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Curtain rail trim is a product that is even desired by all lovers of elegant and aesthetically pleasing properties. This décor is increasingly used not only in single-family houses, apartments and condos, but also in places with public or service purposes.
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Mardom Decor rails made of aluminum

Aluminum ceiling rails, as they are also called ceiling curtain rods, are a modern product that comes to the rescue when you can’t install classic wall curtain rods in your interior or when their style simply doesn’t appeal to you. This is a finishing element that you can boldly apply in hard-to-reach places.

Metal curtain rods are ideal for properties where there is a small distance between the window and the ceiling. Small enough that the only option left when using curtains and drapes is to mount the curtain rod on the ceiling.

The ceiling curtain rod is unobtrusive, and allows us to fully enhance the charm of decorative fabrics, which, by the way, provide us with maximum privacy in our apartment or house.

Ceiling curtain rails for small interiors

Aluminum ceiling rails fit both large and small interiors. It also makes no difference whether we use them in the setting of a classic or modern style of the room. Thanks to their universal appearance and sleek design, products from this group can be found literally anywhere.

Interestingly, by allowing the use of curtains and drapes, ceiling rails visually elevate the room. Thus, this solution is certainly desirable among owners of low properties or interiors with a small volume.

Ceiling rail made of aluminum – resistant to moisture and sun.

Aluminum ceiling rail is a product resistant to potential mechanical damage. Made of durable and proven components, it is adapted to the possibility of many years of use.

Of course, this component is resistant to moisture and sunlight. And this ensures that it does not discolor over time and does not lose its visual appeal.

For comparison of products, it is enough to mention here pvc ceiling rails, which sometimes after just one season are only suitable for replacement. Aluminum rail is the complete opposite, which impresses with impeccable quality and fashionable design.

Where can ceiling curtain rods be used?

The described finishing elements can be used in any room and in any arrangement. Stylish aluminum rail will allow you to emphasize the individual character of the interior and give it even more “flavor”.

As we have already mentioned, our product is resistant to moisture and UV rays, so you can use it literally anywhere, in any location – in any room in the house, store, commercial premises, office, etc.

Division into single and double track profiles

How do we distinguish between aluminum ceiling rails? Accept the basic division:

single-track ceiling rail – on this type of curtain rail can be placed one fabric, so we must choose whether it will be curtains or drapes;
two-track ceiling rail – a product that allows the use of two fabrics at the same time – so curtains and curtains or any other combination.
Characteristics of Mardom Decor ceiling curtain rods

As we have already mentioned, our curtain rods are made of aluminum, so you can be sure that it is a durable material that will enable fruitful and long use of the purchased product.

All our curtain rod models are made with due care and precision, which allows you to move the fabrics smoothly, without forcibly pulling on the fabrics.

Each customer can decide which suspension element he will choose for his curtain rods – whether it will be safety pins or frogs. Of course, the excellent quality of workmanship makes our rails work smoothly and the mentioned safety pins and frogs do not jam when moving curtains and drapes.

A great advantage of our products is their powder coating. In the perspective of many years of use, the coating of the curtain rod does not chip and retains its original structure.

The ceiling model of the curtain rail is a product for which you will not need brackets, as is the case with wall curtain rods.

Installation of a ceiling rail – how does it proceed?

If you decide to purchase the entire set with accessories, you will receive rails with the necessary components for installation in the interior. We are talking about curtain rail plugs, ceiling brackets, bracket plugs, safety pins or frogs – your choice, wheels with screws and curtain rail locks.

It is worth mentioning that our ceiling rail comes in a variety of sizes. the customer can choose from 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm and 250 cm long product.

The installation process itself is done by attaching the product to the ceiling with dowels. If you have a drill, dowels and a pair of hands to help, the installation should not prove to be an impossible task.

Combine rails with curtain rails

In our offer you will also find wall and ceiling curtain rails, also known as curtain rails. This is a group of products that will effectively hide the curtain rails, and, when combined with ceiling slats, will create an interesting, closed composition in the upper area of the interior.

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