If you are looking to bring the style of ancient Rome or Greece into your interior, Mardom Decor decorative columns will be the perfect way to make such an arrangement.
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The modern stucco market offers sets of decorative columns, characterized by maximum light weight and high resistance to potential mechanical damage.

The material used in their production, in addition, is completely resistant to moisture and water, which makes them suitable for use literally anywhere. If the need arises to use a column set for the bathroom, nothing will stand in the way.

Decorative columns

In the traditional character, decorative columns played a supporting role and a decorative function. In the context of modern stucco, we are already talking only about the latter. Thus, the decorative column now plays a decorative role and serves to improve the aesthetics of the interior and give it a unique character. Sets maintained, for example, in the court style can dramatically change the visual perception of the whole.

In our company you will find three sizes of columns – small, medium and large, as well as two models – smooth and enriched with grooves. The height of the column is 239.5 centimeters as standard, and the diameter depends on the selected size – it can count 15, 18 or 20 centimeters.

Free-standing columns

Our decorative columns consist of three elements, to the column itself must be added caps and bases, so in the classic distinction we can mention the following elements:

  • head,
  • stem,
  • base.

The wide range of products available in our online store will make you finish any interior and room in an unconventional way. Columns will work well for the living room, but the placement and application depends on your idea.

The construction of the product is a durable and lightweight material, which will allow efficient installation. Assistance from the renovation team from the interior finishing will not be necessary. Similarly, the case is with changing the color scheme of the column. Just remember to use water-based paints, which in their composition do not contain solvents harmful to stucco.

Our decorations combined with an interesting wall design will make your property one of a kind!

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