Modings available in our store are a wide range of products for finishing a space and decorating it effectively. In our offer we have the highest quality finishing strips dedicated to complementing the composition of ceilings, floors, walls, but also innovative solutions in the field of decoration. Regardless of their purpose, all products available in our store are united by the highest quality base material - often based on advanced polymer derivatives, showing waterproof properties, color fastness in the context of exposure to UV radiation and resistance to potential mechanical damage.

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Interior stucco has played a key role in interior design for centuries, adding class, style and character to them. Finishing moldings are an integral part of this tradition and are a perfect decoration for any room, regardless of the chosen architectural style. These inconspicuous finishing elements can completely change the look of a room, making it elegant and coherent. In addition, the slats are also very practical and functional. They can be used to mask surface irregularities, cover electrical wires or cracks. Finishing strips are an element that combines perfect appearance and high functionality.

Finishing strips

Finishing strips are not only a practical element of interior design, but also an artistic accent that adds a unique character to the room. There are many different types of trim strips, including:

  • Panel finishing strips: used to mask and protect the edges of the floor and to hide electrical cables.
  • Ceiling molding: mounted at the junction of the wall and the ceiling, they help to mask unevenness and possible assembly defects, giving the interior an elegant look.
  • Wall Trims: Used to decorate walls, they can be mounted horizontally or vertically and help to separate different colors or wall finishes. They can be a single decorative element of the room or be part of a larger wall composition.
  • Curtain stucco molding: masks the rods and rails of the curtain rods, provides a decorative finish around the windows.
  • Light strips: special strips that have a dedicated space to hide LED strips to create effective interior lighting – supporting the main interior lighting, mood or spotlights.
  • Flexible finishing strips: made of materials that allow the strip to be bent in curves and curves, which is ideal for use in rooms with irregular shapes, with rounded walls or curved surfaces.

It is worth remembering that the stucco in the interiors can be freely combined with each other and assembled in various configurations (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), which gives a lot of freedom in creating individual projects. You can combine different types of moldings, break traditional patterns and create unique patterns and interior effects. The final look depends only on your creativity and imagination!

Strips for Mardom Decor floor panels

Finishing strips for panels are one of the most popular stucco elements. No room can do without them – living room, bedroom, and even commercial spaces such as offices or conference rooms. Panel strips not only guarantee an aesthetic interior finish, but also hide the expansion gap, which is necessary to ensure the correct operation of the panels, which affects their durability and beautiful appearance for many years.

Mardom Decor offers skirting boards made of the proprietary PolyForce polymer material, which is distinguished by high density, and thus high durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to this, Mardom Decor expansion strips, whose main function is to protect floor panels, will not only properly protect the substrate, but will also serve for a long time, maintaining an impeccable appearance for many years after installation. However, this is not the only advantage of our skirting boards. In response to the needs of the most demanding users, we have created the innovative ScratchShield® technology, which consists in maximum reinforcement of the stucco surface. Thanks to this, the moldings for Mardom Decor panels are up to 40% more resistant to scratches than popular models available on the market without this technology. This is especially important in rooms with high traffic, where the risk of mechanical damage is greatest. In order to comprehensively protect the floor panels and ensure the perfect appearance of the arrangement, we recommend using not only Mardom Decor skirting boards, but also skirting boards connecting the panels, transition boards and threshold boards.

Corner strip

An end strip for floor panels is a must if we want to provide adequate protection to floor panels and maintain a coherent and aesthetic appearance of the interior. But what about corners? The answer of many companies is a dedicated corner strip, but we propose a much simpler solution.

Installation of Mardom Decor skirting boards is very simple and does not require specialist knowledge. We do not have dedicated corners, so there is no need to buy additional elements. The corner strip can be made from the strip for Mardom Decor panels – just cut the selected skirting strips at an angle of 45 degrees. This procedure not only ensures a coherent and aesthetic appearance of the room, but is also very easy to perform, even for people without assembly experience. The use of a corner strip makes the connection between the wall

Strip for carpet, floor panels, ceramics and concrete

Mardom Decor moldings are perfect for any finish and material. Why? Because they offer excellent protection for different types of floors – wooden, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tiles, concrete or carpets. A wide selection of stucco models, patterns and shapes, available in various colors, allows you to match them to any interior style. Thanks to this, you can easily find finishing strips for panels that will perfectly blend in with the rest of the room, providing an aesthetic way to protect the edges of panels and tiles.

What’s more, the moldings for Mardom Decor panels are paintable, so you can easily change their style and color as you like and need. This makes it possible to cover stucco with a special primer, thanks to which the surface is smoothed, and an additional layer of deck paint is an ideal base that increases pigment adhesion. Thanks to this, the stucco can be freely modified at your discretion – black strips in a modern style, finishing strips for panels in a shade of pink for a child’s room, or a gold strip that fits perfectly into art deco interiors. You can choose from an almost unlimited combination of colors and the final effect depends only on you!

