Adapting a loft space using Mardom Decor products – an inspirational guide

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The loft style is often associated with austerity, vast open space and industrial elements such as brick and visible electrical installations. If you think that classic stucco does not seem to fit this architecture at all, we are pleased to present a soft loft, where there is more space for coziness and details. Thanks to this, the adaptation of a loft space is not only possible, but also looks great even in small apartments in a block of flats.

White skirting boards in a loft living room arrangement

Our offer includes products that allow you to maintain the loft character of your apartment. You can use them to create functional spaces and at the same time arrange your apartment with the spirit of modern home solutions. By following a few simple rules, you can easily introduce stucco into any interior, while maintaining the loft atmosphere. What are these elements and what should you consider when choosing? More on this later in the article.

What should you consider when adapting loft-style interiors?

The loft style is characterized by a large amount of glazing, preferably in black metal frames, high ceilings, mezzanines and strict minimalism in terms of form – you will not find soothing curves or organic forms that are pleasing to the eye. Open spaces are a space – not only for living, but also for creativity – the first lofts were inhabited mainly by artists and free souls who opposed the conventions accepted at that time.

In some interpretations, you can also see the industrial style (concrete, metal shelves and a completely raw space without fabrics). They highlight former industrial buildings, such as factories or warehouses, that have been transformed into residential spaces. The contemporary version of “soft loft” is an adaptation of these raw, open spaces to the needs of modern, comfortable interiors, allowing their use even in smaller, newly built houses or apartments.

Did you know that loft-style interiors are not industrial-style interiors?

Although nowadays these two terms are used interchangeably thanks to the great freedom in interior design and the smooth interpenetration of some architectural elements, their origins are completely different 🙂 If you want to find out what the difference is between the industrial style and the loft style, you can find more information on this subject in our article.

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The loft style refers to minimalism, even the soft version. Simple geometric forms, a minimum number of decorations and accessories scattered everywhere – what is visible is well-thought-out and completely not accidental. A mask brought back from vacation in Venice? Not necessarily. An old Signer machine from your grandparents with a table? Of course. Loft interiors love subdued colors – this is key to maintaining their characteristic atmosphere. They are often based on a mixture of black, white, gray and natural shades of wood. However, colors are becoming more and more visible in soft lofts – but then it is worth choosing only one stronger accent. Simple, functional furniture shapes match perfectly with raw materials such as concrete or brick, which enhances the impression of modernity and spaciousness.

Stucco in the “soft loft” style may seem to be an unobvious choice, but properly selected elements can enrich the interior without disturbing its loft character. At Mardom Decor, we offer stucco with simple, modern shapes and neutral colors that harmonize with the loft aesthetics. Our skirting boards, ceiling strips and decorative wall panels are available in various sizes, which allows you to subtly emphasize the industrial character of the interior, while introducing elements of elegance and modernity into it.

Wall panels in the form of lamellas L0305 Mardom Decor in the hall

In the process of adapting a loft space, it is important that the stucco fits well with the raw character of the interior, while adding warmth and coziness to it. Loft is minimalism, so when thinking about stucco, we should focus on simple forms, without decorative cutters or ornamental decorations. Straight lines with a smooth surface will work perfectly in this style. It is also worth remembering the dimensions of the strips – their purpose is not to stand out from the background of the room, but to complement the arrangement and create a coherent and harmonious whole. Small profiles installed in strategic spaces will be perfect. Although there may be exceptions to this rule, you will read more about it in the next paragraph 🙂 At Mardom Decor you will find stucco elements with a simple form and neutral colors, which are perfect for the soft loft style. Our skirting boards, ceiling strips and decorative wall panels are tailored to the needs of contemporary interior designs, offering subtle elegance without excess decorations. The introduction of stucco in subdued colors can subtly emphasize the industrial character of loft interiors, while maintaining their minimalist and modern style.

New life for old spaces: What products are worth choosing for loft spaces?

Refreshing interiors and transforming them into stylish, loft apartments is an art that requires not only vision, but also appropriate products. Selecting the right finishing elements can create a pleasant atmosphere, while emphasizing the slightly raw loft decor. Selecting the right finishing elements is crucial to maintain a coherent design while creating a pleasant atmosphere in which we would like to live. See which Mardom Decor stucco elements will work well in interior design, adding a unique character to each loft apartment.

Skirting boards

In the process of adapting loft spaces, the use of floor stucco turns out to be particularly valuable. Skirting boards, although often underestimated, have both aesthetic and practical functions, protecting floors and walls against damage. When choosing skirting boards for a loft style, it is worth choosing a minimalist design that will perfectly fit into the industrial atmosphere of the interior. Simple, geometric forms, such as traditional rectangles – for example the MD359 strip, or subtle arches, as in the MD030 model, will be an ideal choice for a loft apartment.

It is important that the selected skirting boards are not only aesthetic, but also functional. Small, smooth models without unnecessary decorations are ideal, as they will effectively mask the expansion gap, while maintaining an open space in an industrial style. A strip height not exceeding 8 cm is usually sufficient, but in some cases, for example when quickly refreshing the interior, you can choose higher and deeper models, such as MD006 or MD005. Thanks to them, you can quickly mask old strips without having to tear them off first. Larger strips can serve as an expressive accent in the interior, because they will be more visible, special attention should be paid to their appearance, keeping the principle that in minimalist design, less is more.

