Stucco in the English style as the key to timeless elegance in your home

04.06.2024 4 min

The English style is synonymous with elegance and dignity, which draws inspiration from classic design and architectural solutions. English-style stucco is an inseparable element of Victorian-style arrangements, which adds expressiveness to the interior and makes it look extremely luxurious.

White stucco wall in an English-style interior

When choosing English style, we must remember that it imposes a specific way of decorating the house and specific decorative elements. Which stucco models should you choose and how should you arrange them so that they fit harmoniously into the overall composition? More on this in today’s guide.

What stucco should you choose to match the English-style decor?

The English style is characterized by rich decorations and attention to detail, it loves floral patterns on wallpapers, quilted seats in the Louis style and all kinds of wall decorations. Victorian interiors are dominated by neutral colors, such as beige, ecru and shades of white, as well as whitened pastels. English stucco is most often white, but it can also be painted in the same color as the wall, maintaining the coherence and harmony of the interior. When choosing skirting boards, it is worth paying attention to models with decorative patterns, especially floral ones, which will add lightness to the room and mask sharp angles, making the room “softer”.

Ceiling moldings

In minimalist, contemporary interiors, the angles and raw architecture are emphasized, while in the English style it is quite the opposite. Ceiling moldings play an important role here, masking and covering sharp angles on the wall and ceiling line, which makes the space visually softer and much more elegant. It is also an excellent way to mask modern cables, wires, protruding pipes or other unsightly elements in the ceiling space. Visible, high models with rich ornamentation will be perfect for the English style and will emphasize the elegance of the English style.

Skirting board

Skirting boards are standard in every interior. They mask the expansion joints and protect the walls. However, stucco in the English style should be much more decorative, so it is worth choosing high, expressive strips that will become an important decorative element. However, remember to maintain the proportions of the interior – in a room with a low ceiling, strips up to a maximum of 8 cm high, without excessive ornaments, will work better, which will avoid visual overload. Instead, you can choose more classic models with single or double milling.

Wall moldings

The Victorian style cannot do without decorative wall frames. Symmetrical patterns mounted across the entire width of the wall look best. These most classic arrangements consist of upper rectangular frames (large element) and lower square frames (small element), separated by a decorative cut-off strip. Wall strips will also work well in the form of English wainscoting, where a cutting strip is used at the height of 1/3 of the wall, and double or triple decorative frames below. Wainscoting can be used to decorate living rooms, kitchens and small passages where space for decorations is very limited. This will make the room look cozy but not overwhelmed. To further enrich the composition of wall screens, you can use decorated corners – this will add an additional decorative element to your arrangement and the screens will gain a luxurious character.

Window frames

Nowadays, we often forget about window decoration, usually limiting ourselves only to installing roller blinds. In the Victorian style, however, it is worth choosing a double curtain rod and a layered window arrangement as well as a decorative window frame. High window frames in tenement houses will look particularly impressive, but standard-height interiors will also gain elegance. Window frames can be created using pilasters in combination with decors, but also by using wide wall strips.

Or maybe English-style stucco in the hall? Elegance right from the entrance

Hallways are most often narrow and do not leave much room for maneuver when it comes to using a large number of decorative elements. This does not mean, however, that nothing can be done in such interiors. Here are some ideas for using stucco in a problematic, narrow and small hall.

One effective way to add elegance to a hall is to use door frames. You can use ready-made pilasters or wide floor strips. Pilasters, unlike columns, are flat wall elements that do not take up valuable space. Additionally, adding a decor in the middle of the frame above the door will make the hall look very luxurious.

Wall frames with decorative corners

Another idea is to use English wainscoting, but in a modern version – created with white wall lamellas. Its installation is extremely simple thanks to the form of a wall panel. The slats can be easily attached to the wall in one piece, making them perfect for narrow and problematic spaces. Another advantage is the possibility of painting. White Lamelli panels are available in two variants – a Premium version, covered with SupremeSatin® varnish with a white, satin finish, and a version dedicated to painting, covered with a special matte primer that increases the adhesion of the pigment. Thanks to this, you can decorate the corridor by adding interesting three-dimensionality to a flat wall, without the risk of wasting valuable space. Such English wainscoting will not only be very impressive, but also durable thanks to the use of modern ScratchShield® technology, which hardens the surface and protects it against mechanical damage.

Another idea for decorating the hall is to decorate the ceiling. In addition to the ceiling strips already discussed, it is also worth considering decorative rosettes, which will look particularly impressive when installed in the center of the room as a background for the chandelier. To enrich the decoration, you can also use wall strips in the form of screens with decorative corners. Such solutions will add elegance to the interior and make the hall look cozy and stylish right from the entrance.

How will stucco fit English-style furniture?

Victorian-style decorations can also appear on furniture. However, you do not have to replace all the elements and make expensive renovations – just use stucco on furniture fronts to give them a second life.

English-style stucco on furniture fronts, designed by

You can use wall panels to create impressive grooves, which are currently very fashionable but unfortunately cost a lot. The Lumio collection is perfect for creating concave patterns, while the Duna or Vivid collections are perfect for creating eye-catching convex patterns. Thanks to them, you can easily change the appearance of old furniture, giving it a unique character.

Small rosettes will also be useful for decorating furniture. Thanks to them, you can add elegant accents to cabinet fronts, doors and drawers. Rosettes can be placed in the central points of furniture, creating symmetrical and harmonious compositions that emphasize the English style. Such decorations add subtlety and sophistication to the space, without overwhelming it.

Screens made of stucco strips are other elements that can be used to decorate furniture fronts. By using subtle and small strips, you can create subtle frames on cabinet doors, adding a unique charm to them. Thanks to these simple but effective treatments, English stucco can become an integral part of the furniture, emphasizing the elegance and classic style of the space.

Stucco in the English style – summary

Stucco in the English style is a key element of the arrangement, adding expressiveness and luxury to the interior. When choosing this style, it is worth choosing decorative ceiling, skirting and wall strips, as well as window frames, which will emphasize the elegance of the interior. Even in narrow halls or on furniture, stucco can add class and style, harmoniously fitting into the overall composition. Thanks to the appropriate selection of elements, any room can gain timeless elegance.

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