Welcome to the “News” section, where we keep you informed about the most important events and news regarding changes in our product range and company operations. Here you will find the latest information that is important for both individual customers and our B2B business partners.

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Change of Flex strip symbols

Dear Customers, We would like to inform you about the change of symbols of several…
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Changing the length of Mardom Decor slats to 200 cm

As of January 23, 2023, the slats, which previously came in a length of 240…
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What will you find in the News section?

  • Price changes: Stay up to date with any changes in our product prices and current products. We regularly update information to ensure full transparency and the ability to plan your purchases appropriately.
  • Holidays and our work schedule: Information about the days on which our company is closed and the possibility of delaying your shipment. Here you will also find information about possible changes in the work schedule, so that you always know when we are at your disposal.
  • Participation in trade fairs and industry events: Follow our presence at the most important trade fairs and events. Find out where and when you can meet us, see our products live and talk to our experts.
  • Product range changes: Stay up to date with any changes to our product offering. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our products, optimize shapes and improve current models so that they fully meet your expectations. Here we inform you about new models of stucco, lamellas and wall panels, as well as elements withdrawn from production.
  • Other important information: Any additional news that may be important to our customers and partners, such as technological news, cooperation with new distributors or the introduction of new services.

Why is it worth following our news?

The News section is the best source of information, thanks to which you will not miss any important events or changes regarding the Mardom Decor company and its product range. By visiting this website regularly, you can be sure that you are up to date with the latest trends and solutions in the field of stucco, lamellas and wall panels.

For whom?

Our “News” section is intended for everyone who cooperates with our company or is interested in our products:

  • Individual customers: Follow the latest information to stay up to date with the offer and take advantage of current discounts.
  • B2B business partners: We inform you about industry events, new offers and changes in the assortment that may be important for your business.
  • Installers: Updates on changes in profile shapes that may significantly affect the assembly method and information on changes in the materials used. Glue X has always been suitable for this model of strip? Check our news to see if the material has changed and the dedicated glue is now a different type.
  • Architects: Information about new products, changes in the assortment and industry events is a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge that can be used in projects for clients.

We invite you to visit the website regularly and stay in touch with us. Thanks to this, you will gain access to the latest news that will help you better plan purchases, cooperation and projects related to our products. Stay up to date with us and don’t miss any important news!

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