LED lights

In the era of modern solutions, LED lighting is becoming an inseparable element of every stylish and functional interior. This is a technology that will significantly change the way we illuminate our interiors, combining energy efficiency, durability and unlimited arrangement possibilities. Mardom Decor LED lighting is not only a response to modern aesthetic and environmental requirements, but also a practical solution for those who value ease of installation and long-term and reliable use. All products combine perfectly with each other and can be safely used together as a set.
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LED lights

LED lighting is best described as lighting based on Light Emitting Diodes. In recent years, it has been the most frequently chosen type of lighting for interior design. No wonder – they provide an excellent visual effect, high flexibility in room design, ease of installation and are environmentally friendly.

LEDs work by flowing electricity through a semiconductor, which emits light – a process that is much more energy-efficient and less harmful to the environment than traditional light sources. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which emit light by heating the filament to a high temperature, and fluorescent lamps, which operate by stimulating gases and mercury vapors, LEDs consume much less energy and are free from toxic substances, which makes them more user-friendly and environment.

What are the main advantages of LED lighting?

LED lighting comes in many forms – light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, strips, panels, reflectors and fixtures, as well as entire modules. However, LED strips are the most flexible and versatile lighting solution that will work perfectly in almost any interior. LED strips offer many benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: LED strips are one of the most efficient lighting options. They consume much less energy compared to traditional light sources, while offering the same light brightness. This, in turn, translates into lower electricity bills and a lower impact on the environment.
  • Long life: LEDs are famous for their long life. They can glow up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, which reduces the need for frequent replacement and lowers maintenance costs. However, it is worth remembering to select the appropriate power supply and power of the LED strips.
  • Flexibility of installation: Due to its flexibility, LED strips can be easily mounted in various places – from the ceiling, through furniture, to mirrors and interior shapes – it works well on both standard, flat surfaces and rounded walls. This opens up new possibilities for lighting arrangements.
  • Dimmable: They allow you to adjust the light intensity, which allows you to create the right atmosphere for every occasion and our individual needs.
  • Safe use: LED strips generate very little heat. Low thermal emissions make them much safer to touch and reduce the risk of fire compared to traditional light bulbs.
  • Easy to install: Thanks to the self-adhesive layer on the back, installing LED strips is simple and quick. It does not require specialized tools or skills.

By introducing LED lighting into your home or workplace, you are investing not only in aesthetics, but also in energy efficiency and excellent performance.

What is needed to create effective lighting?

To create LED lighting using a LED strip, all you need are a few well-matched elements. You need LED strips, a transformer, and to make installation easier, you can also use connectors. All the necessary things are available at Mardom Decor, where you are 100% sure that they will work together perfectly.

LED lighting strips

Mardom Decor’s offer includes two types of LED strips – linear COB and point SMD.

  • Linear COB – 500 x 0.8 cm – 24W LED strip will provide uniform lighting, without the visibility of punk LED lighting.
  • Spot SMD – 500 x 0.8 cm – The 24W LED strip is made of point diodes arranged on a flexible tape with a density of 130 LEDs per 1 m, ensuring excellent light dispersion (no shadow in the gaps between the diodes).


We offer two types of connectors. The first group allows you to easily extend the LED strip by connecting two elements – it is a tape-to-tape strip. The second type is a connector that allows you to connect the LED strip to a transformer, this type is called a power supply strip.

The connectors available in our offer are further divided into two types:

Slim – It has a system of plates that need to be tightened, e.g. with pliers. Once crimped, the connector cannot be reused, so it is single-use. Its small dimensions allow for seamless fit with the LED tray, making Slim fully compatible with Mardom Decor LED profiles.

Flip-top – It has a flap system that can be opened and re-clamped onto a new LED strip, so it can be used many times. The flaps can be easily tightened with your hand, there is no need to have a second tool – it is a quick and simple option for everyone.

Power supplies

High-quality power supplies, matched to the power of LED strips. The INPUT input is 230W, adjusted to the standard voltage in household sockets. The OUTPUT side is 24W, fully compatible with our LED strips. The housing is IP67 tight, which ensures full dust resistance and resistance to short immersion in water. Transformers are suitable for home, semi-professional and professional use.

Our offer includes transformers in 3 powers:

  • 100W – (length from the cable bend x width x height) – 16.5 x 6.3 x 3.3 cm
  • 200W – (length from the cable bend x width x height) – 22 x 6.3 x 3.5 cm
  • 320W – (length from the cable bend x width x height) – 27 x 7.8 x 4 cm

LED lighting, thanks to its unrivaled versatility and eco-friendliness, has revolutionized the way we illuminate our spaces. From the comfort of your home, through offices, to commercial spaces. LEDs offer solutions tailored to every need, combining energy efficiency with aesthetics. By choosing Mardom Decor LED lighting elements, you can be sure that all components will be compatible with each other. What distinguishes our offer is not only the variety of products, but also the ease of installation and use, which means that everyone, regardless of experience, can enjoy perfect, modern lighting.

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