Skirting boards

Mardom Decor skirting boards are a universal stucco element, which is an absolute standard for interior finishing these days. This decor combines stylistic advantages and introduces a range of functionality to the room.

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Skirting boards

Skirting boards, although sometimes treated as a minor detail, can change not only the appearance, but also the character of the entire interior. They are aesthetic, but also highly practical arrangement elements that combine high functionality with a beautiful appearance, creating a unique atmosphere of each room.

Their main function is to mask unsightly gaps in the floor that occur after installing the floor panels. Expansion joints are an integral part of the installation of the substrate, thanks to which our panels retain their perfect appearance. Baseboards in such situations are indispensable. They not only mask assembly imperfections, but also effectively protect the floors against dirt, dirt and moisture penetrating into the structure, thanks to which the floor does not bulge over time, while maintaining its perfect appearance.

Floor profiles are also used to secure and protect walls. The skirting board prevents any damage to the surface and the formation of dirt that may arise during everyday use, e.g. when washing the floor, children playing, accidental foot kicks or collisions with furniture legs. Skirting boards will also work well to protect corners or protruding edges on the line of panels in our house. Wall protection is a very important factor thanks to which our interiors look neat and aesthetic.

The skirting board can also be used as an aesthetic mask for furniture legs, e.g. kitchen furniture. Then you should choose a model with the right height to perfectly match the dimensions of the furniture. Skirting boards with a special profile can also effectively hide cables, wires and other household electrical installations. You should then choose a model with a section that has a special space.

White skirting boards perfectly match various materials, thanks to which they can be an aesthetic transition on the wall-floor line, between different materials. They will match both carpets, wood or tiles, and when properly installed, they can also be used as effective stair profiles.

Skirting boards are also an aesthetic element of interior design. Thanks to them, you can create a coherent composition, and by choosing a model with the right shape, adjust it to the selected style or character of the interior.

Mardom Decor white skirting boards

For practical reasons, skirting boards are an inseparable element of interior design. This stucco element will be used in any room, effectively protecting walls, floors and more. That is why, when choosing white skirting boards for our room, it is worth choosing high-quality products that will retain their original appearance and protective properties for years.

A popular, widely available solution on the market are PVC skirting boards and MDF skirting boards. These, however, have some disadvantages that can play a significant role in certain types of rooms. MDF skirting boards are made of a wood-based material that may not be sufficiently resistant to water, especially in very wet rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. An MDF skirting board exposed to water for a long time can swell and distort, which will significantly affect the aesthetics of our room. PVC skirting board is a widely available option that can be obtained in almost every supermarket. Made of plastic, it guarantees complete water resistance. However, the PVC material is a low-quality plastic that shines unsightly, which can negatively affect the aesthetics of our interior, especially if we want to arrange the room in a specific interior style of our choice. In that case, which white skirting board will work best? Polymer, which is characterized by high quality, this is exactly what Mardom Decor stucco is.

Mardom Decor stucco is made of high-quality polymer with the addition of special refiners, thanks to which it is much denser and more resistant than other options available on the market. The skirting boards are made of proprietary PolyForce material, which is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, to ensure the highest quality and durability of our products, Mardom Decor white skirting boards have been enriched with the innovative ScratchShield® technology, which consists in maximum hardening of the surface. As a result, our white skirting boards gained impact strength and impact resistance, becoming resistant to impacts and scratches. They show 40% better resistance to mechanical damage than stucco without this technology. These are the hardest skirting boards available on the market.

Mardom Decor white skirting boards are also resistant to moisture and UV radiation, so they can be used in rooms exposed to constant water and strong sunlight. Thanks to this, it is an excellent option for bathrooms, kitchens and public spaces.

When white skirting boards?

White skirting boards are a classic solution that will be perfect for various architectural styles. The Mardom Decor offer includes white skirting boards in various shapes – from classic, geometric profiles, through subtly grooved, to decorative models. Thanks to the high variety, you will surely find the perfect model that will perfectly emphasize the character of your interior.

The Mardom Decor skirting board is not only a perfect look. Our offer includes well-thought-out designs that you can easily adjust to the height of your room. Skirting boards up to 8 cm high will work in small rooms with low ceilings, those with dimensions of 8-10 cm will fit into standard interiors, e.g. in blocks of flats, and heights above 10 cm will beautifully emphasize tenement houses or houses with high ceilings.

