Few stucco components can contain as many striking and exquisite ornaments as ceiling rosaces. These products simply refer to decorative motifs used in the fine arts or architecture of previous centuries. Thanks to them, the customer can easily and quickly significantly raise the aesthetic value of a room. In our offer there is a very rich selection of this distinctive decor. This gives you the opportunity to freely choose and perfectly match the goods to the characteristics of the interior and its style.

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Characteristics of a modern decorative rosette

In addition to designs that typically refer to ancient times, there are many models on the market today that fit more with modern styles of interior architecture. In addition, they can be placed both on the ceiling (as a beautiful combination of chandelier and ceiling) and as a decoration on the walls. A good example of combining the traditional character of the rosette and a completely new look at this decorative element is our cooperation with Tomek Rygalik. He is one of the country’s most recognized industrial designers and the author of our two flagship stucco collections. His designs combine minimalism and skillful play of light, and the rosette models QR002 and QR005 are exactly that.

Stylish rosaces by Mardom Decor

The aforementioned decorative rosaces have streamlined shapes and a special space for cables and the light source. We know from experience that they look extremely impressive and are one of the highlights of the room in which they are installed. In combination with impressive lighting, ceiling rosaces will look extremely interesting and impressive. Interestingly, in our offer you can find a square rosette, which is an absolute innovation on the Polish market. Tradition has managed to get us used to round rosaces, while our company has decided to break this pattern. The model in question is the aforementioned QR005, designed by Tomek Rygalik.

Ceiling rosaces made of ProFoam

A modern ceiling rosette is most often made of polyurethane. In the case of Mardom Decor’s products, we used our modern ProFoam plastic, which combines low weight with high strength and allows the creation of deep and clear decorations. The use of plastic allows you to paint the rosaces in any color you want, so you can easily adapt them to the color scheme of the entire room. Remember, however, that for this purpose you can only use interior paints that do not contain solvents.

Styrofoam rosaces – comparison

Styrofoam rosaces are one type of this type of decor. Is it worth betting on it? It certainly does not guarantee as much durability as our proprietary ceiling rosaces from ProFoam. So if you care about a product of a higher standard, we strongly recommend Mardom Decor rosaces.

The use of ceiling rosaces in interiors

Modern decorations in the form of rosaces can be used in two ways. Traditionally as a complement to the ceiling and a beautiful finish for a chandelier, or as an element of wall decoration. One of our designs – B3110 – is a product with a diameter of only 9,4 cm. Thus, it is ideal for sticking on the wall and in several places to create an interesting arrangement, for example, in the living room, bedroom or other part of the house. rosaces are lightweight and easy to install, so no wonder they are a product so popular with lovers of beautiful interiors. They can be easily painted, which will make it easy to adapt them to the color scheme of the interior or give them a contrasting character.

Rosaces in historical perspective

Ceiling rosaces are unique decorative elements that can boast a long presence in the history of interior design. They were most popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. At that time they were made in stucco or painted on the ceiling or plafond in the form of a circle with floral ornaments. Nowadays, thanks to modern stucco, rosaces are once again booming as decorative elements for interiors. Their character, on the one hand, has remained faithful to the old style, but on the other hand we can meet with many even futuristic designs, and in their production and distribution Mardom Decor is leading the way. Nowadays, this product is even more widely used, as models are created that can be juxtaposed with striking lighting or placed on walls.

Interior stuccowork – choose the most interesting ceiling rosaces

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of decorative rosaces in our store. Pay special attention to the innovation and richness of the designs available from us, and if you have any questions about the Mardom Decor assortment, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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