Painting skirting boards – is it necessary?

02.03.2023 6 min

Skirting boards are a beautiful and practical interior finishing element. They effectively mask the expansion gaps created when laying the floor, and models with a special profile perfectly hide household installations, cables and wires. It is thanks to them that our arrangement becomes visually aesthetic and refined in every detail. Nowadays we can easily find moldings with fancy shapes on the market, but most often on store shelves we find stucco in the standard white color. This is not a problem if we opt for minimalism and bright colors in our interior, but what if we want to match the color of the skirting boards to the color of the walls, for example? It is enough to repaint them! How to do it and do factory white skirting boards need to be painted, even if we want to keep their snow-white shade? This is what you will learn from our article. We invite you to read it.

White skirting board in living room design
Arrangement using Mardom Decor skirting board

Painting of skirting boards

There are many options on the market today: skirting boards made of MDF, natural wood, or made of plastic. Wooden skirting boards are most often purchased with the idea of a perfect color match with respect to the floor. A complete color change is very difficult, and the effect of painting may not be satisfactory. In this case, it is best to use products designed for wood and maintain their original appearance – using a stain to refresh the color, and then a varnish stain to protect the painting.

Many popular home improvement stores offer moldings made of mdf board. Such moldings should be properly prepared before painting – cover with a primer or use sandpaper to increase paint adhesion. Then the surface should be covered with a layer of color, and after the paint has dried, repeat this operation several times until perfect coverage is achieved.

There are many plastic skirting boards on the market. In this article we will focus on polymer skirting boards. Mardom Decor skirting boards are made of high-quality, high-density PolyForce plastic that is resistant to water and sunlight. Skirting boards after purchase are immediately ready for painting, there is no need for additional preparation. Their surface is covered with a special primer, which facilitates the distribution of paint and increases the adhesion of pigment. Thanks to this, we can paint skirting boards in any color, they get an intense shade and excellent durability.

What to paint Mardom Decor skirting boards with?

To paint a Mardom Decor skirting board, you can use paint of any color. Be sure to use a water-based product, acrylic, vinyl and latex paints can be used. However, solvent-based paints are not recommended.

How to paint skirting boards?

The moldings can be painted after they are mounted on the wall. The mounting should be stable and dry. We recommend that you wait the adhesive manufacturer’s designated time after installation to ensure that the products are ready for further work.

We should start painting skirting boards by carefully protecting the floors with foil or newspaper. We should also tape the walls with painter’s tape, just above the line of painting the skirting board. Only thus prepared interior is suitable for painting work. Mardom Decor skirting boards do not need to be covered with primer paint – this function is already fulfilled by a special primer, with which the boards were covered in the production process.

To paint the skirting board, we can use a roller or a brush. The choice of tool depends on the preferences and skills of the installer. From experience, however, we can hint that the most preferred tool is a fine-textured sponge roller. An unskillfully used brush can leave visible streaks, and a sponge with too much porosity can give an unwanted gritty effect on the surface of the strip.

Listwa przypodłogowa MD014
MD016 skirting board

Painting ornamental skirting boards, those with unusual shapes or those with deep grooves may seem complicated. However, using a brush with soft synthetic bristles is sufficient. Stiff, natural fibers can leave marks and lose bristles during painting.

MD095 skirting board
MD358 skirting board

Another way is spray painting. This is by far the fastest of the methods presented and gives the best visual results, but it requires some skill and additional tools.

The paint should cover the material after just one coat, but if you want to get a specific color and cover any deficiencies, we recommend painting the moldings twice. After each coat, wait about 8 hours until the material is completely dry, but we recommend sticking to the time specified by the paint manufacturer.

It is worth reaching for high-quality paints from reputable manufacturers. When choosing a product, you should also pay attention to additional parameters such as washability. Mouldings covered with washable paint will be much more resistant to wet cleaning than those covered with standard paint.

White skirting boards by Mardom Decor

The ability to paint the moldings yourself is an undoubted advantage of Mardom Decor products. Thanks to this, you can freely adjust the shade – to the color of the walls, ceiling or even use the contrast to give an avant-garde look. However, what if we want our skirting board to remain white? Does the need for painting arise then too?

Mardom Decor floor strip in living room wall arrangement
Skirting boards in the wall arrangement in the living room

Due to the wide range of design possibilities, white skirting boards are the most popular option for interior finishing. There is nothing surprising in this, this type of products will work perfectly in any room, regardless of the chosen interior style. Mardom Decor also offers lacquered skirting boards. This version does not require painting, you just need to install the moldings to the wall and you’re done!

High quality stucco by Mardom Decor

When buying moldings, we pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to the quality of workmanship and durability. Mardom Decor stuccowork is made of patented PolyForce and ProFoam plastic. It is characterized by the highest resistance to water and UV radiation – they do not deform in a humid environment and do not turn yellow even after prolonged contact with the sun. Thanks to this, it can be installed even in demanding rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. In the case of moldings made of ProFoam, it is possible to make detailed patterns and deep grooves, adding character to the stucco.

MD360 Mardom Decor skirting board in a bathroom arrangement
MD360 skirting boards in a bathroom arrangement

Our skirting boards have patented ScratchShield® technology, which protects the surface from scratches and the formation of unsightly dents. Thanks to this, various types of mechanical damage, e.g. from accidental knocks of furniture, do not affect their appearance, and skirting boards retain their perfect shape, even after many years of use.

In our assortment there are skirting board models equipped with a special space that is used to mask wires and household cables. This allows you to keep the interior clean and tidy. A special recess will also prove useful for hiding an LED strip. The strips designed for use with the lighting strip are enriched with innovative LightGuard® technology. Thanks to it, the LEDs do not spot-pierce through the surface, and instead the light subtly spreads along the strip, guaranteeing a subtle lighting effect. Find more inspiration on our Instagram or Pinterest.

Painting of skirting boards

Mardom Decor polymer strips are the perfect solution for any interior, regardless of its purpose. They will work perfectly for the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. They can be easily repainted in any color with water-based paint. On the other hand, if you appreciate practical and exclusive solutions, lacquered moldings will be a great idea. Choose a solution fully tailored to your needs and enjoy the unique look of your interior.

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