LED lighting for the kitchen – possibilities and inspirations

28.05.2024 4 min

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where we spend time with family and friends, preparing meals and enjoying moments together. To create a space that is not only cozy but also functional, it is crucial to choose the right lighting. One of such solutions is LED lighting for the kitchen.

Mardom Decor QL002 LED curtain rod strip in the kitchen design by @osom_group

Using LED strip lighting, you can create diverse and creative, but also very useful and practical solutions to illuminate your kitchen. By using LEDs, we can obtain an effective and energy-saving light source that will work perfectly as both main lighting and subtle lighting accents.

In today’s article, we will look at the advantages of LED lighting in the kitchen and the Mardom Decor offer, which includes a variety of LED solutions, perfect for every kitchen. We will discuss how the use of LED lighting can change the appearance and atmosphere of this room, creating a unique atmosphere. We will propose several solutions and ideas for using LED strips, so that everyone can find something for themselves and adjust the lighting to their individual needs and tastes.

Advantages of LED lighting in the kitchen

LED lighting is an ideal solution for the kitchen, especially in apartment blocks, where in very small rooms we often have to fit all the household appliances, the appropriate length of the worktop, and we also want it to look aesthetically pleasing and be as useful as possible. This is why it is important that the lighting is compact and does not take up valuable space. LED strips and LED profiles can be easily mounted under cabinets, above countertops or in recesses, providing bright and even lighting without taking up additional space. Thanks to this, you can optimally use every inch of the kitchen without sacrificing its functionality.

Another important advantage of LED lighting is its ecological nature. Modern LED lamps consume much less energy than traditional light sources, which translates into lower electricity bills and a lower impact on the environment. Additionally, LEDs have a longer lifespan, which means they need to be replaced less often and therefore less waste.

Lighting curtain rod strips in the kitchenette in the dining area, stucco QL002 Mardom Decor in the design by @osom_group

LED lighting also allows you to create effective and practical designs. Thanks to various color options and the ability to adjust light intensity, you can adjust the lighting to any situation and mood. LED strips can be used as lighting accents, emphasizing selected kitchen elements, such as shelves with decorations or modern kitchen appliances.

A big advantage of LED lighting is the possibility of self-assembly. LED kitchen lighting sets are easy to install, which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the lighting to your needs. Installing an LED strip or LED profile does not require specialized tools or skills, which means that everyone can enjoy modern and functional lighting in their kitchen. Thanks to all these advantages, LED lighting becomes an indispensable element of modern kitchen arrangements, combining aesthetics, functionality and ecology.

What LED lighting does Mardom Decor offer?

Mardom Decor’s offer includes LED strips, which are divided into two main types: SMD (point) and COB (linear). Each of these types comes in two light colors – warm white and natural daylight. Thanks to this, you can choose the right LED lighting for the kitchen that will best meet your expectations both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

In addition to LED strips, on the Mardom Decor website you will also find a dedicated LED power supply (power 100W, 200W and 320W) and mounting elements, such as connectors. Thanks to this, you can create an individual LED set tailored to the design of your interior. The availability of all elements in one place ensures that all elements will fit together, enabling self-assembly without the need to look for additional accessories. This solution allows for full personalization of the lighting design, adapting it to the specific needs of a given interior.

However, Mardom Decor is, above all, impressive stucco, which, combined with LED strips, creates modern and aesthetic interior arrangements. Mardom Decor lighting strips are equipped with the innovative LightGuard® technology, which involves thickening the material with polymer compounds to prevent the light from the diodes from shining through the material. Thanks to this, there is no need to cover the inside of the strips with aluminum tape, which significantly shortens the installation process. The lighting strips are designed for self-assembly – only high-quality glue is needed for stable attachment to the surface.

Additionally, Mardom Decor lighting strips have a special design dedicated to use with LED strips. A special space for installing the LED strip allows for perfect light dispersion at the optimal angle, ensuring the most effective lighting solution and an excellent visual effect.

The use of LED lighting in the kitchen

The stores offer a variety of lighting solutions that will allow you to create effective and functional arrangements in the kitchen. Although traditional lamps with LED bulbs still have their place in interior design, nowadays LED strips are being used more and more often. They can be mounted directly in the ceiling in various configurations, but they often require lowering the ceiling. The second way is to install LEDs around the perimeter of the room. In this case, it is also worth using stucco ceiling strips that will mask the LED strips while emphasizing the selected arrangement style. Modern stucco offers almost unlimited possibilities of shapes and patterns – from richly decorated, baroque to simple, minimalist profiles that will certainly fit into any interior, creating a harmonious whole.

LED strips can also be mounted at points, for example on a curtain rod line. This is a perfect 2-in-1 solution that allows you to mask unsightly rails or rods and create an eye-catching lighting element. All Mardom Decor curtain rods are integrated with LED lighting systems and have LightGuard® technology, ensuring subtle and even dispersion of light along the curtains, which creates a modern and aesthetic appearance of the kitchen. The LED strip masked in this way is practically invisible and at the same time very functional.

Countertop lighting is one of the most practical solutions in the kitchen, which significantly facilitates kitchen work, especially in the evenings or in winter, when access to sunlight is limited. This can be done in two ways: by installing an LED strip in the space above the countertop, in the corner on the line of the cabinet and the wall, and using sloping under-cabinet fixtures to mask the LED strips, or by milling kitchen cabinets from the bottom and inserting LED strips there. The latter solution is worth considering at the kitchen planning stage. Such lighting of cabinets from below makes kitchen countertops even more functional.

LED lighting in the kitchen – various arrangement solutions

Under-cabinet lighting in plinths is an increasingly used solution not only in the kitchen, but also in other parts of the house. The lighting installed under the lower kitchen cabinets increases the comfort of use, allowing you to move freely at night without having to turn on the bright overhead light. Such cabinet lighting is practically invisible and at the same time extremely functional, improving the safety and comfort of household members.

Decorative lighting can further enrich the kitchen, depending on the interior style and design. Mardom Decor offers a dedicated LED profile that is mounted between individual elements of panels or wall lamellas, creating eye-catching lighting strips. Thanks to this, you can create modern and aesthetic lighting accents that will emphasize the modern character of the kitchen and give it a unique charm.

How to change the atmosphere of the kitchen with LED lighting?

LED strips with the ability to adjust the temperature and color of light can dramatically change the atmosphere of the interior. Thanks to the ability to change the light color from cool to warm and adjust the colors, you can adjust the lighting to different times of the day and moods. For example, daylight color is ideal for cooking and working in the kitchen, providing bright and clear light. The warm white color will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for evening meetings over dinner. Additionally, the dimming function allows you to control the light intensity, which allows you to create an intimate and intimate atmosphere in the kitchen.

Choosing stucco lighting strips as covers for LED strips is another way to influence the character of the interior. Different styles of stucco can give your kitchen a completely different look. Richly decorated, baroque strips will add an element of luxury and elegance to the interior, while simple, minimalist profiles will perfectly fit into modern, Scandinavian arrangements. Thanks to the appropriate selection of stucco, you can not only hide the LED strip, but also emphasize the style of the entire interior, creating a coherent and well-thought-out arrangement.

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