The color of our floor stucco is also an important choice. The most common choice will be classic white strips – it is an excellent, neutral option that will work perfectly in most rooms. If we decide on white, it is worth choosing skirting boards from the Premium collection, which have been covered with high-quality SupremeSatin® varnish in the shade of RAL9003. In this case, the following will work, among others: MD359P strip with a snow-white, satin finish. This solution fits perfectly with various interior elements, introducing coherence and brightening the space.

Another option is to choose stucco designed for painting. The one from Mardom Decor is covered with a high-quality, matte primer with smoothing properties. The additional layer increases the adhesion of the pigment, ensuring perfect coverage with the selected color. This solution will work well in apartments where the walls are painted, for example, gray, and we want to maintain color consistency. The advantage of this solution is the visual increase in the ceiling and, consequently, the enlargement of the interior, which is an important element in a loft interior. The MD359 strip will come in handy here.

For lovers of bolder solutions, a black skirting board will be perfect. Loft is famous for its love of black elements – cabinet handles, picture frames and glass. So why not use black as another accent in the interior? You can successfully use the MD359B floor strip pre-coated with black dye or use a regular strip dedicated to painting and cover it with black paint yourself.

Curtain rod strips

Curtain rod strips are another option that will work perfectly in loft interiors. These simple but functional accessories act as curtain rod covers, which is particularly important in maintaining coherence and minimalism in a loft interior. Thanks to their geometric form, the strips together with the ceiling create a uniform shape, eliminating unnecessary elements and maintaining the purity of the form and open space. An additional advantage is the ability to paint the curtain rod strips in any color, which allows them to perfectly match the color of the ceiling. Both simple models, such as QL011, and slightly more rounded ones, such as QL056, will work well in a loft style arrangement.

LightGuard® technology, used in the production of Mardom Decor curtain rod strips, is another element that increases their utility value, especially in the context of appropriate lighting. Thanks to this innovation, curtain rod strips are ideal for use with LED lighting, which allows for quick and aesthetic installation. A special technology increases the density of the material, preventing LED light from breaking through the stucco material, which guarantees even light dispersion and an excellent visual effect. Functionality is combined with elegance here – invisible lighting, hidden behind the strip, serves as both a practical and decorative addition, introducing an additional, delicate source of light into the interior. The MD105 curtain rod strip is an example of a modern approach to the design of functional elements that are also an integral part of the aesthetics of a loft apartment.


Mardom Decor stucco should be painted with water-soluble paints that do not contain solvents.

Wooden slats

Wooden slats are an excellent choice for those who are looking for natural materials and minimalist forms in their apartment. The raw decor typical of lofts gains warmth thanks to the use of wood, which is one of the most valued natural materials in this type of space. The simple form and geometric, vertical lines of the slats introduce order and minimalist forms, perfectly matching a loft-style apartment. Moreover, wooden slats are a great solution for small apartments because they do not take up much space, are light and easy to install even in small spaces, such as halls, introducing a warm, cozy atmosphere into the interior without overwhelming it.

Mardom Decor’s offer includes a wide selection of wooden lamellas, available in five shades of wood and three different widths, which allows it to be tailored to the individual needs of any interior design. The most popular are warm shades of wood, which fit perfectly into the loft aesthetic, bringing warmth and naturalness to the interior. Models such as L0205 and L0206 with standard width are perfect for various arrangements.

Wall panels

Wall panels are a modern solution that successfully fits into the arrangement of a loft apartment, providing not only aesthetics, but also functionality. Their use is not limited to walls; the panels also work perfectly as fronts for kitchen furniture, TV consoles, or as decorative elements of kitchen islands and countertop spaces. In loft arrangements, where every centimeter is at a premium, it is worth choosing panels with a simple design and vertical lines, which will optically lengthen the room and increase the feeling of spaciousness. Simple, vertical lines of wall panels are particularly desirable in a loft apartment because they introduce order and elegance, while avoiding chaotic patterns that could disturb the austere character of the interior. A loft apartment may be too “softened” by rounded patterns on the panels, but panels with a triangular WP003 pattern can be an interesting and expressive element, perfectly complementing the raw character of loft spaces.

Summary – what stucco will work in the loft style?

In the loft style, the key is to combine the austerity of space with functional and aesthetic accessories. Mardom Decor stucco, despite its traditional role, fits perfectly into loft interiors, providing not only a decorative accent, but also practical solutions. Skirting boards, curtain rods, wall panels and wooden slats perfectly complement the space and, if properly selected, can be used even in a raw loft apartment.

When choosing stucco in the loft style, it is worth focusing on minimalist forms and natural patterns that harmonize with the industrial character of the space. Panels and lamellas with simple, geometric shapes and neutral colors will help maintain a uniform but warm character of the room. It is also worth paying attention to the functional aspects of stucco, such as its ability to mask unsightly installation elements and the possibility of integration with modern lighting systems, which is important in modern rooms.

To sum up, properly selected stucco elements can significantly increase the aesthetic and functional values of a loft apartment, creating a coherent and stylish interior that combines tradition with modernity.

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