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The Lamelli Medio series of slatted panels are extremely striking and designer three-dimensional wall decorations. Built in the form of a panel decorated with slats with a width of 2,6 cm, they allow a quick and low-engagement metamorphosis of the interior. Models of this series are ideal for decorating the walls of living rooms, bedrooms, creating TV walls, but also for separating spaces without using partitions and carrying out engaging renovations at home.

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Lamelli Medio series panels are ideal for both residential interiors and spaces of businesses, restaurants or hotels. Their optimal length of 270 cm translates into a convenient possibility to enclose the entire wall – you can also mount them on the ceiling, introducing into the interior a non-obvious effect of cozy and modern design at the same time. The styling of the panels is very classic, which allows them to fit into many spaces. In addition, five color variants of the oak structure and the classic white color give a wide range of design possibilities. You can also choose a white lamella and, with the help of paint, give it the color you desire.

However, Lamelli Medio is much more than an impressive form of decorating a space. Manufactured from highly resistant PolyForce plastic, using the embossed lamination method and additionally reinforced with ScratchShield technology, dedicated to hardening the surface of the products, they are durable in the context of minor mechanical damage and impacts. In addition, the panels are water-resistant, which gives the possibility of fixing them in spaces exposed to moisture. Exposed to UV radiation, they do not yellow or discolor, plus they have acoustic properties. This means that it is ideal for fixing in hotel rooms, but also in bedrooms or home offices. The material used and advanced production technologies translate into the fact that Lamelli Medio series lamellas are a top-class product.

In addition, the attachment of the panels is very convenient and intuitive – you just need to fix them with the recommended adhesive to enjoy a durable and at the same time impressive wall structure. For the panels you can purchase dedicated left and right ends, which allow you to aesthetically close the wall composition, as well as secure the structure. You will find all the accessories necessary for fixing Lamelli Medio in the offer of our store – we invite you to go shopping.

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