Cover and curtain rod for the kitchen – how and what to choose?

24.05.2024 5 min

When choosing the right home furnishings, we often focus on elements that are not only aesthetic, but also practical. Choosing a curtain rod and a suitable strip for the living room is usually not a problem, but the problems begin when selecting elements for problematic rooms, exposed to moisture and dirt. So which cover and curtain rod for the kitchen will be the best?

Mardom Decor QL026 curtain rod strips in the kitchen design by @blogostudio

The kitchen cover and curtain rod are particularly important elements, taking into account the specific conditions in this room. The kitchen is a place where we deal with steam and dirt, which are the effects of more or less successful cooking, which makes choosing the right accessories a challenge. Today we will try to explain what features a kitchen cover and curtain rod should have in order to fully meet the requirements of the kitchen interior.

Rail curtain rods and kitchen covers – what does Mardom Decor offer?

Curtain rods are the basis in the process of building a window arrangement. It may seem that their choice is a decision that can be postponed until later. However, we recommend that you carefully consider the choice of curtain rod at an early stage of interior design, because when choosing it, you should take into account not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality of the interior and the type of fabrics that are to be hung on it.

Mardom Decor MD213 kitchen cover and curtain rod designed by @osom_group

Mardom Decor offers two types of sets: a single curtain rod and a double curtain rod. Single curtain rods will work well in simpler arrangements where hanging one type of material is enough – curtains, drapes or blinds. Double curtain rods are ideal when we want to hang more fabrics, e.g. curtains, which increases their functionality, but also affects the aesthetic experience. Double curtain rods will work well with all architectural styles that focus on decorative elements, such as glamorous, classic, New York or French. All kits contain the necessary assembly elements, which guarantees easy and quick installation.

When choosing a curtain rod, it is important whether it will be mounted in corner windows or bay recesses. In these cases, it is necessary to use rails bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Mardom Decor offers a ready-made solution – specially designed rails that enable installation in these difficult spaces and perfectly combine with traditional, simple profiles, offering a visually coherent whole and, more importantly, smooth movement of curtains. In the same way, you can extend the length of the strips, adapting them to any room dimensions.

Curtain rod covers are not only a functional but also an aesthetic element of window decoration. At Mardom Decor, we have developed a dedicated solution – curtain rod strips that come in many patterns and finishes, from minimalist, fashionable options to decorative, classic ones. They are not only functional, because they can be adjusted to cover almost any curtain rod, but also aesthetic, thanks to modern production technologies that allow you to create a variety of styles, from modern through art deco to New York.

Mardom Decor curtain rod strips have the patented LightGuard® technology and a special structure that allows for space for trouble-free installation of the LED strip. The innovative technology eliminates the effect of point light shining through the stucco surface, guaranteeing an aesthetic effect of the arrangement, without the need to cover the inner wall of the grille with aluminum tape. The specially designed structure and internal shape of the strip maximize the light scattering effect, providing an elegant and subtle effect. Adding LED lighting on the curtain rod line as additional light makes the interior look atmospheric and cozy.

All Mardom Decor curtain rod strips are factory-coated with a matte primer, which prepares the surface for further painting. This additional coating not only protects the strip against dirt, but also facilitates the application of selected paint colors, allowing it to perfectly match the interior design – black, shades of gray or classic white.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a curtain rod in the kitchen?

What should you consider when choosing a curtain rod? Aesthetics – yes. However, the most important thing is that it is functional. When choosing ceiling rails for the kitchen, it is best to avoid wood because of its tendency to absorb moisture and grease stains, which can lead to swelling and deformation. Instead, you should choose materials that are moisture-resistant and easy to clean, such as metal curtain rods, aluminum profiles or stainless steel. These materials are not only durable, but also do not absorb odors and are resistant to kitchen conditions. Choosing aluminum profiles also means greater ease of installation due to the low weight of the product.

QL027 Mardom Decor cover and curtain rod in a modern classic kitchen arrangement, designed by @deja__design

Just like curtain rods, covers selected for the kitchen should be made of materials that do not absorb moisture and are easy to keep clean. Mardom Decor curtain rod strips are made of the proprietary PolyForce material – extruded high-density polystyrene. It is a 100% waterproof material that can be easily installed in humid spaces, not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom. The smooth, non-porous surface makes the strips easy to clean and dirt does not settle on the surface.

When choosing curtain rods and covers for the kitchen, it is worth choosing those that offer easy installation. Mardom Decor products can be quickly installed without the need for drilling thanks to simple assembly systems. Curtain rods are installed in a few simple steps, and the masking panels can be glued with a special glue, which minimizes installation time and does not require specialized tools.

When choosing a curtain rod, it is also worth paying attention to the size of the kitchen. In rooms where space is limited, curtain rods mounted to the ceiling are ideal. They are not only discreet, but also allow maximum use of the available space, which is especially important in smaller kitchens. Ceiling curtain rails can also be easily masked using dedicated strips, which additionally affects the aesthetics and functionality of the interior.

Mardom Decor apartment curtain rods – how to install a curtain rod?

Installing a curtain rod may seem complicated, but proper preparation and selection of tools make this process much easier. The possibility of installing curtain rods in your own home not only saves the costs of hiring a specialist, but also a chance to individually adapt the elements to your personal needs and aesthetic preferences. The step-by-step instructions below show how to install Mardom Decor apartment curtain rods and cover yourself to enjoy their functionality and elegance in any interior.

Step 1: Preparing tools and elements – Before you start assembling the curtain rod, make sure you have all the necessary tools, such as a drill, screwdriver, level and curtain rod set elements. Preparing tools and elements in advance will make the entire process easier and faster.

Step 2: Measure and mark the installation location – Measure the installation location of the curtain rod and make sure there is adequate space – too small a space may prevent proper installation. If you are not sure how much space to allocate, place the handles and rail against the ceiling and mark its location with a pencil. Use a level to correct the line. Thanks to this, the curtain rod will be mounted evenly. Mark with a pencil the places for the holes for the dowels and screws.

Step 3: Drilling holes – Based on the markings, make holes using a drill. Make sure the holes match the dowels that will be used to attach the curtain rod.

Step 4: Installing the brackets – Install the curtain rod brackets (holders) using the screws provided in the kit. The brackets should be firmly attached to the wall or ceiling to ensure the stability of the entire structure.

Step 5: Installing the curtain rod – Once the brackets are attached, you can start installing the curtain rod itself. Make sure the curtain rod is firmly seated in the brackets. This is a key moment because the durability and stability of the installed curtain rod depend on it.

Step 5: Attaching the safety pins or safety pins – Insert the included safety pins or safety pins into the rail. Then attach a lock at the end to prevent the fabric from sliding off the curtain rod.

Step 7: Installing the grille – The grille will help hide the mounting elements, which will increase the aesthetics of the entire structure. Before installation, mark a line on the wall – it will help you install the strips evenly. Remember to leave enough space for curtains. Typically, approximately 7 cm is used, but adjust these dimensions to your interior and individual needs.

Kitchen arrangement using a curtain rod – inspirations

The kitchen arrangement can significantly improve its appearance thanks to a properly selected curtain rod and aesthetic curtain rod strips. Appropriate placement and selection of a curtain rod not only increases the functionality of the space, but also introduces a decorative element that can completely change the character of the interior. We hope that the article was useful and that you now know everything about how to choose the right curtain rod for your kitchen. For inspiration, we present photos of our clients’ interiors, where you will see how variously curtain rods can be used in kitchens and kitchenettes. Each photo is an example of how creatively you can approach the topic of window arrangement, matching the style of the curtain rod and masking to the overall interior concept.

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