Mardom Decor is one of the leading brands producing decorative moldings and stuccowork

Behind the company’s success, however, are 20 years of dynamic, often difficult, but ultimately incredibly rewarding work.

Once a company producing wall decorations with a team of only a dozen people, it is now an industry leader with modern production lines and exporting goods to markets around the world.

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The history of Mardom Decor has always been associated with Lodz

This is where our production facilities, warehouses, showroom and offices are located. However, dynamic growth has forced a change of our location several times. As our product range expanded, the number of production lines and employees increased, which influenced the decision to move our headquarters. A small plant operating initially in a few dozen square meter office, transformed into an enterprise with several production halls, warehouses and offices.

As a family business, we have always relied on relationships

Not only with customers and contractors, but above all with employees. Our team, which initially consisted of 12 people, has grown several times over the years, now counting nearly 60 employees.

Acquiring new markets and investing in modern technologies would not bring such results without the highest competence of our employees. We derive great satisfaction from the fact that most of Mardom Decor’s initial staff is still with us, enriching the company with vast knowledge and experience.

20 years

activity on the EN market

60 people

in the Mardom team

8 production


Taking our first steps in the interior design industry, we were involved in the sale of window sills, suspended ceilings and lamps. However, stucco has always been a priority product for us, in the development and improvement of which we have put the most work.

The Mardom Decor assortment has changed over the years, as dictated by constantly evolving trends in architecture. Initially, the most popular were richly decorated moldings in the Baroque style. Later came the fashion for minimalist moldings dedicated to LED backlighting.

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Nowadays we have managed to work out a compromise between different interior styles, so our offer includes both modern-minimalist strips and those referring in form to the classic style.

Creating an outline of Mardom Decor’s 20 years of business, we feel that our story is written every day

We are working every day to develop new concepts, and our latest product, Lamelli wall laths, has perfectly fit into the prevailing trends and has already made its way into the homes of many customers.

Our primary goal has always been to create products that will allow customers to create the interior of their dreams. We hope that with Mardom Decor you will be able to arrange the perfect living space. Thank you for creating this special story with us for 20 years.

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