Wall moldings

Decorative wall moldings are one of the varieties of stucco profiles that are very popular. As with other modern decors, this product combines visual assets with functionality for the interior. Decorative wall moldings are an option for those who appreciate interesting arrangements in the interior and certainly a good way to create a room with interesting and unusual character. Due to the multitude of designs and sizes, decorative wall moldings allow you to create unconventional designs on the wall, which we write about in detail below.

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Wall moldings

Wall moldings are finishing elements used to decorate and accent walls in rooms. Modern decorative wall moldings come in various shapes, designs and sizes. They can be successfully applied to various spaces, depending on your aesthetic preferences and interior design style. Decorative moldings are not only a striking interior accessory, but also have many practical applications.

A wall strip will be perfect for covering small cracks on the wall or unevenness. Thanks to this, we do not have to undertake a costly and time-consuming renovation, and instead we can use decorative stucco, which not only covers up wall imperfections, but also adds three-dimensionality to the room, becoming a striking surface decoration.

Decorative moldings for the wall can be used to mask unsightly architectural elements in our room. Protruding pipes or air ducts often ruin the appearance of even the most polished interior. All you need to do is choose the right dimensions, stick them on the desired area and you’re done. A practical and pretty grille, which will undoubtedly raise the aesthetic value of the room.

The decorative molding will certainly work well for decorating the walls in the room – you can create a classic, traditional wall frame or use decorative moldings for the wall to create an entire arrangement. It all depends on the style you choose and your taste. Decorative moldings, however, can also be mounted on furniture. Thanks to them, we can easily and quickly change the aesthetics of our interior and refresh old furniture without having to replace all the fronts in the kitchen, for example. Decorative strip can also play the role of a bezel – on the top line of hanging cabinets, masking the unsightly gap between the furniture and the ceiling, or at the very floor, masking the legs of standing furniture.

Decorative strips can also be used to create minimalist wall shelves. On them, in turn, we can arrange light decorative elements or photo frames – a decoration that looks extremely impressive, regardless of the chosen style, in addition, it does not take up too much space in the house. Thanks to this, we can apply it both on the wall in the kitchen and a small hallway.

Properly selected wall moldings can also serve as a subtle decoration that will emphasize the chosen architectural style of the interior. If we dream of an arrangement in classic, glam, retro or art déco style, then stucco moldings will be an excellent choice.

Mardom Decor wall molding

Decorative wall moldings come in many sizes, but also shapes or finishes. In the offer of Mardom Decor you will find both minimalist, wall smooth models and richly decorated profiles in a classic style. Choose your dream moldings depending on what effect in the interior you want to achieve. Simple, geometric sections will work well in minimalist interiors, but also in rooms with a small area. Subtly grooved, elegant decorative moldings will become an indispensable addition in glamour and modern classic style. Rich, ornamental patterns will perfectly complement arrangements in classical or Italian style, and eclectic and art déco interiors will love futuristic models with subtle curves and unconventional shapes.

If you are not sure which decorative wall molding will suit your interior, we offer the possibility to order free samples of moldings in our online store. See live, compare, apply to your arrangement and decide!

Mouldings on the wall inspiration

A wide range of installation options for stucco elements is a real treat for interior design enthusiasts. Regardless of your preferred style and taste, decorative moldings can be used in a variety of ways. Wall moldings inspire a creative approach, allowing you to create unique compositions that emphasize the character of the room. Classic, minimalist or modern interior – decorative moldings can be adapted to any style. The choice of different shapes, designs and sizes allows you to achieve effects ranging from subtle and elegant to expressive and dynamic. Using wall moldings, you can draw on a wealth of design trends and create a unique atmosphere that reflects the personality of the user.

When installing moldings, it is worth experimenting with different arrangements, such as horizontal, vertical or diagonal alignment. This allows you to give the space a unique movement and dynamics. In addition, moldings can serve as frames for decorative elements, introducing accents that enrich the aesthetics of a room. Here are some inspirations for using wall moldings in the home:

  • Wall moldings in the living room – to separate the seating area from the dining area in kitchenettes. Wall moldings will work well as a decorative frame on the TV wall or a striking border for pictures or mirrors.
  • Wall strip in the bedroom – a decorative frame or headrest for the bed. Decorative wall strip can also be used to create subtle shelves on the wall.
  • Decorative strip in the kitchen – to separate the working area from the dining area in kitchenettes. They can also be used to highlight walls and ceilings, in a striking way highlighting, for example, the dining area in the interior.
  • Decorative moldings in the bathroom – to create a frame for a mirror or other decorative objects. Decorative wall molding installed at a height of 1/3 of the wall can be a striking decorative element or a smooth transition between the texture of the tiles and, for example, decorative wallpaper.

