Wooden wall laths – advantages and disadvantages

18.12.2022 4 min

Wall panels are interior decorative elements that have great design potential. So it’s not surprising that 3D wall panels have gained popularity again in recent years. They are a small but effective interior decoration element that adds coziness and warmth to a room. However, before deciding to buy wooden wall panels, it is worth learning about their advantages and disadvantages.

drewniane lamele sypialnia
Mardom Decor wall laths – bedroom design

Wooden laths – advantages

Arrangement features – wood laths are great for modern interiors. This is a simple, but definitely effective decoration, which makes the interior look more interesting and designer. Color definitely plays an important role in the arrangement. Wooden elements will always add warmth and coziness to the interior.

Sound reduction effect – thanks to the three-dimensional form, the wall laths have the ability to change the propagation of sound waves. This means that sound propagates differently through the room. 3D wall panels effectively mute any noise in the room and reduce echoes. The slats effectively improve the overall acoustics of the interior, and this is an important feature for making our room muted and comfortable to use.

Multifunctional use – laths are design elements that can be mounted both on the entire wall and on a selected part of the wall, for example, behind the TV as a subtle decorative element. They are perfect for decorating furniture – on large cabinets in the hallway or hanging cabinets in the living room. With the help of wall lamellas you can also create partitions to divide open space in the house.

L0105 lamele scienne styl glam
Glamour laths

Wooden decorative laths – disadvantages

Weight – wall laths made of real wood are heavy, which means that not every structure will be able to bear them. It is recommended to install them only on solid and properly protected furniture.

Labor-intensive to install – in order to install the laths, you need to attach individual boards with strong glue or mounting tape. This requires patience and precision.

Lack of water resistance – slats made of wood are not suitable for installation in kitchens or bathrooms due to hygroscopic properties. Wood can absorb water molecules, as a consequence of which our wall laths can swell and crack destroying the interior design.

Price – real wood wall laths are expensive. The price is affected by the cost of the material itself, additional treatments to preserve the wood, as well as possible installation (hiring a specialist).

Mardom Decor 3D wall panels

drewniane lamele mardom decor
Wooden Lamelli by Mardom Decor

Wooden laths are a beautiful decorative element that works well for any interior design in all architectural styles. However, this material has its limitations, which we must reckon with if we decide to purchase it. It is these limitations that inspired us to create our collection of 3D wall panels – Lamelli.

Mardom Decor wall slats include products inspired by natural raw materials. We made sure that our wall panels look great and imitate real wood in a hyper-realistic way. Lamelli was created with the use of innovative production technology and the use of the latest design solutions. The slats have the Embossing technology, thanks to which the line pattern and wood grain perfectly match the color of the material, thanks to which the panel gains depth and an ultra-natural appearance.

Mardom Decor 3D wall panels include three unique panel collections: Stretto – narrow pattern, Medio – classic pattern and Largo – wide pattern:

stretto L0105 dab naturalny 2
Lamelli Stretto Natural Oak L0105
medio L0205 dab naturalny 2
Lamelli Medio Natural Oak L0205
largo L0305 dab naturalny 2
Lamelli Largo Natural Oak L0305

In each collection there are five models of wall lamellas in wood colors – from light oak to dark brown. In addition to their excellent appearance, Lamelli wood slats have a number of other features that will allow you to create any arrangement with their help, in any room with any use.

Embossing technology – natural wood-colored wall panels perfectly mimic the texture, as well as shades of oak versions. As a result, they become an excellent substitute for fins made of wood.

Waterproof and UV resistant – Lamelli by Mardom Decor are perfect for any interior. The wall panels are resistant to atmospheric conditions like water or strong sunlight. As a result, you can use the lamellas to decorate even the bathroom or kitchen, without the risk of damaging the material.

Resistance to mechanical damage – the wall laths are made of impact- and scratch-resistant PolyForce plastic. It is an excellent material for accidental collisions with furniture or children’s curiosity about the susceptibility of the mounting strip to dents. Lamelli is further enriched with innovative ScrtachShield® technology, which hardens the material, improving its resistance to damage from sharp tools.

Easy installation – the vertical slats have an optimal length of 270 cm, which has been adapted to the standard height of walls in most apartments. In addition, 3D panels by Mardom Decor are not individual slats, but a finished panel with a width of 12 cm. Lamella panels allow for quick and trouble-free installation in one piece, without the need to create problematic joints to maintain the continuity of the pattern. Lamellas can be installed using only mounting glue. No additional tools are needed. We recommend installing lamella panels using Mardom Max or Fix Pro.

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Cleaning and maintenance – simply wipe with a damp cloth to maintain a perfect appearance. Lamelli require no additional maintenance.

Environmentally friendly – the panels are created in a closed loop, so we minimize pollution and waste. The wall laths are recyclable.

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