Stucco in the bathroom – 8 ideas for modern interiors

21.04.2023 5 min

When arranging a bathroom, we focus primarily on its functionality. Minimalist interiors, devoid of any decorations, are a popular arrangement solution. Very often this is due to the fact that it is a “difficult” space exposed to constant moisture. However, nowadays you can find waterproof and durable decorations on the market that will also work well in any room. Stucco in the bathroom is an increasingly popular solution, used not only by interior designers.

Bathroom arrangement by architects from the Osom group

Wall stucco

Decorative strips are a perfect arrangement solution. They are waterproof and easy to install – you can easily use them in your bathroom design. The choice often falls on cheap polystyrene strips. They are suitable for installation on the ceiling line, where the possibility of damaging the surface is low – this material is susceptible to any scratches and impacts. For this reason, we advise against it for all parents. A curious child would easily dent the material, testing not only the strength of the Styrofoam, but also the patience of its parents. For decorating walls and all surfaces within reach, we recommend much more resistant stucco made of polystyrene. This type of stucco in the bathroom will not only be water-resistant, but also durable, which will ensure the perfect appearance of the arrangement even for many years.

Ceiling and skirting boards

If you are not convinced of interiors full of decorations and would like to keep your bathroom in a minimalist, modern style, ceiling moldings and skirting boards will work as a subtle and practical decoration. The combination of these two elements will make the bathroom arrangement look neat and refined in every detail.

Floor strips are the most frequently chosen stucco for interior design. They have a protective function – they protect the wall against damage and splashes. Those from Mardom Decor also have the patented ScratchShiled® technology, which makes the material maximally hardened and therefore resistant to mechanical damage such as abrasions from a vacuum cleaner or impacts from furniture. Bathroom stucco with ScratchShiled® technology will not only look nice, but will also provide high protection for your interior.

Stucco in the bathroom – MD014 Mardom Decor skirting boards

Listwy sufitowe to nie tylko dekoracyjny element wnętrzarski, ale również, w połączeniu z taśmą LED, dodatkowe oświetlenie w pomieszczeniu. Sztukateria przysufitowa Mardom Decor została udoskonalona o innowacyjną technologię LightGuard®, dzięki której diody nie przebijają przez materiał, zapewniając łatwy i szybki montaż oraz piękny efekt oświetleniowy. To rozwiązanie sprawdzi się nie tylko w nowoczesnych wnętrzach, ale również w każdej łazience, w której niezbędne jest dodatkowe źródło światła.

Stucco in the bathroom – wall cut-off strip

Another idea you can use in your bathroom is to use a single cut-off strip on the walls. Installed at a height of approximately 1/3 of the wall, it will visually divide the space and constitute an interesting design addition.

Stucco in the bathroom – wall strip cutting off at 1/3 of the wall

The wall cut-off strip looks best when installed above the washbasin line, framing the natural stone or tiles at the bottom of the bathroom wall.

Wall frames

Bathroom stucco can also be used as wall frames – this is the most classic way to use stucco. Most often, they are installed as wall decorations in the living room, living room or bedroom in a glamorous style. When planning screens in the bathroom, it is worth choosing delicate stucco that will compliment the interior and not overwhelm it with its rich form.

White wall strips are a common design choice for the bathroom. Screens can be single or double – it all depends on how much space we want to allocate on the walls for stucco and the desired effect. The more elements on the wall, the more a given area will be exposed. It is worth remembering this if we want to use stucco in the bathroom and we don’t have much space.

Stucco in the bathroom will work not only as a wall decoration, it can also be used to decorate furniture or create attractive mirror frames. In addition to wall strips, you can also add ceiling rosettes to the cabinets, creating unique, three-dimensional compositions.

Wall strips in the form of frames perfectly complement classic interiors, but they can also be used in a modern style. It all depends on the amount and type of selected additives. Stucco is a simple way to add character to the interior.

Wall panels

The next arrangement idea are wall panels, resembling wooden strips, arranged in rows at the height of the wall. Natural materials are not suitable for bathroom decoration due to their hygroscopic properties. We offer Lamelli by Mardom Decor as a great alternative. This is a collection of wall panels with a wood structure and color, but made of waterproof and fully safe polyurethane. It is exactly the same material and technology that we use to create our skirting boards—enriched with ScratchShield® technology to ensure full resistance to mechanical damage and perfect appearance for many years of use.

However, the slats do not have to be installed along the entire length of the wall. They can be used as a subtle decorative element, mounted at 1/3 of the wall.

Our wood-like tiles can be used to decorate an entire wall – the well-thought-out length of 270 cm has been adjusted to the height of most apartments, which allows for quick installation without the need to create problematic joints. Such a decoration, reaching from floor to ceiling, effectively catches the eye. Our offer also includes a 200 cm long version, thanks to which the stucco in the bathroom will be perfectly suited to your needs and interior design requirements. Perfect for highlighting the most important elements of the bathroom and visually dividing the space.

Interior design with red lamellas from the Lamelli by Mardom Decor collection

Wood-colored slats are not the only arrangement option. Mardom Decor’s offer also includes white wall panels that can be painted in any color, creating truly unique arrangements that fully match our style and taste.

Paneling (English wainscoting)

English paneling or wainscoting is often used to arrange corridors or vestibules. However, nothing stops you from implementing this interior design element in the bathroom. Traditional paneling may not be resistant to moisture, but you can successfully make one yourself by creating an appropriate composition of screens and cut-off strips. English stucco paneling by Mardom Decor is perfect for styling your bathroom.

To sum up today’s entry – what stucco for the bathroom will be the best? Definitely durable, waterproof, one that will look perfect in our interior after many years 😉

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