Mardom Decor wall moldings

Modern decorative wall moldings by Mardom Decor are manufactured from two technologically advanced materials – PolyForce and ProFoam. This is a material that is completely resistant to UV radiation and water. Thanks to this, our interior stucco is perfect for rooms exposed to strong sunlight, but also characterized by increased humidity and exposed to constant contact with water. Decorative moldings can be installed in living rooms, living rooms, but also in bathrooms or kitchens. PolyForce is a strong material, providing maximum product protection and high resistance. ProFoam, on the other hand, creates the possibility to create deep and clear decorations, so it is an ideal material for decorative moldings.

Mardom Decor offers multifunctional moldings, during the creation of which we used our proprietary ScratchShield® technology. It consists in maximum density and hardening of the material, thanks to which the decorative moldings become resistant to mechanical damage. Very high hardness and resistance to potential bruises, abrasions or other types of defects makes Mardom Decor stucco look perfect even after many years after installation – it can be used not only in domestic conditions, but also in public places. In addition, they are lightweight, which allows for a wide range of interior design possibilities.

Decorative wall moldings

Decorative wall moldings provide an opportunity to make extremely fashionable and impressive wall frames. Their width and style depend on the taste of the user and the idea and design of the interior. Frames can be made in an extremely easy way, because our decorative moldings are suitable for your own processing – shortening them at right angles when gluing consecutive elements in a straight line, or cutting them at 45 degrees to create corners. Decorative moldings simply need to be cut with a handsaw and a mitre saw or a mitre saw with small and well-sharpened teeth. Mardom Decor wall moldings come in 200 cm lengths (door frames and some curtain rod models in 240 cm lengths). So from one you can make several small or one larger frame!

Decorative frames on the walls are a timeless classic, so it’s no wonder that this form of room beautification is most often chosen by interior design enthusiasts. Mardom Decor wall moldings are interior stucco, completely resistant to water and moisture and mechanical damage. And this makes our decorative elements can be used literally anywhere, even in such places as vestibules, basements or garages, if necessary! Decorative moldings on the walls can be found not only in single-family houses and apartments, but also in commercial establishments, places associated with culture or various types of entertainment clubs.

Which decorative moldings for the wall?

Mardom Decor’s decorative moldings are traditional rigid stucco mounted on even, straight walls. However, our assortment also includes the Flex variant, or flexible moldings. This type of wall molding can be used on semi-circular or uneven walls, as well as on decorative columns and half-columns for interiors. It is an excellent solution for problematic spaces with a lot of curves.

Wall light strip

Modern decorative wall moldings by Mardom Decor also allow installation with LED lighting. This is a unique decorative element that can serve as an additional source of light in the interior. Our LED wall strip has been improved with innovative LightGuard® technology. Thanks to it, the LEDs on the LED strip do not shine through the material, guaranteeing an aesthetic appearance and excellent dispersion of light.

Corner wall strip

In addition to providing stunning design, Mardom Decor wall moldings are also a protective element of the walls thanks to their resistance. It is an effective barrier between the wall and a chair, for example. Wall corner molding will not only ensure a consistent and refined appearance of the interior, but also protect problem areas from mechanical damage. That’s why Mardom Decor corner wall moldings are eagerly used in office buildings, where the risk of surface damage is quite high. Thus, decorative wall moldings can be treated as an element that is not only decorative, but also highly practical with a protective function.

Wall strip

An interesting wall arrangement can sometimes be a problem. While it is not difficult to apply wallpaper or paint a wall in an interesting color, it often happens that we do not have the opportunity to add something more. Some interiors simply do not offer the opportunity to hang pictures or other decorative forms. This may be due, for example, to the construction of the wall and the material from which it was made.

So what to do to break the uniform structure of the wall? With help comes a decorative wall molding from Mardom Decor. Products in this group are characterized by simplified installation, which is limited to gluing them to the substrate. It will not be necessary to forge the wall, drill, work with dowels and similar activities. Our wall moldings simply need to be glued with a dedicated Mardom Decor mounting adhesive. For PolyForce rigid moldings we recommend Mardom Fix Pro, for ProFoam material Mardom Extra, and for flexible moldings Mardom Max. The use of moldings will break the uniform and often boring structure of the wall and allow you to make cutoffs on the wall, which will positively affect the visual perception of the entire room.

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