Wall art in a beauty salon

Stucco is not just a decorative element, intended for home use. The jad_luxembourg_interior_design project is perfect proof of this. Looking at the design of the cosmetic clinic created by her, it is easy to forget that it is a commercial room. How to design an interior full of class and elegance, which will, above all, be functional and practical? We have some advice.

First, high quality. Stucco in commercial spaces is constantly exposed to the elements. Care procedures performed in beauty salons can contribute to the destruction of the moldings – swelling under the influence of water vapor or yellowing after contact with UV radiation. When choosing Mardom Decor stucco, its high technical parameters were taken into account. Mouldings made of the highest quality polymer are characterized by resistance to water and light, so they will perform well in such specific conditions.

Second, resistance to damage. Mouldings are constantly exposed to scratches or accidental impacts, especially in public use interiors that are frequented by many people. The moldings have patented ScratchShield® technology, which makes the surface as hardened and resistant to mechanical damage as possible.

Third, the classics. The stucco creates a harmonious composition consisting of decorative frames, which are divided by the MD003 separating strip at a height of 1/3 of the wall. This classic design beautifully fills the space and gives the interior an exclusive character. The MD318 slats that form the screens have a convex, three-dimensional form. The combination of such distinctive decorations with a neutral wall color makes the interior look incredibly elegant.

Fourth, the accessories. The wall moldings have been beautifully highlighted with subtle gold-colored decorations – both the wallpaper and the curtain rod, furniture legs and pot elements are visually consistent with each other. Gold accessories blended into the expressive wall stucco give the interior a sense of elegance and luxury.

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