of the interior.

Modern vertical slats are characterized by a simple, slender form. The slats are arranged perpendicular to each other, and each slat is divided by a symmetrical gap, thus providing the effect of additional ribbing. 3D slats, despite their simple, even minimalist form, are spatial, providing the effect of quieting the room and reducing echoes. This is a practical addition that will work even for small rooms. So when choosing wall slats for the interior, it is worth betting on products that are characterized not only by a nice appearance, but also by high functionality.

Decorative laths for the wall by Mardom Decor

Wall laths are made of proprietary polymeric material PolyForce®. The special blend contains high-quality enhancers, thanks to which the density of the product has been significantly increased, and thus resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, in the production process we used patented ScratchShield® technology, thanks to which the surface is resistant to impacts or scratches with a sharp tool. Slats on felt are a thing of the past, those from Mardom Decor are entirely manufactured from a special material, so they will work well both in a private apartment and a room of public use.

Mardom Decor wall laths are characterized by total water resistance. Unlike other materials available on the market, the patented PolyForce® does not absorb water molecules. The material does not swell or delaminate even in direct contact with water. Thanks to this, even Mardom Decor wood wall laths are perfect for rooms with higher humidity levels like kitchens and bathrooms.

Our decorative laths are also distinguished by their high resistance to UV radiation. PolyForce® does not yellow, discolor or deform when exposed to intense sunlight. As a result, it can be installed in intensely sunlit rooms like living rooms and even in service areas like beauty salons.

Lamellas for the wall – Lamelli by Mardom Decor

Lamelli by Mardom Decor is not individual lamellas that come in the form of a mounting strip, but an innovative concept of whole wall panels. The lamella packs allow for easy and quick installation, without the labor-intensive task of setting perfectly symmetrical lines and rib spacing. Due to their high ease of installation, they can be easily installed traditionally – vertically, but also as horizontal lamellas. During installation they do not require any special construction, they can be glued directly to the wall or other surface with strong mounting glue, so they are perfect even for self-assembly.

Mardom Decor offers three collections of wall panels

  • Stretto wall lamellas – are slim lamellas, with a narrow pattern,
  • Medio wall laths – with a classic shape and size,
  • Largo wall laths – with wide and deep patterns,

In each of the collections, the vertical slats are available in 6 thoughtful colors to match modern interiors – Oak wall slats in 5 shades of wood and one White panel. With a wide range of design possibilities, Mardom Decor wall laths will work well in many styles – from glamour to cottage.

Wooden laths

When you buy Mardom Decor products, you are choosing premium laths, the highest quality available on the market. Not only are they durable, but they are also designed in accordance with the biggest interior design trends. Lamelli by Mardom Decor vertical wood slats are made using laminated board, using embossed lamination technology with innovative Embossing technology. This treatment makes the natural pattern of lines and grain perfectly coincide with the embossing on the surface, making the wooden laths look very natural and aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining water-resistant properties. Wooden laths in the kitchen? Only from Mardom Decor.

Mardom Decor vertical wood laths for the wall come in 5 shades:

  • Wood Slats Light Oak,
  • Wood Slats Oak Gray,
  • Wood Slats Dark Oak,
  • Wood laths Natural Oak,
  • Wood Slats Classic Oak.

White laths

Mardom Decor wall laths also come in a modern white shade. This is a hit of contemporary interior design. The bright color is great for any type of interior, brightening up the room and adding brightness. One of the design ideas are wall laths on the board – the white shade contrasts perfectly with the dark background, which further emphasizes their exclusive character. White wall laths can also be used in minimally decorated interiors, kept in a light and consistent color scheme.

Mardom Decor white wall slats are available in two variants:

  • With a matte coating – they have been covered with an additional layer of primer. A special primer paint smoothes the structure and increases the adhesion of the pigment to the material. The surface prepared in this way is perfect for painting any shade. Just use solvent-free paint (water-based) to achieve a durable and aesthetic effect. We recommend covering the slats twice, especially in the case of dark shades, to obtain a uniform layer of color. For this purpose, you can use a brush with soft bristles, a roller or spray painting.
  • With a satin coating – they were covered with an additional layer by spraying. They have a luxurious, satin finish in the shade of RAL9003. The additional coating effectively protects the surface and allows immediate installation. This is a ready-made product intended for people who value quick and simple arrangement solutions.

Black Slats

Mardom Decor’s white wall laths are perfect for any type of interior, not only because of their high quality and neutral shade, but also because they can be repainted in any shade – including dark, intense colors. Black wall slats are a bold choice that will work well in modern or loft interior design. They have recently gained popularity, especially among fans of bold and uncompromising architectural solutions. Black slats can be an excellent accent in a room or be a base for other decorative elements in the house.

Black wall slats, gold slats, white slats, wood slats or gray slats? The choice is up to you.

Ceiling Lamellas

Lamelli by Mardom Decor are wall panels with a wide range of applications. So why not use lamellas for the ceiling? Lamellas on the wall as well as the ceiling will work perfectly, providing consistency and minimalist design to any interior. Such an inconspicuous decoration is enough to give the room a unique character and elegance. In this role, wooden laths on the ceiling will work perfectly – they will emphasize the Scandinavian, vinatge or boho style, but also white – these will look great in Parisian, New York or hamptons style.

The laths on the wall can also be installed only at a certain height of the room as a subtle decoration. At the height of 1/3 of the wall as modern English wainscoting, above the countertop in the kitchen in the workspace, above the sink in the bathroom, or even as laths for stairs. The high strength and waterproof properties make it possible to install them exactly where you dream.

Another idea is laths as a partition wall. Partitioning laths are an interesting alternative to traditional methods of dividing space in the house. Just stick the laths on a previously prepared plasterboard wall and you’re done! Partition walls created with Mardom Decor shear panels will not only be functional, also visually impressive.

Illuminated LED laths are the next inspiration. The wall panels can be installed with an additional light source in the form of LED tape. This small procedure will make the 3D laths even more spacious, providing an intriguing interior decoration. Use the laths with LEDs as part of a TV wall or a bed headrest in a bedroom.

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