We invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of adhesives dedicated to fixing stucco products and lamella panels. We have collected the most advanced technological adhesives that allow you to conveniently and quickly fix decorative systems, without the use of professional tools or having advanced technical competence.

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Most of the products available in our store – wall moldings, skirting boards, ceiling moldings, decors or lamellar panels – are elements whose mounting system is based on dedicated, manufacturer-recommended adhesives. They allow you to perform the installation completely on your own – without the help of a professional, which significantly speeds up the process of decorating the space, but also reduces the cost of interior metamorphosis. So, deciding on the highest quality decorative components, you can also count on modern and intuitive installation, which you can easily do yourself.

The binders offered in this category are fully compatible with the other design components available in our store. They provide an extremely durable fixation, which translates into many years of solid maintenance of the structure, as well as the extreme convenience of the installation process. All the adhesives we sell are safe for humans and animals – you do not have to worry about their negative impact on the health of residents. The adhesives are color-matched to the design of design accessories, which ensures the highest aesthetics of fixing. In addition, the adhesives provide maximum bonding strength on the surfaces indicated by the manufacturer, and the speed of grip of the binder is instant.

For the products offered in this category, you will find information on the components for which they are recommended, as well as the manufacturer’s projected performance – so you will have no problem choosing the right adhesive for your needs. However, if you have any doubts about the type of binder indicated for your chosen decor, feel free to contact the staff of our store – we will provide all the necessary information.

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