Our values at Mardom Decor stem directly from the fact that we have always been a family business

Although the growth of the brand has forced the expansion of organizational structures and changes in many areas, in every aspect of the business our DNA has remained unchanged.

Close relationships, superior quality and accountability – it is through these foundations that we are able to build to the next level, implement innovations and adapt to the dynamics of a changing environment.

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Mardom Decor does not function based on impersonal, corporate mechanisms. Our business has always been based on close relationships: with customers, contractors and each other.

We transfer all the family values that underlie Mardom Decor to our daily operations. Sales Supervisors, who operate in narrow market areas, are responsible for cooperation with our business customers. Thanks to this, they have managed to establish close relationships with customers and give a sense of complete care and trust.

In our showroom at 11a Ratajska Street in Lodz, we have created a friendly zone where the customer will not only get acquainted with the full range of Mardom Decor mouldings, but also drink delicious coffee and experience professional and cordial service.

We also take care of friendly relations within the team, organizing periodic meetings that strengthen the bonds between employees. Dialogue at all levels – it is thanks to this that we have managed to develop relationships, which are the greatest value and pillar of Mardom Decor.

Top quality

Given the realities of today’s finishing and construction market, many entrepreneurs take shortcuts, providing customers with products of reduced quality.

Such a solution is certainly beneficial from the point of view of company finances, but it comes at the expense of the customer. In the case of Mardom Decor trim, there is no question of compromising on quality. We are committed to ensuring that the trust we build at every stage of the customer’s contact with the brand lasts not only until the moment of purchase, but also for many years to come. In order to achieve this goal, Mardom Decor moldings must be durable, resistant to any damage and delight with their flawless appearance.

That’s why, every day, we make every effort to ensure that the highest quality products are not just a promise, but above all a fact.


We take full responsibility for every aspect of our business. Mardom Decor’s operating principles are transparent and consistently implemented.

Responsibility for customers

We are well aware that Mardom Decor moldings are more than a product. It is a way to create the home of your dreams. The interior climate you build with our stucco will translate into your mood and well-being. Although the final effect of a renovation consists of many elements, we will make sure that Mardom Decor stucco is one of the most beautiful decorations of your home. Your satisfaction and joy, coming from being in a beautiful environment, is our mission.

Responsibility for employees

Human beings have always been and will always be the most important pillar of our company. That’s why we place so much importance on ensuring safety, development, as well as positive relationships among our team members.

Product liability

We take care of our slats at every stage of their creation. From the selection and purchase of raw materials, to production, distribution and safe disposal.

Environmental responsibility

In all possible areas, we strive to implement solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment. Photovoltaics, closed material cycle, selection of ecological raw materials – these are just some of the steps we have taken to protect the ecosystem.

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