For those who are looking for a ready-made solution, the Premium Mardom Decor collection offers varnished skirting boards with a snow-white finish, which do not need to be painted and can be installed immediately. The satin stucco finish looks very exclusive and fits perfectly into modern rooms. It is an ideal solution for people who value time and want to finish renovation works quickly, without losing the quality of the finish.

Ceiling and curtain rail finishing strip

Ceiling and curtain rods are invaluable interior finishing elements that significantly affect the aesthetics and functionality of the room. Curtain rails are used to discreetly hide rods or rails on which curtains or drapes are hung. Thanks to this, the unsightly curtain rod becomes invisible, and the window gains an elegant look and becomes consistent with the rest of the arrangement.

Ceiling moldings, on the other hand, are a perfect solution to hide wall irregularities, cracks or imperfections resulting from renovation works, such as crooked wallpaper or unpainted wall fragments. It is also a timeless, classic accessory that significantly affects the aesthetics of the interior. The use of ceiling moldings can help to optically “raise” the ceiling, which affects the perception of the entire interior as more spacious. Regardless of the style of the interior – classic, modern or eclectic – well-chosen finishing strips can become the icing on the cake of any arrangement.

Connection bar

Ceiling and curtain rods, although often treated as separate decorative elements, can be combined to create effective ceiling decorations. This solution opens the door to creativity and allows you to create unique architectural structures. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve a personalized look that changes the style and character of the room.

Joining strips used in this way enable consistent and aesthetic connection of different types of finishing strips. This allows you to create smooth transitions between different types of moldings and materials, for example between a ceiling molding and a curtain rod or a plasterboard wall. In a similar way, the finishing strip for panels can also be mounted, but it is the ceiling decorations that lead the way in this field. The use of Mardom Decor stucco as connecting strips in combination with other decorative elements can lead to the creation of unusual compositions that will add individuality and character to the interior. It is worth experimenting with different types of finishing strips to achieve an effect that best reflects the personality of the room and its inhabitants. Another finishing strip, for example a flexible one from the Flex collection, which you can adjust to any shape of the interior, can introduce an additional structural accent, thanks to which the interior becomes even more personalized and stylish.

Wall moldings

Wall moldings are an extremely versatile decorative element that can be used in various areas of the home. Wall moldings can also be used to create different types of wall decorations and more. For example, they can be used as frames for paintings, mirrors or wall panels. In addition, the skirting boards can also be used to create effective wall compositions, for example by mounting skirting boards in different shapes or colors, thus creating unique patterns on the wall. The ability to experiment with different styles and colors of skirting boards allows you to create decorations tailored to individual preferences and the character of the room. In addition, wall moldings can also have a practical function, for example by masking electrical cables or installations.

Corner moldings for walls

Corner moldings for walls are an important element of stucco, not only visually, but also practically. Corner strips, otherwise known as corner strips, make it possible to protect walls at corners that are often exposed to damage. These moldings are mounted on the edges of the walls where the walls meet each other. They protect the corners of the walls against various types of damage, such as abrasions, bumps or scratches, which may occur, for example, when moving furniture or playing with children.

In addition, the corner strip can also perform an aesthetic function by masking wall imperfections or surface irregularities. It is worth noting that the corner moldings are available in various styles and patterns, which allows you to choose the right model for the character of the interior. Installation of the corner strip is relatively simple and can be done on your own, however, it is worth paying attention to the proper preparation of the surface and the exact adherence of the strip to the wall. Choosing the right corner strip will allow you to create a coherent and aesthetic interior design, as well as protect the walls from damage.

Bathroom moldings

Bathroom moldings are not only aesthetics, but also functionality. When we think about the arrangement of bathroom interiors, Mardom Decor moldings are one of those solutions that both look beautiful and are extremely practical. High quality workmanship is one of our most important assets. The polymer material used (plastics combined with high-quality additives), from which they are made, makes the skirting boards resistant to water and UV light. It is an ideal alternative to finishing strips made of other materials – wooden or MDF strips in a humid bathroom environment can quickly deteriorate.

Thanks to the resistance to moisture and light, Mardom Decor bathroom skirting boards can be installed in problematic, damp and intensely sunny rooms. High-quality plastic means that we do not have to worry that the colors will fade or that the material will start to crack.

The Mardom Decor bathroom skirting board is not only a protection of walls and floors against moisture, but also an additional decorative element that can surprise with a variety of forms and colors. So you can choose from the many options available to find the one that best suits your interior and your needs. With Mardom Decor bathroom skirting boards, the bathroom will become not only functional, but also stylish and elegant.

Stucco in interiors is increasingly chosen as a decorative element. It is a perfect solution for people who want to distinguish the decor of their home. Mardom Decor skirting boards offer a wealth of shapes, patterns and colors that allow you to adjust the interior design to individual needs and preferences. Thanks to their use, the interior becomes more elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

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