Wall panels in modern interiors – methods and examples of use

21.05.2024 5 min

Once known for its artificial, plastic shine, today it is high quality with an elegant, matte finish. Wall panels look great in modern interiors, breaking the cold character of the rooms and bringing interesting three-dimensionality and a bit of coziness.

WP003 Mardom Decor wall panel in the living room arrangement

Contemporary decorative panels are not only visually attractive, but also functional, offering a variety of patterns and application possibilities. From full walls to subtle accents, wall panels allow you to quickly transform any room. We present some inspirations that we hope will encourage you to explore this solution and refresh your interior using modern wall panels.

Modern wall panels – use in contemporary spaces

In contemporary interior designs, 3D wall panels gain a new face, available in a variety of finishes and shapes – from natural-looking wooden lamellas, through rounded semicircles, to dynamic triangle patterns and chaotic asymmetry. The art of using wall panels lies in their skillful adjustment to the interior, so that they not only constitute a decorative element, but also emphasize the modern character of the rooms. The decorative panel offers countless possibilities for arranging any interior, making it an excellent choice for lovers of aesthetic and functional solutions.

Wall panel on the TV wall painted pink WP002 Mardom Decor

We start with the greatest classic of interior design! The wall panel is the perfect solution for a TV wall. Television areas do not have to be boring and “technological” in their appearance. By using a wall panel to decorate this space, you can create an impressive, but more importantly, coherent and modern composition that perfectly fits the atmosphere of the interior. Depending on your needs and preferences, wall panels can cover the entire wall, create a recess for a TV set, or constitute a background on which an additional board will be placed and RTV equipment will be directly mounted on it.

Wall panels in the form of white lamellas on the TV wall L0101 Mardom Decor

Wall panels also work great as a decorative element on a part of the wall – behind a sofa or dressing table. Their subtle use allows you to delicately emphasize the character of the space without dominating it, which makes them a universal solution for various arrangement styles – they will work well in both the loft style (architectural concrete and slats are a perfect duo!) and glamorous.

Wall panels in the form of lamellas behind the dressing table in the bedroom L0101 Mardom Decor

Using a wall panel in this way, you can also visually divide the apartment and designate zones. This is an important trick that can be useful in new construction – the kitchenette can be divided by using wall panels in the dining area – at the table or in the rest area – behind the sofa. It is also a perfect way to separate a separate zone in large rooms or in rooms that are intended to perform several functions, e.g. a large room and an office or a bedroom and a dressing table with a beauty zone. Panels installed in this way will not only look extremely aesthetic, but will also add functionality to the interior.

Beige painted wall panels in the dining area WP001 Mardom Decor

However, the use of wall panels is not limited only to walls. These are innovative solutions that offer wide arrangement possibilities in almost any room. They can be successfully installed on kitchen islands, doors, cabinet fronts, but also in a caravan!

Wall panels in the form of lamellas in the shade of wood installed in a caravan L0102 Mardom Decor

Thanks to this, old rooms can gain shine, and spaces that seem completely unsightly at first glance can gain style and class. It is also a great way to refresh the appearance of old furniture. This is an economical and effective solution for refreshing the interior, which allows you to individually adapt the space to your needs and tastes.

Decorative wall panels mounted on the WP001 Mardom Decor kitchen island

Wall panels mounted at points can also be used as “art” in combination with decorative wall frames made of stucco. What do we mean? Wall screens on walls are usually created symmetrically – each subsequent one duplicates its dimensions, and there are usually from three to several dozen of them on the wall (depending on the width of the wall and the size of stucco wall frames). By omitting one screen and installing a wall panel in its place, you can create an interesting and very stylish interior decoration.

Decorative wall panel mounted with stucco frames

There is no need for paintings or decorative wallpapers – a wall panel used in this way will look extremely impressive and decorate the interior like a real work of art.

Which decorative wall panels should you choose to keep the interior modern?

The modern style of interior design values minimalism, functional solutions, simple lines and geometric shapes. Therefore, when we decide to install wall panels on the entire wall or a significant part of it, it is worth choosing vertical patterns. Such decorative tiles are very universal – they not only bring order and harmony to the space, but also optically increase the height of the ceiling, which makes the room seem larger. If the wall panels are to be a single, decorative accent, you can afford more expressive and chaotic patterns that will create a unique “picture” in the room.

Order and a monochromatic color palette – this is what modern interiors look most beautiful in. Most often, we can see white, light beige, gray and black as accessories in such rooms. However, modern interiors are not that boring at all, we can find intense, saturated greens, yellows and reds, but only in the form of accents and accessories. Wall panels should be selected in the same way. White ones will work perfectly – Mardom Decor includes white wall panels with a satin finish, covered with SupremeSatin® varnish. An alternative are wall panels that match the color of the wall. It is almost impossible to choose the perfect shade, so it is worth choosing panels dedicated to painting. Those from Mardom Decor are covered with a matte primer, which allows you to easily repaint the material with any water-based paint. Thanks to this, you can easily match all the shades on the wall. Wall panels that act as a subtle accent can be painted in an intense shade of your choice, which will become a distinctive addition to the interior. Mardom Decor wall panels can be repainted many times, adapting to the arrangement and color of the interior changing over time, thus creating different arrangements without the need for expensive and time-consuming renovations.

Wall panels – an overview of the possibilities and technologies of creating Mardom Decor

Modern decorative wall panels from Mardom Decor are synonymous not only with aesthetics, but also with exceptional durability. Made of innovative high-density duropolymer, they are characterized by high hardness and, therefore, resistance to mechanical damage. The proprietary ScratchShield® technology used in the production process involves maximum hardening of the surface with special polymer compounds. Their resistance to impacts and scratches is 40% greater than competitive products. The PolyForce material used in production makes the panels resistant to moisture and UV radiation. It is an ideal alternative to decorative ceramic mosaics and wallpapers, suitable for various types of rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens. This is a big advantage that is of great importance for the wide range of interior design possibilities.

Our offer of Mardom Decor wall panels is available in two main product categories. The first are lamellas – modern panels with a classic, elongated pattern, perfectly matching any interior thanks to their subtle and elegant appearance. The second category consists of wall panels with various patterns and more decisive, geometric shapes, such as concave and convex semicircles or triangles, which add a modern character to the interior and are a perfect way to introduce a dynamic accent into the space.

Lamelli wall panels from Mardom Decor also offer a finish imitating wood, thanks to advanced embossed lamination and embossing technology. These methods allow for faithful imitation of both the pattern and texture of natural wood. Thanks to this, the slats are not only a practical but also an aesthetic solution, perfect for various interior arrangements, where durability and beauty go hand in hand with functionality.

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