Premium skirting boards

In this category of the store we have collected for you the highest quality decorative moldings, which represent a combination of the best parameters of durability, but also design class. Here you will find only proposals based on a combination of innovative materials and advanced production technologies. This exclusive collection of skirting boards has been coated with innovative SupremeSatin lacquer coating, which gives the stucco a perfectly smooth satin finish.

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Premium skirting boards

Just like the standard version, Premium strips play an important role in both home and commercial interiors. They mask the expansion gap, protecting the floors against moisture and dirt penetration. Thanks to this, there is no risk that over time the panels will creak or crackle underfoot due to accumulated sand, for example, or that they will swell and deform due to water.

It is also an excellent way to protect walls, especially in intensively used rooms such as halls or office spaces. Thanks to this, the surface will be properly protected against accidental scratches, bumps or kicks. Floor strips will also perfectly protect the wall during cleaning – any blows with a vacuum cleaner or wipes with a wet mop will not negatively affect the paint abrasion or dents.

Premium white floor strips – what makes them stand out?

The strips in this category do not require additional painting – you can install them immediately after purchase, without processing, and they will look perfect. They are factory-coated with the highest quality SupremeSatin® varnish, which not only gives the stucco an elegant, satin finish, but also effectively protects the skirting boards against moisture and dirt. Premium skirting boards are a ready-made product that does not need additional protection. They can be immediately installed on the wall-floor line using high-quality glue. This is a perfect solution for people who are looking for a classic arrangement solution for their interior in a snow-white shade.

The use of the highest quality materials and components in production (proprietary mixture of polymers with refiners) also translates into full waterproofness of the product and high resistance to external factors and mechanical damage. Thanks to the use of the proprietary PolyForce material, you do not have to worry about the slats swelling when installed in the bathroom or turning yellow after contact with UV radiation. This is a perfect solution for sanitary spaces, kitchens, living rooms and offices.

The use of advanced ScratchShiled® production technologies translates into the exceptional resistance of this type of decors, which is so important in the context of floor products constantly exposed to external factors. Thanks to the use of the proprietary ScratchShield® technology, our floor stucco has been maximally hardened, showing up to 40% greater hardness than other polymer products available on the market.

High functionality and perfect design of Premium skirting boards

Premium strips are also highly functional – they allow you to aesthetically mask expansion gaps, cover cabling, but also mask uneven walls or joints of plasterboards. With their help, you can aesthetically finish wall and floor compositions, but also emphasize the character of the interior style. The models collected in this category are of the highest quality design.

Premium floor strips are a wealth of patterns and shapes. Each model has a counterpart in an attractive, paintable version, so you can enjoy a wide selection of finishes tailored to your arrangement needs. Mardom Decor’s offer includes minimalist sections with geometric forms, tailored to minimalist, Japanese, Scandinavian and loft interiors, but also richly decorated, ornamental forms with floral decorations that will perfectly highlight glamorous, modern classic or French interiors, adding class, elegance and glitz, but you can also buy stucco with futuristic shapes that will perfectly highlight contemporary designs or those in the Art Deco style.

Premium Mardom Decor skirting board

We offer you the most exclusive models of finishing strips available on the market, which impress not only with their durability and ease of installation based on dedicated glue, but also with their top-class design. Here you will find products in a specific stylistic convention, patterns based on current interior design trends, but also timeless proposals that will fit into various space arrangements, ensuring their long-term decoration.

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