LED profiles

LED profiles are a modern lighting solution dedicated to use with products from the Lamelli by Mardom Decor category. The profile allows for trouble-free installation of LED lighting strips with slats. Dedicated to use with the Stretto or Medio collection. It guarantees an excellent visual effect in any room.
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LED profiles – Modern and Functional Lighting

LED profiles are an innovative lighting solution that combines modern design and functionality. Created with various arrangement needs in mind, LED profiles are a perfect finishing element both in homes and commercial spaces. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used in many places, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices and shops, giving the interiors a unique character.

Advantages of LED lighting in modern interior designs

  • Energy efficiency: LED lighting uses much less energy compared to traditional light sources, which translates into lower electricity bills.
  • Reliability and long service life: LED strips have a long service life compared to traction lighting. They do not heat up, so there is no risk of damage or overheating. LED strips are a guarantee of quality and an investment for many years.
  • Versatility A wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to match LED profiles to any interior and style. LED strips can be installed with dimmers or by choosing the colorful RGB version, creating unique and unique arrangements. The light and minimalist design allows for trouble-free installation in almost any space in our interior – above the ceiling, under cabinets, on the wall along with other decorative elements or in the wardrobe.
  • Aesthetics: Thanks to their modern design, LED lighting adds elegance and style to any room, creating pleasant and functional lighting.
  • Ease of installation: LED strips are easy to install, which allows for quick and trouble-free changes to the interior design.

How to use LED profiles with lamellas?

The Mardom Decor LED profile is a carefully thought-out design that perfectly matches the modern shape of slats in the form of wall panels. The panels have special tongue-and-groove slots that allow for trouble-free connection of subsequent elements. During installation, simply place the LED profile between two panels and attach it with glue. Then we can place the selected LED strip in the profile, use the cap and it’s ready!

LED strips can be used along the entire length of the slats or only in selected parts, creating a light curtain. This solution is not only an extremely impressive interior decoration, but also a practical lighting element that will brighten up our rooms.

In what rooms can Mardom Decor LED Profiles be used?

Mardom Decor LED profiles are perfect for both home and commercial use, offering versatility and aesthetics that raise the standard of any interior. Made of high-quality, waterproof aluminum, LED profiles are resistant to moisture, which makes them an ideal choice for rooms where traditional lighting may not work.

Use in domestic spaces

In kitchens, LED profiles can be mounted under cabinets or above worktops, providing bright, even lighting that facilitates everyday cooking activities. In bathrooms, thanks to their water resistance, they can be installed above a mirror or above a bathtub above the height of 1/3 of the wall from the ground, adding elegance and functionality. LED profiles are also perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and corridors on walls and ceilings, creating a pleasant atmosphere and emphasizing the interior design.

Application in commercial spaces

Mardom Decor LED profiles are also a perfect solution for commercial spaces. In restaurants and cafes, they can be used to create an eye-catching decoration on the island where the bar or reception area is located, as well as on the walls in the restaurant, creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests. In offices, LED profiles can be installed on ceilings, above desks or in conference rooms, providing additional lighting for work.

Compatibility of the Mardom Decor LED profile with the Stretto and Medio collections

Mardom Decor LED profiles are dedicated to use with slats from the Stretto and Medio collections. Thanks to this, you can create coherent and harmonious arrangements that emphasize the modern character of the interiors.

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