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Door frames are special trims that can be freely combined with dedicated skirting boards. As a result, we are able to create an aesthetically pleasing door border, which is an extension of the skirting boards used in the room.
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Such an arrangement positively affects the appearance of the door and introduces an interesting design to the interior. Masking the space on the door frame creates an interesting composition and can be an effective extension of the window frame

Door framing – when is it worth using it?

Impressive door framing and well-chosen skirting boards are one of the ideas for an interesting and neat interior with high visual value. In this way you can decorate the living room, but also other parts of the house.

Other decorative elements are also worth considering. The stucco on the wall in the living room are products that effectively break the structure of the walls, introducing a new arrangement to the interior and thereby increasing the aesthetic value of the rooms.

The group of these components includes, first of all, wall moldings (skirting and ceiling moldings can also be included in this group), but also mirror frames, 3D panels, the described door moldings – door frames and window moldings, decorative niches, wall details and wainscoting.

So, as you can see, these are elements that are primarily intended to affect the appearance of the interior, while their practical use remains in the background. The exceptions are moldings for placement on walls, which, in addition to an interesting appearance, also protect the substrate from damage.

Mardom Decor trim

Mardom Decor window and door frames are moldings that are manufactured from highly durable PolyForce plastic. It gives great strength to the product, and this is very important in the context of its role, which is to frame doors.

A great advantage of PolyForce components is their low weight. Thanks to their light weight, they are very easy to mount on the wall. No specialized tools, dowels or nails are needed for this purpose. The whole matter is solved by dedicated glue for stucco. So this is an important fact for those who are not fond of this type of work. Mardom Decor wall decorations allow quick and efficient installation.

Decorative frames as an interesting form of finishing

Wall stucco is in practice an interesting arrangement that can be introduced in the focal point of the house or other rooms. An example is the use of frames for windows and mirrors.

This type of framing can be made yourself from decorative moldings, which come in many designs. In addition, the product is suitable for painting in any color. So you can give it a very interesting design, which will escape the generally accepted norms. However, there is one important condition: for painting we should use interior paints that do not have solvents in their composition and are water-based.

Elegant door frames at your fingertips

Let’s remember that a door is not just a door leaf. It is also worth taking care of the elements around it. If the door frame does not look properly aesthetically pleasing, we recommend using our ready-made solutions in the form of interesting door bands.

In our offer we have six models. Although this is not a wealth of designs equal to our category of skirting boards, but it is undoubtedly a combination that allows you to create a very interesting arrangement.

All our skirting boards are resistant to water and moisture, so you can use them in any room. If you want to effectively mask the fixed door frame, use our door framing.

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