Wall stucco is an extremely beautiful and popular decorative element in contemporary interior design. For centuries, it has adorned the interiors and facades of buildings — from elegant baseboards to intricately carved ceiling ornaments. Stucco adds charm, style, and sophistication to any room.
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Stucco is the art of adding elegance, style and sophistication to interiors. For centuries it has been an integral part of architecture and room design, adding uniqueness and enriching aesthetics. Today, wall stucco continues to be popular and is used in both traditional and modern designs. Over the years, stucco for the wall has changed significantly – both the material that is used for its production as well as the shapes, application and available colors.

Modern stucco will be perfect not only for all architectural styles, but also types of interiors. It doesn’t matter if you are about to add moldings or other decorative elements to your home, office or restaurant. Stucco in the living room, stucco in the kitchen, stucco in the bathroom or stucco in the hallway. Interior design for classic, glamour, French, Italian or boho style. Decorate how you want and where you want – nothing limits you.

Wall stucco in white is the perfect solution for your interior. It allows a wide range of design possibilities, so with its help you can easily arrange your four corners exactly as you dream. However, stucco for the wall is not everything. You can choose from:

  • stucco for the ceiling – ceiling and curtain moldings
  • decorative stucco – wall moldings
  • skirting boards
  • LED stuccowork
  • interior flexible stuccowork
  • corner stuccowork
  • rosettes
  • columns and semi-columns
  • pilasters
  • stucco around doors and stucco around windows

Interior stuccowork by Mardom Decor

Modern stucco is an unlimited choice of designs, models, but also materials. Styrofoam moldings are a popular choice, widely available on the market. Stucco made of polystyrene is lightweight and the material is malleable, so polystyrene decorative moldings come in many fancy designs. However, when installing this type of stucco in the interior, you need to take into account its low durability. The use of such a soft material means that the stucco will quickly wear out – small abrasions can lead to the formation of holes, and pressure, even the hands of a child deform the surface. Another common choice is wall stucco manufactured from MDF. This is a resistant material to mechanical damage, but it is made of compressed MDF (wood-based plastic), which is not water-resistant. These moldings cannot be installed in rooms with higher humidity levels like kitchens or bathrooms, as this could lead to swelling and delamination of the material. So which wall stucco will work best? Mardom Decor!

Mardom Decor interior stuccowork are high-quality decors manufactured from waterproof polymer. This makes them ideal for problematic rooms with a high risk of flooding like laundry rooms, bathrooms and sanitary rooms. Mardom Decor wall stucco is also UV-resistant – the moldings, even when exposed to intense sunlight, will not yellow after time. Installed in the interior near the window, they will look perfect for many years, regardless of the conditions in our room.

Mardom Decor wall art is available in two materials – PolyForce and ProFoam. PolyForce material is a proprietary blend of high-quality polymers with enhancers, which affect the high density of our moldings. This makes them durable and resistant to mechanical damage. What’s more, in response to the high demands of our customers, we have developed the innovative ScratchShield® technology, which involves maximum hardening of the material. This makes the surface resistant to impacts and scratches. During testing, it showed 40% greater resistance to damage than stucco without this technology. ProFoam plastic, on the other hand, is a perfect combination of durability and excellent design. It allows the creation of striking ornamental patterns with a high level of detail.

Mardom Decor wall stucco is coated with a special primer with smoothing properties. White stucco is perfect for painting in any color. You can easily give it a shade of fiery red, subdued green or classic colors such as navy blue or even black.

Mardom Decor stuccowork is a high-quality product that will work well in a variety of rooms, and the wide selection of shapes and paintability will allow you to easily match it to any interior style. Apartment in classic style, New York or maybe hamptons? No problem!

Wall stucco

Wall stucco is the perfect solution for a quick and simple interior metamorphosis. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes that will perfectly fit your project. Wall stucco can take the form of a minimalist, single cut-off strip. Thanks to it, you will easily and aesthetically separate two different material finishes, for example, tiles at the height of 1/3 of the wall, and decorative wallpaper above.

Wall moldings can also be used to create a modern trim. Just use wide, minimalist in form models with smaller, subtly grooved slats. The resulting angel stucco will look very impressive and contemporary. It will be perfect for decorating stairs, walls in the kitchen or hallway.

Stucco on the walls are also impressive screens. Single wall frames, mounted vertically in the form of narrow rectangles, will not only add charm to the interior, but also optically lengthen the room. Wall frames can serve as an additional element to the rest of the interior decoration – as a frame for paintings or mirrors. They can also be a striking decoration in themselves. Creating double or even triple wall frames in combination, for example, with decorative rosettes, will make the interior gain a sophisticated elegance. This is a common procedure used mainly in classical style rooms, but not only. The glamour style also loves all ornaments and showy ornaments.

Ceiling stucco and curtain rail stucco

Ceiling stucco is a very underrated element of interior design. Ceiling moldings allow us to quickly and easily create a smooth transition on the line of the wall and ceiling, making our arrangement look perfectly polished, in every way. However, that’s not all. With their help, we can easily mask any installation deficiencies on the walls in the upper part of the room. Imprecise painting, crookedly glued wallpaper or uneven walls, often hosted in apartment blocks. Ceiling stucco allows us to easily mask these elements, while making our room look fresh, clean and modern.

