Decorative pilasters for interiors are an extremely interesting form for decorating a house, apartment or other type of property. Most often we can meet them as a complement to the style of a classic or even antique character.
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In the past, this architectural form was associated primarily with ancient Rome, where, together with columns, pilasters formed an extremely interesting composition and constituted the visual strength of the facade of a given building.

Modern stucco has given new life to these forms and made it possible to place them not only on the outside of buildings, but also inside. Today, the use of pilasters in the interior is no problem, even if the room is not large. And this, in turn, makes it possible for everyone to afford an unconventional arrangement that will take the breath away from all guests.

Pilaster – an element that protrudes in front of the face of the wall

But let’s start with a detailed explanation of what a pilaster is. Pilasters are flat pillars, protruding slightly in front of the face of the wall. Pilasters once had both a structural function for buildings and a decorative one.

These decors usually consist of three elements: head, shaft and base. This is also the case in our store, where we distinguish between the base, the pilaster and the top of the pilaster. These elements significantly increase the visual value of the interior and give it a unique design.

Multiplied pilasters can also be used in the interior, which will further enhance its unique and striking appearance. They can also be used as part of the framing of window openings.

Facade pilasters vs. interior pilasters

Pilasters used to occur in the form of elements blended into the wall partitions of the exterior of buildings. In ancient architectural layouts, we can see that the façade pilaster dismembered the wall and created divisions on it.

In modern construction, pilasters are used in the form of decorative elements referring to their ancient counterparts. They are often used in court-like compositions.

On the other hand, when it comes to interior architecture, modern pilasters are made of materials resistant to damage and moisture and water. In the case of Mardom Decor, this is our innovative ProFoam material. Thanks to its use, our products are highly resistant to potential mechanical damage and can also be placed in rooms characterized by increased humidity.

Choose pilasters available in our store

Why is it worth taking advantage of Mardom Decor’s offer? First of all, our products can be adapted to any interior due to three sizes – we have pilasters with a length of 240, 220 and 200 centimeters. There is also a difference in width – we have wider and narrower pilasters, depending on the needs of our customers.

Our pilasters are a decorative element that can be easily kept clean. Just wipe them with a wet cloth and you’re done! The installation process itself is also very simple and is limited to gluing the product to the substrate with a dedicated adhesive from Mardom Decor.

Choose our decors to give a new face to your property! Compile the components of the kit that will make up the entire pilaster according to your preferences. If you have questions or need help selecting the right components, we can advise you!

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