How to choose the right skirting boards?

10.12.2022 3 min

When refreshing the look of our apartment, we usually focus on the right choice of flooring for the room, or a wall color that will perfectly match our vision. However, few people think about which skirting boards to choose, so that they are both practical and match the style of our new interior. To help you choose and make the decision-making process easier, we have created this blog post.

Skirting board QS011

Functional skirting boards

Skirting boards are very often an underestimated interior element, but they play a huge role in the finishing of an apartment. They are the culmination of our hard work and are the dot over the “i” of the whole process. The right skirting boards perfectly highlight the style of our interior, but also protect it, effectively protecting it from accidental damage.

One of the most important tasks of moldings is to protect the wall. Mechanical damage is a common problem – scratches from a vacuum cleaner or abrasions from furniture feet are situations to which we are exposed every day. The skirting board protects the area between the floor panels and the wall, protecting the paint from unsightly scratches and stains that may arise when washing the floor. That’s why it’s worth choosing damage-resistant products with high durability. At Mardom Decor you will find a wide selection of skirting boards with excellent technical parameters. Our skirting boards are made of dense PolyForce material, which is characterized by extraordinary durability. In addition, we used the innovative ScratchShield® technology, which involves extreme hardening of the material. This makes our slats 24% harder than other similar products on the market. This is an excellent option for families with children or pets – the stucco will not suffer while playing, maintaining a perfect appearance.

listwa przypodlogowa md008 mardom decor
MD008 skirting board in the playroom

Skirting boards effectively cover the expansion gap created when laying floor panels. In this case, the main factor affecting the choice of skirting boards is the width of the gap. If the expansion joint is large, then wide and high moldings will aesthetically cover any imperfections in the floor, while maintaining visual balance in the room. Another functional aspect is the effective concealment of cables trailing across the floor. The solution to this situation are profile moldings, characterized by a three-dimensional shape that slightly stands out from the flat surface. Convexities in the pattern will be perfect for masking cables, making the room look neat and “clean”. For this purpose, the MD008 or QS011 skirting board will be perfect, but in our offer you will also find other models that will suit your interior.

Another aspect worth noting about the floor strips is the LED function. Lighting strips are not only a beautiful decorative element, but can also fully replace traditional lamps or chandeliers. We know very well how expensive and problematic it is to choose the right lighting. Deciding on skirting boards with LED function, this problem completely disappears – skirting boards will not only be a beautiful stucco element, but also functional, perfectly illuminating the room. At Mardom Decor you will find high-quality skirting boards designed for LED lighting. Our products have been created using LightGuard® technology, which makes the light perfectly dispersed around the strip, and the points on the LED strip do not pierce the surface of the material. Excellent quality and beautiful appearance – you can find out about it on the example of our models QL007 and QL019.

Skirting board – the aesthetic look of your interior

modern classic listwa przypodlogowa md360
MD360 skirting boards in a wall arrangement

Skirting board, in addition to its protective role, also plays another – purely visual. Fitted to the arrangement, it perfectly emphasizes the interior design, becoming a beautiful decorative element. Currently on the market you can buy skirting boards of any shape – richly decorated, matching glamour, boho, modern style and many others. It all depends on our imagination. The freedom of choice makes us face an important decision – how to choose skirting boards to match our interior? There are several interior principles that can help with the choice.

The first and most well-known rule we can follow is to choose moldings that match the color of the floor. According to this advice, we should also choose wooden skirting boards for wooden floors, or at least skirting boards that correspond in color with the floor. This way all the elements are coherent in composition and form a harmonious whole.

In choosing skirting boards, we can also follow the principle of opposites. For a dark floor, light or even white skirting boards will work perfectly. However, it is worth remembering that skirting boards in a contrasting color will stand out significantly in our interior. In such situations, it is worth betting on a decorative skirting board, which will become the main decoration of the house. In Mardom Decor’s offer you will find white floor moldings with intriguing shapes in a beautiful satin finish. Their definite advantage is that there is no need for additional surface painting. It is enough to install them and they are ready for use right away. You can find them in the Premium Mouldings category.

The skirting board can also be matched to the color of the walls. Painted with the same paint, it will blend in with its surroundings and will not draw undue attention. This is a classic solution that works well for interiors overflowing with a variety of textures and colors, where there is artistic disorder and controlled chaos. However, this method is relatively rarely used by specialists. Most often in situations where it is difficult to find floor-colored moldings or impossible to match them with the style of the room we have chosen.

The importance and role of skirting boards plays a huge role in finishing our interior. The right choice of skirting boards not only protects the room from mechanical damage, but also gives it the right atmosphere. That is why, when choosing floor moldings, it is worth betting not only on beautiful appearance, but also on excellent quality.

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