Stucco on a lowered ceiling will look just as perfect. It is then worth deciding on several models and combining them into a single and coherent ceiling arrangement, which will be a distinctive element of the interior. Ceiling stucco looks great combined with other decorative elements of the interior. When deciding on this type of decoration, it is worth matching the models of the moldings to our dream style. In Mardom Decor you will find both modern, geometric moldings, for example, in the shape of a staircase, but also decorative moldings, subtly curved models with precise grooves in the material.

Ceiling stucco also includes curtain moldings. This is modern stucco, thanks to which you can quickly and easily mask an unsightly-looking rod or rail. Just adjust the appropriate length of the molding, so that it perfectly covers the curtain rod along its length, and you’re done! Carpet moldings can also be installed around the perimeter of the wall ( within the ceiling moldings), so that the interior remains completely consistent. This is an excellent solution for those who appreciate simple, but very impressive design solutions.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards not only affect the final appearance of our room, but have a very important protective function for the floor. They cover the expansion gap, thus protecting the panels from dirt and water. These factors can contribute to the formation of bulges and irregularities on the surface, so when deciding on stucco, skirting boards should be the first element we purchase.

Interior baseboard stucco, in order to perform its function, should be of the right width and height. The width should be adjusted to the size of the expansion gap – it must fully mask it. As for the height, it is mainly an aesthetic issue – skirting boards are important decorative elements of the interior. Deciding on this parameter, we should be guided by the height of our ceiling – for low interiors we recommend choosing skirting boards up to a maximum of 8 cm in height, for standard interiors even up to 10, and in high rooms stucco even above 10 cm will look impressive.

Mardom Decor offers traditional skirting boards, dedicated to painting, but also a premium version. This is stucco with a satin finish, which has been covered with an exclusive semi-matte coating in a classic white shade. If you don’t plan to paint your stucco, this is definitely the option for you!

LED stucco

An interesting idea for interior design is modern LED stucco. LED stucco is a great way to add a contemporary touch to your room, combined with beautiful, classic strip designs. Lighting strips can be used as a replacement for traditional lighting or as an accent that will only highlight a selected element of our arrangement – a dressing table, mirror or painting.

Wall stucco, ceiling stucco, baseboard stucco as well as furniture stucco – these are all lighting strips available from Mardom Decor. From classic models with a simple form, through futuristic curved and rounded profiles, to fancy patterns and deep, ornamental grooves. At Mardom Decor you will find the shape of your dreams, which will fit perfectly into your interior design. In addition, for an even better visual effect, our LED stucco features innovative LightGuard® technology, so that the LEDs on the lighting strip do not spot-pierce through the surface. Thanks to the high density of the material from which our LED stucco is manufactured, the strips look impeccable, and the light is diffused around the strip in an impressive way, guaranteeing a perfect visual effect.

Lighting stucco can be used in many ways. The first, and most obvious, is the use of LEDs in curtain and ceiling moldings. These perfectly surround our room, providing the optimal amount of light. In this way we can create an atmospheric atmosphere in our home, which will look phenomenal especially during winter evenings. Another option is skirting boards with LED strip. With this solution, we can additionally illuminate long corridors, stairs or hallways. LED stucco in this form not only looks very impressive, but also provides safety when moving around the house in the dark. Wall stucco can also be installed with a lighting strip – mounted as a picture frame or mirror over a dressing table, it will add a three-dimensional and unique character to the interior.

Modern stucco

Modern stucco is not only high-quality moldings, but also rosettes, pilasters, wall panels and laths. They can be used to decorate an entire space, selected walls or as individual accents. Space arrangements created using these elements will look modern, elegant and complete.

Lamellas and stucco in the form of wall panels are an excellent design solution that allows you to change the appearance of the interior in a chic and easy way. The innovative form of the wall panel makes installation extremely easy. Just apply the right amount of glue to the outer part and press it to the wall. No need to drill, use dowels or additional installation tools.

The Lamelli by Mardom Decor stucco and laths are manufactured from the same durable plastic as our most durable stucco. They feature ScratchShield® technology, making them one of the most durable wall decorations on the market. The wood-patterned laths have an additional high-quality structured surface, which is created using embossed laminate technology. This makes the wood pattern extremely detailed and realistic. Mardom Decor’s white stucco wall panels, on the other hand, are coated with a white primer, which makes it easy to paint the surface in any color.

Stucco on furniture and more

The use of stucco in interior design is very wide. Trim strips are perfect for walls, ceilings, but also for all kinds of home appliances. Thanks to the light weight of the product and the easy installation of decorative elements only on glue, installation on furniture is trouble-free, and the fixing is durable and stable. Stucco on furniture looks very impressive – thanks to it, you can create additional decorations on bathroom cabinets, add three-dimensionality to the kitchen development by gluing wall panels, and in a small hallway to eliminate reverberation by using laths on the cabinet.

The use of stucco on furniture is just one of many examples. Mount stucco on a wall or anywhere else that comes to mind. Design, create and inspire. Enjoy the unique look of your interior and take on more design challenges. Mardom Decor interior stucco will allow you to transform your home beyond recognition.

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