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Architects choose Mardom Decor

mardom decor architekci polecaja fanajlo
znak cytatu

I value my long-term cooperation with Mardom

for its punctuality, product quality and keeping up with trends. The customer service is also top notch.



mardom decor architekci polecaja kasia fanajlo

Kasia Fanajło

Master of Fine Arts – interior designer, owner Fanajło

mardom decor architekci polecaja jemiol concept
znak cytatu

I choose Mardom Decor materials because thanks to them we have a guarantee of quality

in terms of material and visual effect. The materials from which the strips are made are highly durable and do not scratch or deform.


mardom decor architekci polecaja marta jemiol

Marta Jemioł

MSc. arch., owner Jemioł Concept

mardom decor architekci polecaja osom group
znak cytatu

We choose Mardom Decor products in our projects

because we can always count on a wide selection of wall decorations and very good quality.



mardom decor architekci polecaja kasia miller

Kasia Miller

MSc. architect, founder and designer OSOM.


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