Bevel boxes

A functional and extremely practical accessory for every do-it-yourselfer are bevel boxes. These inconspicuous products are used for convenient and very precise cutting of various elements - including Mardom Decor stucco products collected in the offer of our store. Made of high quality wood and available in numerous size variants, the products have appropriate recesses. They allow you to cut individual components very precisely - for example, at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. You can shorten the decors with a hand saw. You can also use bevel boxes for precise cutting of other components.

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An undeniable advantage of the stucco moldings offered in our store is the wide possibility of their personalization. You can paint the decorative components in the color of your choice using solvent-free paints, but also shorten them to the size you need. Only in this way can you match the dimension of the profile to your room or vision of the decorative system you want to build with their help. However, if you want to do it precisely and avoid cavities in the stucco, you should get the bevel boxes available in this category of our store.

Gathered in our offer, the products stand out from competing solutions for the extraordinary precision of cutting profiles to the angle you need. Thanks to this, you do not need to buy other specialized tools – all you need is a bevel box and a hand saw. In addition, the box models collected in this category allow you to cut also large elements – in contrast to quite a lot of such products available on the market. So you do not have to worry that they will not work well for personalizing stucco – they are ideal even for long decorative components.

With the help of bevel boxes you can cut products made of polyurethane, MDF, PVC, but also wood. Thus, you can use this item repeatedly also during subsequent renovation work. In addition, with its use you will quickly and conveniently cut profiles of different widths and heights.

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