Mardom Decor white skirting board is also a perfect solution for everyone who appreciates comprehensive solutions. If you want to keep the perfect, snow-white whiteness of your stucco in MardomDecor, you will find the exclusive Premium line, covered with the SupremeSatin® coating, which is an additional protective layer, protecting the moldings from mechanical damage and creating an effective barrier to moisture and dirt. White skirting boards can be installed immediately – they do not need to be additionally painted or protected. Thanks to this, the magic of assembly is reduced to a minimum, ensuring the maximum visual effect.

Mardom Decor skirting boards – assembly on the line of the wall and floor panels

Installation of MDF or PVC skirting boards very often requires the use of additional tools – metal profiles, pins and plugs, which can be problematic for untrained users. Mardom Decor white skirting board requires only glue to be installed! It is enough to apply Fix Pro or Mardom Max glue to the inner edge of the skirting board in a wavy motion, and then press it to the wall for several seconds. Ready!

After the fixing product dries, the skirting boards are ready for further work! It is a non-invasive solution, thanks to which you can quickly and easily install skirting boards even on problematic surfaces, or mask old floor stucco, without having to remove it first.

Black skirting boards

Black skirting boards have been gaining in popularity in recent years. It is a beautiful, effective addition that fits perfectly in modern rooms. A black skirting board can be used as a standard skirting board, but also as an effective finishing element of a slat wall. The Mardom Decor offer includes a black skirting board with a minimalist design, which you can easily arrange to match any interior style. Protected with a special coating, it allows for immediate mounting to the surface. However, that’s not all!

What color should skirting boards be?

All Mardom Decor panel moldings have been factory-protected with a white primer paint. A special primer smoothes their structure, but also supports the adhesion of the pigment, thanks to which the stucco can be easily repainted in any color. Black skirting boards with decorative ornaments for a classic room? Futuristic models in a shade of powder pink? No problem!

Mardom Decor LED skirting board

LED skirting boards are another modern arrangement solution that fits perfectly in contemporary interior design – not only does it look very impressive, but it is also very practical. The LED skirting board is an additional source of light in the room. Thanks to it, the apartment takes on a unique character – atmospheric lighting will introduce a bit of romance into our interior, but will also serve as a practical element of equipment – with their help you can illuminate a dark corridor, stairs or other problematic areas in our house. The LED skirting board will make it easier for us to move around, ensuring safety regardless of the time of day.

The Mardom Decor LED skirting board has the innovative LightGuard® technology, thanks to which the diodes on the LED strip do not shine through the material. This procedure allowed to significantly shorten and facilitate the assembly process. White skirting boards without this technology require an additional LED strip to eliminate unsightly piercing through the material. Thanks to the LightGuard® technology, the skirting boards only need to be attached to the surface and ready. The effect of perfectly diffused light is guaranteed.

Skirting boards for panels

What finishing strips for floor panels to choose so that they perfectly match any interior style and emphasize the floor? Definitely classic, in a neutral cut, the ones that will still perfectly match our engagement even after many years. White skirting boards will be perfect for this purpose. They will be a beautiful decoration of classic wooden floors, but also emphasize the modern character of a floor made of stone or concrete, as well as decorate popular vinyl or laminate floor panels.

The classic style combined with dark floors made of natural materials will look very impressive with richly decorated, decorative skirting boards. Glamor interiors will love the delicate curves of the cross-section and deep grooves. White skirting boards with a simple form are perfect for minimalist arrangements, but also for Scandinavian style. A skirting board with an original, futuristic design will become a beautiful decoration of art deco or retro interiors.

Which moldings for floor tiles?

Mardom Decor white skirting boards are made of durable, waterproof PolyForce material, which is why they are perfect for any type of interior, including bathrooms or kitchens, where tiles are most often used.

Flexible skirting board

An uneven, crooked wall with curves and curves may prove problematic for standard floor stucco. However, modern skirting boards have been adapted to problematic surfaces and allow installation even in the case of numerous curvatures. The solution to this problem is a flexible floor skirting board.

Mardom Decor skirting boards – what kind of skirting boards for crooked walls?

The flexible Flex Mardom Decor skirting board is perfect for uneven surfaces or rounded walls. A special Flex material made of polyurethane allows for a perfect adjustment of the skirting board material to the gluing surface. Thanks to this, white skirting boards will work on any surface. Just like other Mardom Decor skirting boards, they can be painted in any color with water-based paint. For assembly, we recommend the dedicated Mardom Fix Extra glue.

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